Kris Allen – “Horizons” Album Review


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 So it’s been about two years since Kris Allen released his sophomore album “Thank You Camellia” and today he’s hit us with his third studio album “Horizons.” Shall we review…I think we shall…

This album is quietly sexy.

-Michelle Leigh Writes


The Lyrics aren’t available online yet, so I did my best to listen carefully! 🙂

I’ve * my instant favorites for ya! 😉 Although I’m sure they are subject to change!

1. Young Love

*I’m feeling like I’m running through a field. Prancing, I’m prancing.

 Lyric Choice:

“I won’t be the one that makes you question all your faith. I won’t be the one that makes a crooked smile straight.”

2. Prove It To You

 *Sexy. Sassy. And every other appropriately provocative “S” word. A very The Civil Wars  vibe song. (still so sad they’ve broken up…it’s a musical tragedy…because they are magic)

 Lyric Choice:

“I know I had to let you go
But I had to find out on my own
That you were always the one
I don’t think I deserve you,
But I feel like I’m gonna love you
For all my life! No matter what I do!
Give me a chance; give me a chance
to prove it to you.”

3. *Beautiful & Wild

*Gorgeous! I LOVE the imagery and metaphors created in the lyrics. I think he should make this a single, because the video could really be something special.


Lyric Choice:

“I just wanna be a dreamer, a dreamer that’s wide awake. I just wanna be a lover even if my heart has to break.”


4. In Time

 Lyric Choice:

“In time we’ll love what’s been broken in us.”


5. Lost

*I’m a sucker for a ballad. A piano and a strong voice are like my kryptonite. It’s a beautiful combination.


Lyric Choice:

“Maybe I’m lost, but at least I’m looking…You’re onto me, you’re onto me, I know.”



6. *Don’t Set Me Free

*YASSSSS!!!! Is all I need to say. FAV! I caught them MJ style breathy sounds (ya’ll know what I’m talking about!)

Similiar to “My Weakness” – From “Thank you Camilla” album (and I was obsessed with that song hardcore when that album came out. That album was legit all I listened to the Summer of 2012.)


Lyric Choice:

“You’re kinda crazy, but that’s what I love about you. You’re gonna kill me but I’ll die with a smile. You’re gonna break me, but you’ll do it in style. So lock all the doors and throw away the key. Cause I am your prisoner, but don’t set me free.”


7. *Everybody Just Wants To Dance

*OMG KRIS YASSS! FUNKY! Feel Good Song! I’m literally dancing…so swell job Kris. 😉 I can already foresee the obsession. Probably awesome Live in concert! I am at a disco/square dancing party…Cuz…yea that’s a thing, as of now…cuz I just said it.


Lyric Choice:

“Maybe it’s the economy that makes us close our minds and wanna use our feet.”


Yes it is. It is the economy. (and anxiety)

8. Parachute

Lyric Choice:

“You keep ground, until I can breathe. Don’t you ever give up on me.”

“Hit the ground running running; tell me that you’re coming coming, I can feel, I wanna feel, your heart beat next to me.”


9. *It’s Always You

*Ok um…falling ALL over this song. Yes…someone right a song about me? Now. Please. Thank You. 😉

Lyric Choice:

“Wish I had another story to tell, Wish I could sing about anything else, But every time I sit down the only thing to come out in melody ain’t right babe, I can’t lie, it’s always you.”

“It’s always you, your name on the tip of my tongue, it’s always you, you’re my favorite place to run, I always knew my heart was yours to take and never mine to give away. It’s always you.”


10. *Girl Across The Room

*Ahhhh. I can’t. I just can’t.

Lyric Choice:


“From where I stood he must have done all the things that a good man should.”

“And I realize we never talked but from what I saw, I thought that we fell in love.”

“Yesterday I saw your picture in the paper, guess you finally went and took his last name girl. So I keep swimming in my sea of fish. But there was always one thing I’ll wish. I probably should have sent you flowers, probably should have let you in, probably should have told you girl that I love that dress you were wearing.”


Some Bruno Mars ishh yo. (And I don’t mind)


 My Final Consensus:


Kris Allen you are just killing me softly  over here, with them beautiful lyrics. Lyrics! Oh gosh I live for these singer songwriter albums. They are always so good. They make me jealous, I wish I wrote them. If only I could write songs! Oh that would be freakin’ AWESOME! Anyway…moving on.

I think it’s safe to say that Kris Allen accomplished making women everywhere fall in love with him…yet again.

An album full of positive yet emotional vibes, chantey hooks & crowd sing alongs, dance tracks, and breathy vocals; that have matured very nicely since his American Idol days, what more could you ask for in an album? I loved every bit of this listening experience.- Michelle Leigh Writes

Season 8 Winner;  Kris Allen!

American Idol Season 8 Winner;
Kris Allen!

This album is quietly sexy. Yet distinctively portrayed in Kris’ signature singer songwriter style. Kris Allen himself is quietly sexy. He sneaks up on you. He was the humble, yet adorable underdog on American Idol. I’ve always been one to root for the underdogs. He won Idol, and by extension, caught the hearts of many. And in doing so he continues to prove his heart and his talent with the music he puts forward for our ears to hear. Kris Allen doesn’t need gimmicks; he doesn’t need to pretend to be something he’s not. He’s got it going on with his quiet (yet obvious) sexiness. 😉 And yes I did just say that.


So take a LISTEN for yourselves and give your ears a much needed break from the same 10 incessantly overplayed songs that plague the radio. But WHY YOU GOTTA BE SO RUDE??? (yea you know you like that song). If you’re a lyric junkie like me, you will have a field day with this new album and dance a little while you’re at it. Solid album Kris. Swell Job. Keep being your sexy, talented self. We all love you for it!

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 Happy Listening!


6 thoughts on “Kris Allen – “Horizons” Album Review

  1. Nice review but the lyrics to Always You aren’t “…to come out in melody ain’t right babe, I can’t lie, it’s always you.” but “…the only thing to come out in melody and rhyme…”

    • Thanks for letting me know! I would be singing the wrong thing! HA! I knew I was bound to get some lyrics wrong because it was too early to find them online when I wrote this, so I was just going by what I heard lol. 😀

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