So as you may have realized, I have been able to post recently, since my frustrated “Why Can’t I Post Lately???” blog. HOWEVER, I am posting from a different computer. For some reason wordpress will not let me post from my computer, but I am able to post from my brother’s. It’s still a problem and a hastle because all my entries, and images are on my computer, and it’s a pain in the ass to blog from someone else’s. BUT never the less, at least I am able to post! Which is all that matters at this point. Hopefully all will be rectified soon. In the meantime, we are in decent enough shape for this blog to trudge along….like the little engine that could.With that being said, I have already scheduled several posts for this week. So *New* Mysterious Attraction posts will most likely start next week. Thanks and I hope ya’ll read up! Don’t know what it is? Click the link and Start from the beginning. I’d love your feedback!

Love conquers more than these two think...

New Chapters Coming Soon!


Happy Summering.


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