Reasons Why People Freak Over Fall Season

I’m back…it’s been a minute since I last posted….#technologyissues

Anyhow moving on to today’s antics…


Ok folks let me break it down for you…


Fall is upon us…

                                                     *Fall fashionimagesC65KN793

images5YRATMF7*Fall colors; change in makeup namely darker lipstick shades and nail polish

[Oh hey Essie’s “Wicked” how you been girl?]




*Big Cozy sweaters

*Fuzzy socks…[I had a pair on the other day and my god daughter was scared of them, she couldn’t see my feet and I think that bugged her out! Haha #kids]


Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato

*Light jackets; Leather Jackets #GetYourDemiOn

*Cardigans and Scarves #thatsmyshit #thatsmyshit



*No more sweating for no reason other than breathing…[shout out to summer]

*Hair styling is easier, [shout out to humidity…you won’t be missed. #NoOffense]

*The Walking Dead #Walktober…who’s having a premiere party, invite me over!


Sunday, October 12th! @ 9 on AMC

[Other fall TV show premieres…

Shout out to Chicago PD coming back this Wednesday!]

*Crisp cool weather

imagesG8QOG358*Crunchy leaves…[show of hands who goes out of their way to step on leaves???]

*Soup and sandwiches for dinner…[#cozy… where’s my snuggie/imaginary cuddle buddy?]

*Hot Beverages


*Halloween…[#candycorn ….and everything pumpkin flavored #pumpkinspicelatte #whitegirlstatus #vanillachaitea]



[Thank you Starbucks, Thank you Dunkin Donuts…I’m not a crazy pumpkin flavor lovin’ girl, but I do enjoy a good pumpkin kick from time to time.]

*Halloween decorations & costume decisions

*Scary Movies

*Pumpkin/Apple Picking

*Carving Pumpkins

*Baking Pies… Eating Pies  #WhoDoesntLovePie

*Halloween also starts off the Holiday season…whilst Halloween then a b-line to Christmas…

#Thanksgiving #IAppreciateYou

*Applefest Warwick NY [It’s a big out door flee market, you can find the coolest most unique things…but quick tip of the day…where comfortable shoes, it’s ALOT of walking!]

So there you have it….Fall, welcome back you sassy thing you.

Happy Fall!

Oh and there's this too...

Oh and there’s this too…am I right ladies?

*I do not take credit for any of the images used*


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