Mysterious Attraction- Chapter 12 Part 3

We’ve reached the end of the road, it’s been a long journey, but the end is here!  Hope you have enjoyed the ride. With that being said, Lexie, Carter and the gang bid you goodbye in Mysterious Attraction’s final Chapter!


Previously on Mysterious Attraction…




A few weeks later…

Brooke-Davis-S09-one-tree-hill-style-30302353-400-266Lexie sits at her desk in her home office. She’s writing a letter. Carter walks in with a sleeping Elena in his arms.

Carter: Hey babe, I was gonna order some dinner…Chinese or Pizza?

Lexie finishes up her letter and seals it in an envelope. She gets up and walks over to him.

carter and elenaLexie: You know what, I’m feeling like we’re in need of a change…(she smiles) Let’s do Chinese.

Carter smiles and kisses Lexie as she then leans down and kisses Elena on the cheek.

Lexie: Sweet dreams angel. Mommy and daddy love you.

Carter places Elena in her crib. Lexie grabs the baby monitor  as they walk into their kitchen, Carter hands her a menu.images2O8FOBFE



Lexie: I got it, (she smiles and grabs the telephone from him.)

Lexie: Hi, can I place a delivery order.

Meanwhile….Cut To:

sonnyReeves sits in a cell laying on his bed, starring up at the ceiling.

A guard comes to the cell.

Guard: Reeves. Mail. (hands him a letter.)

Reeves gets up slowly and looks at it.

He smiles and opens it.

He sits down as he begins to read it.

Dear Daddy,

Carter and I are doing wonderfully. We are adjusting nicely to newly wed life and parent life. Carter is such a good man. The store had an amazing first few weeks and sales have been great. The team is really doing well and getting along well. Not surprisingly Roxy has stolen Brice’s heart. Surprisingly, Joe has fallen quite smitten for Kelly. Yes Kelly. Carter’s ex-wife. Crazy huh? But thankfully all that drama is over with, and we’ve reached the point where we can genuinely except change and just be happy for each other. And Carter and his parents have long since gotten over the Skully debacle. John and Carter are closer than ever. Everyone is so grateful to have a new start and a new perspective thanks to your selflessness. The most exciting news yet… Our baby girl was born about a month and a half ago, 10 fingers, 10 toes, 8lbs, 10 oz. and a perfect shade of rosey pink. She looks so much like mom, I thought it only fitting she share her name as well. I’ve sent along some pictures …Meet your granddaughter Elena. I love you daddy, thank you for being so strong, thank you for your guidance, for your protection and most importantly your love. Carter and I have been telling Elena all about her grandpa. She seems to smile, every time we mention your name. Keep that in a safe place anytime you feel like things get too overwhelming. Carter and I have scheduled a visit up there next weekend; Elena can’t wait to meet you. See you soon.

With all my love,

Your Princess, Lexie ❤




carter and elena 2



Reeves tears up and looks at all the pictures with a smile on his face.sonnylaughing

 Cut To:

Carter, Lexie, Elena and company all sit around in their living room laughing and talking.

the fam

Lexie, Carter & baby Elena


Roxy & Brice…still going strong

kelly and joe end

Kelly & Joe…new beginnings

Lexie Voice Over:

tumblr_m4icu53Dwx1rpta58Sometimes fear can take over. It can cause you to miss things. Chances. Once in a life time opportunities. Love. But once you let go of that fear, your perception changes. When you let people into your heart, they can surprise you. They will surprise you. We all have good in our hearts. It’s our job to bring out the best in each other. Let yourself experience love. Let yourself take that risk. Because a mysterious glance from a strangerred lips could be so much more than just that initial attraction. It can be the start of your forever. If you just dive in. So pull down your walls, let your guard down a bit. And love will find you. I promise, it’s all hidden in the eyes. And if it doesn’t work the first few times, keep at it. Sooner or later you’ll learn how to distinguish between the one shot glance guys, and the guys worth a second one. You’ll get the hang of it. And ladies remember, red may be your color… work it, and smile. Good Luck. And may you find your Carter and your happy ending.

*Quick Flashback*

An exchange of smiles when Lexie and Carter first meet.

first meet flashback


Cut To:

Current Lexie and Carter who sit with their baby girl in their home surrounded by family and friends. Carter leans over and kisses a very happy, brightly smiling Lexie.

lexie end love


*The End.*

So there you have it “Mysterious Attraction”  says goodbye…I hope this series has entertained your days a bit!


Stay Tuned for an overview and brief writing experience journal… Coming Soon!

*I take no credit for the initial images used alone, or in my crappy edits #INEEDPHOTOSHOP…haha*

Thanks For Reading!


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