[Not So] Epic Love


Could have been epic

Could have had a love story like no other

One that they wrote together

Imperfections and all

Graceful in attempt

But one walked away long before the other did

By not trying

Both wrong

Or so she thought

Dreams of a perfect world

Fairytales of small girls finding love so true

So young

What were they doing wrong?

What were they going to do?

A dream is just a dream

Holding out for a hero

She’d rather save herself

Maybe that’s her problem

“Have you fallen in love yet?”

She gets that question a lot.


But there’s a reason

She has to believe

Have you?

Are you?

It’s so invasive

Seeking into a soul

Let it be

Let it find itself

Let her find herself

Put your judgment away

Save it for a another day

Don’t rain on her parade

Because she’ll dance right through it

Alone if she must

Hearing her own heart beat

reaching out to meet its match

Waiting for their hands to touch

But in the mean time

She’ll be her own heroine.


Be Your Own Hero(ine) 😉


*I do not take any credit for any images used*




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