Bohemian Soul


Beating to its own drum

Every heart is unique

Just like every fingerprint

Every snowflake

perfectly, individually crafted

as they fall freely from the sky

Every smile brighter than the last

Every laugh louder than the next

You are…

one in a million

No one is quite like you

Dance around

dance through the fields of bright green grass

through a meadow full of flowers

a rainbow casts itself above you…colors in abundance

Dance around

forget your troubles

forget the worry that burdens your heart

Butterfly wings, detailed

so intricate, so precise

a picture couldn’t capture it

For the eye must save the vision itself

A mental picture

Sunflower seeds


Tea leaves

A life full of awe and mystery

White picket fence

Cobblestone drive way leading you up the road

Leading you home

The world is vast

Bigger than you see

Bigger than you think

We are each but one soul

one floating



One in a million

Bohemian Soul, dance

dance to your own heart’s drum

create the art you have inside of you

share it with the world anyway you can

One in a million

Bohemian Soul


* I do not take credit for the gif used *

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