Find Your Love


So often we hear about soulmates and true love stories. But what happens after the grand gesture and the sacrifices we make for each other? How we compromise and try to change to fit the molds of a healthy relationship. What happens when you think you’ve found the one. And things don’t work out? The plans your mind made and the wishes your heart had come crashing down upon you and your shoulders feel the burden. Do you try again? Do you even want to? Or was that one person, your one and only shot? ….Try and try until you get it right. I may not know all there is to know about love. I know less than the next person. But then that person knows less than the person after that. The truth is we’re all clueless. You just float around til one day someone comes into your world and makes it make a little bit more sense. My observation of love is based on watching and learning. I call it the observer affect. I’ve learned by keeping my eyes open and my ears listening. Basically my being nosy and a good confident has taught me many lessons.

How many great loves do you think you get in a lifetime?images[10] (2)

One? Two?

Or is it an infinite amount and it’s your job to find at least one?

The perfect one…

perfect for you.

Happy Hunting! 😉


*I do not take any credit for any images used.*


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