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This week on Beyond Belief…. 😉

“Writer’s Block…True or False. Fact or Fiction.”

(Who knows that reference, high-five if you do, we can now be best friends!)

Anyway in today’s Writer’s Corner I would like to focus on the dreaded Writer’s Block. In my research of writers that have come before me, I have heard many upon many say that writer’s block is a myth. That you just have to write and get over it somehow, and eventually something will come. Well to that I say, phooey! Yes phooey. It’s bull. Not the part about powering through, but the part about it being a myth. Any writer knows that sometimes, you just can’t put it into words. Sometimes, your images are flying rapid speed in your mind and they can’t quite find their way onto your page. Or you simply don’t have anything in dire need of pouring out of your heart at that moment. You are spent, mentally exhausted. I’m going through it as we speak, (why else do you think you are getting two Writer’s Corners this week!) I think that’s what brought up the idea for this post. I’m sitting at my computer trying to think of something great to post and I’ve got nothing. Sure I could throw something together, but it’s not anything I’d be proud of. I even tried for a poem, got through about 4 lines and nothing after that. What the hell? It sucks, it just does. But I do believe it does exist. A writer is never going to be 100% inspired every second of everyday. 100% inspiration any day is a stretch for that matter. And yes, there are times (most of the time) that we will have to fight to write. Write even when can’t. Even when we don’t want to. And just accept the fact that it will suck. But it will be something. But at the same time, writer’s block is still real to me. I know it is. Sometimes it just gets the best of me, and I wind up removing myself for a day or two and then viola like magic, back in business, and up and running, and typing away like I’ve been trying to all along. Because I have something to say, and people are going to hear it. Isn’t that always the case? After a little break, new ideas and exciting story lines are at the tip of your brain and you are unstoppable. So my advice… (not that I’m in the business of giving any really…but hell sharing is caring, right?) notice your writer’s block, and understand that it’s not forever. It is real. I feel you. We are here, all in this together. Give it a day, give your mind a break, and recharge. Do something else that you love. Go outside, talk to a friend, look through unfinished pieces. Something will spark you. The world around you is your blank canvas, paint it red, or yellow, or freakin’ magenta! God speed my friends. Keep writing, and keep feeling all the feels you lovely humans. And feel free to comment, let’s chat! We writers need to stick together.

So…what’s your take on writer’s block? Spoiler Alert, it’s cool if you disagree with me, that’s what opinions are for. Go on and have them! I sure have mine. 😉 And if there are any specific topics anyone would like me to cover on MichelleLeighWrites “Writer’s Corner” let me know! I am open to suggestions, and I think it could be really helpful to share with each other; writer to writer. Let’s start a conversation. 😀

* I do not take credit for the image used. *

Stick around for more “Love Conflicted” COMING SOON!


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