Farm-girl Party Theme Look

20150606_173215My goddaughter’s 2nd birthday was in May and since we have two other babies in the family who were also turning two, my family did one big party for all 3 little kiddies. It was a farm themed party! Now if you follow along with my blog regularly, I’m sure you’ve seen me post things about the parties I host. And you also know I love a good theme. I LOVE to dress up to match the themes, so I was all in for this farm themed party.

Here’s how I transformed into a farm-girl/cowgirl. Hair, Makeup, Outfit & Accessories. ❤ (via crappy cellphone pictures as per usual.) 😉


Howdy Partners 😉

I washed my hair the night before, and left it in a bun with some product in it overnight; just some mousse and hairspray. This was just so that I would wake up with some body to my hair. In the morning I just parted my hair to the side in the front, and down the center in the back, and braided my hair into pigtails. I like to use two hair ties per braid, one for the top of the braid and one for the bottom, I just think it was a cleaner look, and held my braids in all day, due to my thin hair. But to each their own. This was super simple, and in my opinion a signature farm girl inspired hair look. To make the look at little sweeter, I just pulled out some pieces like my bangs and curled them to frame my face. Add some hairspray and you are done.



For my makeup, I kept things pretty simple. The eyes are just a mixture of golds and browns. I like to use whites to brighten up the under eyes, the inner corners, and the eyebrow bone. Add some mascara, and fill in those eyebrows. My lipstick was just some light pink lipstick and some pink gloss, that I dabbed on with my fingers to make look more natural. To make this look really pop, add some bronzer and some blush. This creates a really pretty glow, and it almost makes you look like you’ve been kissed by the sun as you work hard on your farm related chores. 😉



A plaid shirt, I opted for a sleeveless one, since the party was in June. And I went for one with blues and reds. For some reason that’s what comes to mind when I think of a farm girl; milking cows and feeding hens on the farm. I paired that with some knit blue jeans that I cuffed up a few times at the ankles. Now I couldn’t find any cowgirl boots, so I opted for these toms look-a-likes; in a kaki green color. My accessories included a big tan snakeskin belt, a red handkerchief tied to my belt hoop, and of course the key to pulling this look off; a tan cowgirl hat.

As for jewelry I kept it simple, with home wooden hued and turquoise pieces. My earrings were just some wooden oval-shaped hanging earrings. My necklace is just this brown and gold-colored medallion on a brown felt chain. And I had on some simple brown, and black rope friendship-esque bracelets along with some bangles and such.


Whenever a party has a theme, my advice is to embrace the hell out of it. It’s super fun, and gives you a reason to step out of your comfort zone. Play the role. It only adds to your unique personality.

*All images belong to me, please refrain from using elsewhere.*




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