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“Get out of your own way”

I’d like to tell you that I have full belief in my writing capabilities. That I believe I am good, and can own anything that comes my way. But I’d be lying. It’s not that I don’t believe in myself, I know I can write and I know I can write well. But self doubt and insecurity is the way of the world, and unfortunately sometimes, it wins. So as writers, what do we do when that happens? We write anyway. And we continue to write. I’ll be honest sometimes I’ll spend hours on a post, and then just before I post it, I second guess it. And I wonder if it’s even worth posting. If I gave it my all. Truth be told there isn’t a post I don’t dissect. But yet I continue to post anyway. When I sit back and think, I come to the same conclusion. Being a writer is my only choice here. I guess it’s like falling in love, it just happens, and you have to go with it. This is my calling. And although I may not have my shit together just yet, and I still have a lot of soul searching and growing up to do. I think having this realization in the back of my mind, even though at times I forget it, having it to refer back to is so important. Because not doing this, isn’t even an option. Now being a writer isn’t exactly the best way to make money. I myself am coming to the conclusion that sometimes part-time work is going to be needed to make some cash, and give you some stability in your life. But giving up on that dream is not in my line of vision. It can’t be. I don’t think my brain or sanity could take it. Too many stories to tell. So when the walls start caving in and you feel like you’re going to emotionally explode, get out of your head. And get out of your own way. And just do what you do best. Write. Because writers feel things deeper than most, and when we tell those stories, someone out there in the universe is going to get it, and feel gotten. Keep fighting, keep striving, and know that there is always a safe place for the written word here on Michelle Leigh Writes. Soldier on my friends.

   *I do not take credit for the image used.*


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