How To Be Productive

I have been feeling kind of stuck lately. And so when that happens I usually end up on YouTube. And I’ve noticed a trend coming on. Many people have been posting videos on how to be more productive and how to have less stressful mornings. Now I am not a morning person per say. I have become more of a night owl; I like to stay up late and then it’s hard for me to wake up early. So this is a bad habit that I’d like to shake, because I want to make my days count. I want to be more active and get more done. Time is precious and I don’t want to waste it anymore.

Tips I’ve gathered

Change your sleeping schedule, so you can get up earlier, and get an earlier start.

*I’ve started to do this, and I’ve noticed it just puts me in a better frame of mind when I know I have more time in a day to do the things that I have to do. The later you wake up the less motivation you will have.

Exercise; get outside.

*I’m not much of a nature girl, but I’ve tried a few in door exercise options to see how I like them. I tried a guest pass at a gym recently, went to a few kick box classes (that seriously kicked my ass, so not my thing), and I try to get in a Yoga routine every now and then. I have a yoga dvd that has an AM & PM routine and I have a yoga mat at home and I try to do it at my convenience. That takes the pressure off of it.

Listen to upbeat music while you exercise.

*I usually just listen to the yoga music, the video provides, because anything else conflicts with the routine. But I will say that there is an album that I have  been really having a spiritual connection to recently. I guess that’s the only way I can describe it. Joy Williams, thank you for being the badass woman you are. You are an inspiration. My favorites include; Woman (Oh Mama), Not Good Enough, What a Good Woman Does, & Welcome Home.

Drink lots of water throughout the day, hydration is important.

Plan out your day (use a notebook and get them to do lists down)

*This has been really helping me focus. My mind sometimes gets bigger than me, and I feel like a spastic monkey. Yes a monkey. So this has been helping me keep my thoughts in check.

Clean up your room/make your bed

*Ever since I re-painted my room and got my own space, I have been a little OCD about keeping things in place. It’s a good feeling though to feel like I know where everything is and it’s the way I want it to be. A simple thing like making your bed, can make you feel like you’ve got your life together.


*Ok so I’m not too much of a reader, but I will say that I love me some entertainment news. I catch up on all the gossip via Facebook. Thanks Ryan Seacrest for being so reliable. However, I’ve also been trying to check in on my local newspaper to see what’s going on in my hometown. I really don’t love watching the news. I think it’s just so depressing and it contributes to my anxiety. But I don’t want to be naïve, I want to be informed. So I’ve been trying to check in on things.


*You know this is my bread and butter. Start a journal. Spill out your feelings. Emotionally throw up onto the pages. It’s okay. It’s going to make you feel good to get it out. And if you’re feeling extra spunky; start a blog!

Take breaks

*The same way your body needs time to recuperate from things, so does your brain. It needs to rest. It needs to re-charge. So take breaks when you feel you need them, don’t feel bad for needing a minute. It’s normal. You can’t be on the go 24/7.

Find inspiration

*Listen to music, Watch TV, Movies or YouTube videos, Spend time with friends and family.

Prep lunch/snacks, clothing, purse the night before your big days.

*This will help your mornings be less crazy.

And speaking of less crazy mornings…these two videos really spoke to me. Thanks girls! ❤

****Book recommendation:****

And lastly, I’ve seen a lot of people talk about this book.

the life-changing magic of tidying up

the Japanese art of decluttering and organizing

By Marie Kondo.


*I’ve been renovating my room and have been overwhelmed with the amount of stuff I have and nowhere to put it. So this book is looking like a must read for me.

What are your productive morning/day tips?


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