Stranger Drunk


Pouring Rain trickles down storefront windows.

Cars whizz past kicking up water.

The day has been gloomy and dark, but the night is just beginning.

Macey is rushing down the city block, no direct location, but needing to blow off steam after a long day at work.

Her umbrella long since destroyed and forgotten.

She storms into a nearby bar, the door slamming behind her, her outfit completely soaked.

The bar is pretty empty, except for a man sitting at the bar, and a few stragglers at various tables.

The man at the bar glances over, his eyes scaling her up and down.

Her gaze misses him as she walks and sits a few seats from him, with a mission in mind.

I need a drink…or 2 or 5 she thinks.

The bartender smiles her way

“What can I get you?” he says.

“Let’s start with a shot of tequila…”

The bartender smirks.

“You got it.”

The man sitting next to her glances over, again.

The bartender pours Macey a shot.

“Thank you, bottoms up,” she raises her glass to the bartender and knocks it back.

She winces.

“Keep ’em coming.”

The bartender nods and lines up the next round.

The man next to her turns to her.

“You must have had a bad day,” he says.

“You have no idea.”

“Well if you don’t mind a stranger’s ears, I’d be happy to listen…venting usually helps me.”

“Handsome guy like you…dressed in a business suit, what kind of problems could you possibly have…it’s a man’s world isn’t it,” she huffs obviously annoyed, and dripping with sarcasm.

“Any man who has ever made you think that, is an absolute disgrace.”

“We agree on something.”

“Can I be forward for just a second?”

“That depends,” she says her eyebrow arching.

“On what?”

“On how forward you’re willing to be.”

“As forward as you’ll let me be,” he says his lips smirking, as he leans in closer.

“There may be room for some cinematic liberties.”

“Cinematic liberties?” he laughs.

“Yea you know like in the movies when a guy and girl meet at a bar and-”

“And what?”

“Get to know -each other- a little better.”

“That sounds entertaining.”

“Buy me my next round of shots and maybe that’ll be a possibility?”

“It’d be my pleasure.”

Macey smiles.

As the man gestures to the bartender to pour another round.

“So how does a sexy, obviously power house of a woman, end up alone on a Friday night?

“I’m not alone,” she smirks taking a shot.

The man smirks looking away for a beat. Needing a minute.

“So you wanna get out of here?” she says.

“Are you sure…I mean don’t you want to at least know my name first?”

“No. I’m a one night opportunity and the less I know about you, the more fun it’ll be…” she says her eyes dancing.


“Hey if you’re not interested-”

“I never said I wasn’t interested. I just thought that maybe I could take you out to dinner first, or something.”

“Oh wow, drinks and a dinner, what a gentleman. That’s not really what I’m looking for tonight-”

“Your place or mine?”

Macey smiles taking her last shot and walking out of the bar.

The man throws a 100 dollar bill on the bar for the drinks and follows Macey out, his gaze transfixed.

He meets her outside, the rain has finally stopped and Macey is holding a cab.

The man grabs her by the arm, spinning her toward him. He kisses her catching her off guard.

“As much as I’d love to take you home, you deserve to be courted, and I won’t be the guy to deny you that.”

“Where’d you come from?”

He smiles.

“I know that this may not be what you want right now, or tonight. But when you realize it is what you want, give me a call.”

He hands her a business card. Kissing her on the cheek, as he begins to walk away.

Macey looks at his name; dazed.

“Brayden” it reads.

He turns back around.

“Oh and I hope that your night got at least a little better, because you wear a smile like you’re wearing that dress…pretty flawlessly.” he smirks walking away.

Macey stands there in awe.

“Well stranger you just made my night.” She whispers to herself as she smiles tucking the business card in her jacket pocket and getting in the cab.

-End Scene-


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