Time Talk



As we get older I think we face new versions of peer pressure. Pressure to date, pressure to find a job, pressure to move out, get married, and make a life for yourself. Basically pressure to grow up and learn how to be an adult. Time. Tick Tock. What a bitch. There’s not enough time in a day let alone in a lifetime. We make to do lists and wish lists and time runs away with us, or from us. We are brought into this world with parents by our side. Tick tock the clock starts, the minute our eyes open, the minute our feet hit the ground, we’re running. Minutes turn into hours, Days turn into years. Before you know it playing with baby dolls and kitchen sets become so close to reality. The things we play as children mirror future life. Isn’t it ironic? Ideas of Love, Marriage, and Babies flood our minds. Leaving childhood homes and venturing out on our own. Lost in confusion, in this time of uncertainty. Tick tock, Tick tock. Time flies by and you wake up and wonder, Why? Where am I? Where have I been? What have I done? Where should I be? Time doesn’t stand still although it seems. But you feel as you do. Still. Stuck. Make your own schedule. Your own timeline. You can’t put expiration dates on dreams. Love isn’t a time sensitive thing. Don’t follow the curve. Be a little different. Dance to the beat on your own funky off beat drum. Be patient. You will get there. Your time will come. Go forth. Head held high. Heart on sleeve. Grab a pen and write your own story. It’s a movie and you’re the star. Fade In. What’s your opening scene? Live it. And if you can’t get it right the first half a dozen times, fake it until you make it. Because let’s be honest even the most adult people in the world still have a little bit of naïve child left in them, never lose that.


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