Love Conflicted- Chapter 11


Maggie & Ricky and the gang have missed you!

Stay Tuned for this week’s concluding portions of Love Conflicted.

This is a long one so hopefully it makes up for the many weeks that have gone by without any updates. I will say just a quick NOTATION- this chapter is on the sexier side due to the language and the actions of the characters. It’s nothing R-rated but I just like to give a little notice in case there are any younger viewers. So let’s get into the budding yet overly complicated love story between Ricky & Maggie that is  Love Conflicted.

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Ricky is hard at work uncovering some much needed evidence at his work station in his dimly lit hotel room.

A knock is heard.

Ricky gets up quietly and checks the peephole.

Ian salutes him.

Ricky opens the door.

Ricky: Hey thanks for coming, are the girls okay?

Ricky steps aside as Ian walks into the room.

Ian: Of course. Do you think I’d leave if they weren’t?

Ricky: Of course not. Reflex question. Sorry.

Ian: Hey you’re in love, I’ll let it slide.

Ian smirks, patting him on the shoulder

Ian: So whatta we got?

Ian says taking off his jacket and sitting down beside Ricky’s work station.

Ricky: Cobbs has somethings he’s been hiding from the rest of the gang.

Ian leans over to the computer screen and takes a look.

Ian: Well, well, well looks like our boss man hasn’t been as careful as we thought… all this time he’s…

Ricky: We’ve basically been taking orders from one of America’s Most Wanted.

Ian: How did you get this? I mean this record had to be sealed?

Ricky: Did I mention, I started off as a hacker? I can’t believe it took me this long to figure this shit out!

Ian: Well years of having the code drilled into our heads will do that to you. Why didn’t any of these charges stick?

Ricky: He probably paid off judges, I’m sure he has plenty on retainer.

Ian: Cobbs isn’t who he says he is.

Ricky: That’s for damn sure.

Ian: Holy shit.

Ian covers his mouth in shock, coming to grips with this daunting realization.

Ian: How is this even possible? I mean we could be sent to prison for the shit he made us do. Protecting national security my ass. He was full of it. This isn’t CIA shit, this is lethal, corrupt, hit man shit. Rick, man we can’t get caught in this mess. I’m not giving any more of my life for that guy. Let alone, go to prison.

Ricky: That’s not going to happen. Not if we get to the police before it’s too late.

Ian: Who’s to say they’ll even believe us?

Ricky: Oh they will, my life depends on it. Both of ours do. Besides, maybe if we give them full cooperation they’ll be able to cut us a deal. Grant us full immunity. I mean we have him. This is the smoking gun.

Ian: You do know that if this doesn’t go our way, and we get sent away- Maggie…

Ricky: You don’t have to bother finishing that sentence, ok? Trust me, I know. She’s all I can think about. That’s why we have to do everything in our power not to let that happen.

Ian: Well we have proof that our boss was a corrupted piece of shit who embezzled millions of dollars, not to mention all the illegal drugs I’m sure he smuggled in.

Ricky: Yea and all the blood on his hands. That’s enough to put him away for a long long time. I just don’t get it though. All the assignments we’ve had over the years. We thought we were taking out the bad guys.

Ian: Meanwhile, we’ve been working for one this whole damn time. And for what? What’s the reason for all the bloodshed? Money, power…

Ricky: Greed? Lack of humanity. Kill for the cash.

Ian and Ricky share a sigh of grief.

Ian: How did we get here Rick?

Ricky: I ask myself that question every single day. You know all these years, I told myself we were protecting the world. Taking out the people who could cause innocent people their lives. I convinced myself that we were actually doing good. And then I meet this girl and she has the biggest heart. And the sweetest soul and if I tell you the way she looked at me after she found out what I did for a living. I knew something was wrong with me. With this situation. And I realized that I can’t let this be my life. Not anymore.

Ian: Maggie certainly has had a positive effect on you.

Ricky: I need you to promise me something.

Ian looks at his friend expectantly with a nod.

Ricky: If something happens…to me…

Ian: Nothing is going to happen. You just said so yourself.

Ricky: (gives him a stern glance) If anything happens, if I have to go away, or worse. Promise me, you’ll look after Maggie.

Ian: Dude.

Ian shakes his head, not wanting to think about the dreaded possible outcome.

Ricky: Please.

Ian: Ricky, it wouldn’t be only on you. I’ve been on this job with you. I’ve done shit I’m not proud of either, trust me.

Ricky: No you haven’t. You just drove the getaway car. Played security guard.

Ian: You know that’s a lie. We’re partners.

Ricky: Maybe so. But it’s what I’m gonna say. You’re not going away for this. You were helping me out. You’ve always been there to help me out.

Ian: Rick, man, just stop okay. We’re a team.

Ricky: Promise me, please? (he holds his hand out) I need to know that she’ll be okay.

Ian: I promise. There. You happy?

Ricky smirks and Ian shakes his friend’s hand

Ricky: Thank you.

Ian: Nothing’s happening to you though. That girl has been through too much of your bullshit to get the short end of the stick this late in the game….So…what do you wanna do?

Ricky: We have to be smart about this. Cobbs can’t know what’s coming. The element of surprise is all we have here.

Ian: Are you thinking about going to the cops straight away?

Ricky: He knows cops, he can see them coming a mile away.

Ian: So then…what other choice do we really have? Go after him ourselves?

Ricky: Yea. We have two very sexy and persuasive women in our corner.

Ricky’s eyebrows raise as he smirks. Ian realizing and smiling in return.

Ian: I’ll drive.

Ricky jumps up and grabs his bag of spy equipment as they head out the door.


Maggie and Lily sit in Maggie’s apartment as they watch a movie.

Maggie’s mind is going a mile a minute as she wonders where Ricky and Ian are and if they are okay.

She sits stiffly on the coach as she bites her nails looking off in a daze.

Lily notices.

Lily: Is something wrong?

Maggie: What? No. I’m fine.

Lily: Really because if you continue chowing down, you won’t have any nails left.

Lily smacks her hand away from her lips.

Maggie bites her lip nervously as she checks her phone for the 50th time.

Lily: What’s going on Maggie?

Maggie: Ok. I have to tell you something, but you have to promise me that you won’t tell a single soul.

Lily: Okay.

Maggie: I’m serious Lil, like nobody.

Lily: When have I ever betrayed your trust?

Maggie looks at her knowingly.

Maggie’s phone rings.

She jumps up, answering it.

Maggie: Hello?

Ricky: Baby?

Maggie: Hi. (she lets out the breath she’s been holding in)

Ricky: Hey.

Maggie: Where are you? Are you okay?

Lily watches her friend pace the living room.

Ricky: Yes I’m fine. We’re fine. Ian and I are on our way to you. We got something babe. And it’s big. But we need your help.

Maggie: (laughs) I thought you’d never ask.

Ricky: (laughs) How are you? Are you okay? Lily?

Maggie: I’ve been better. I’ll be good once I see your face.

Ricky: You and me both love.

Maggie smiles.

Lily begins to catch on as she notices the tone in Maggie’s voice and the goofy grin on her face.

Lily’s wheels are turning as she watches Maggie talk on the phone. Her jaw drops as she gasps.

Maggie notices.

Maggie: So I’ll see you soon?

Ricky: Yup.

Maggie: You know Lily is here, right?

Lily narrows her eyes at her.

Maggie gives her a face of apology.

Ricky: Yea. Go ahead. Tell her. We’re gonna need her help too.

Maggie: Okay. Bye. I love you.

Ricky: I love you babe. Bye.

Ricky hangs up as Ian turns onto Maggie’s block, taking the back streets.

Maggie looks at Lily who seems angry.

Maggie: So…that thing that I wanted to tell you…

Lily: Yea? (She folds her arms across her chest)

Maggie: Ricky’s alive. He had to fake his death to protect himself from his psycho boss, and by extension he had to protect me and by extension was protecting you too since you’re always with me anyway. So I mean there’s the silver lining right?

Maggie rattles off as she nervously looks at her friend.

Lily: Why wouldn’t you tell me?

Maggie: He’s in hiding. I couldn’t risk it.

Lily: Haven’t you learned you can trust me, by now. We’ve been friends our whole lives. Here I am thinking you lost the love of your life. And it was all a game. I tell ya you put on quite a performance.

Maggie: Trust me, Lil. It was not a performance. I really did think he was dead. All the tears were real.

Lily: So how long did you actually know he was alive?

Maggie: Since I went back to work. A few days.

Lily: A few days? Maggie I am your best friend. Seeing you so hurt and in so much pain, was heart breaking. I wish you would have just come to me and told me the truth.


Ian and Ricky sit in the car, listening to their conversation.

Ian pulls into an alley.

Ricky has sunglasses and a hat on.

Ricky: Let’s just give them a minute.

Ian: Well now it just feels like we’re spying.

Ricky: Hey if that’s the worst thing we do today, I’ll consider that a great deal of progress.

Ian: True.


Maggie: Lily I am so sorry. I have been a nervous wreck these past few days. Trust me when Ricky came to see me, I nearly fainted.

Lily: So he was here?

Maggie: Yes.

Lily: So he did risk going out in public. So really what was the point of hiding this from me?

Maggie: He found out about the false positive on the pregnancy test. He said he had to see me, he had to be with me. But he didn’t stay long. He couldn’t. For both our sakes.

Lily: How did he find out about the false positive?

Maggie: Um. There’s a bug under the lamp shade. I guess he overheard it when we were talking.

Lily looks under the lamp shade, seeing the small mic.

Lily looks at Maggie with a dumbfounded look, leaning towards it.

Lily: Hey… hey I’m talking to you two in spy land. What the hell is going on?

Maggie: Lily…

Lily: So we’re in that much danger here? That your boyfriend had to fake his own death and have his partner bug your apartment to keep you safe?

Maggie: Apparently the business is really shady.

Lily: I can’t believe this. So we’ve just been sitting ducks this whole time?

Maggie: No. Ian has been here with us. Protecting us.

Lily: Oh please. Where is Ian now? I swear that guy is the worst body guard ever.

It’s Lily’s turn to pace now.

There’s a small light knock on the door.

Maggie and Lily exchange looks.


Maggie: That’s them. Did I mention they were on their way?

Lily: Oh no. You didn’t.

Maggie rushes over to the door, peeking in the peephole first, before opening it.

Ricky: Did you look in the peep hole before opening the door?

Maggie: Of course.

Ricky: That’s my girl, get over here.

Maggie smiles, as Ricky grabs her into a hug.

Ian: I uh suggest we move this into an enclosed area.

Maggie: Of course. Come in.

Lily stands there. Arms folded. Obviously annoyed.

Ricky: Hey Lil.

Lily: Whatta know. You’re alive. It’s a miracle.

Ricky: Lily. I’m so sorry.

Lily: Are you out of your mind? Do you know what you put her through? What you put me through? Having to try to be strong for her, when I was grieving in my own way. You’re my friend too.

Ian watches on with sympathetic eyes.

Maggie’s eyes begin to tear.

Ricky: Lily, I have no words. I’m so sorry. It was stupid I know. But it was the only way I thought I could keep everyone safe. I’m the one they were after. So if I wasn’t around then, they couldn’t use either of you as retaliation. It wasn’t personal. It wasn’t that we don’t trust you.

Lily: I hate being lied to. You both know that. (She looks between both Maggie and Ricky) Everyone in this room knew what was going on, except for me. You left me in the dark. Please, don’t ever do that again.

Ricky: It won’t happen ever again.

Maggie: We promise.

Lily: Ok. Good.

Maggie: Are we…okay?

Lily: Of course we are.

Maggie hugs her friend tightly.

Maggie: I really am so sorry. You know that alive or not, not having Ricky in my life has been really hard. And you somehow managed to make things okay. Like you always do. I couldn’t get through this life without you Lil.

Lily: Ditto.

Lily hugs Maggie again.

Ricky: Do I get a hug?

Lily: Sure. Why the hell not? If nothing else, I’m glad you’re not dead.

Ricky: Aw you’re so sweet to me.

Ricky smiles holding his arms open as Lily hugs him.

Lily: I really am glad you’re safe.

Ricky: Thanks Lil. Thanks for always believing in us, (he says pulling Maggie over to him and kissing the top of her head) And for being the best friend we could ever ask for.

Lily: Oh well what a love fest.

Everyone laughs. Ian smiles, admiring Lily from afar.

Maggie: So what’d you guys find out? What’s the plan?

Lily: Pause.

Everyone looks at her.

Lily: Go be in love for the night.

Maggie and Ricky exchange glances.

Lily: Whatever plan you have can wait until the morning. I know you two haven’t really spent much time together.

Maggie and Ricky lock eyes, as he smirks, she blushes.

Ricky extends his hand.

Ricky: Shall we?

Maggie takes it as they walk into her bedroom.


Ricky and Maggie get into her room, and Ricky closes the door.

Ricky: I’ve been dying to kiss you. Come here.

Ricky pulls her to him, as he kisses her.

Maggie kissing him back, she wraps her hands around his neck.

Ricky’s hands make their way up her shirt, Maggie stops him, pulling away.

Maggie: Ricky we can’t…not with them in the next room.

Ricky: Are you kidding me? They expect it. Trust me.

Maggie: I don’t care if they expect it. That doesn’t mean it should happen.

Ricky: I’m sorry. Are you telling me, you don’t wanna do this? Do you know how much I’ve missed you?

Maggie: Yea I can imagine. I’ve missed you so much. Of course I want this. I just don’t think it’s appropriate.

Ricky: Our current situation really doesn’t leave much room for appropriate behavior.

Maggie: Baby I just can’t. I’d feel so uncomfortable.

Ricky: Ok fine. But just know that I am doing everything in my power right now, not to rip your clothes off.

Maggie laughs.

Maggie: Well thank you, I’m so proud of your restraint.

Ricky laughs.

Ricky: Kiss me, at least.

Maggie: (narrows her eyes at him) I don’t know. Do you think you can handle that? Could be a gateway drug for you.

Ricky: (laughs) That’s not exactly untrue. But you gotta give me something here, baby.

Maggie smiles and pulls him into a kiss, as he pulls her closer to him, kissing her back.


Ian and Lily sit on opposite ends of the couch, in silence.

Ian looks away up at the ceiling as his uncomfortable level begins to rise.

Ian: They’re having sex aren’t they?

Lily: Oh yea. Really strong possibility. (Lily nods)

Ian: Fantastic. This won’t be awkward at all.

Lily: TV?

Ian: Dear god, please. I’d really appreciate not having to hear anything.

Lily: You and me both.

Lily turns the TV on.

Ian: In all fairness you did kind of set the ball in motion telling them to be all in love for the night.

Lily: Well considering I’m sure whatever plan you both have up your sleeves in going to be either A) ridiculously stupid or B) extremely complicated and time consuming, I figured they deserved a night together. They’ve spent so much time apart.

Ian: You are absolutely right.

Lily looks over at him.

Lily: Hmm. I like the sound of that.

Ian laughs.

Ian: I’m sorry you didn’t know the full story. I know that we don’t know each other and you probably don’t care, or need an apology from me. But I was a part of this whole thing. And I just want you to know we weren’t trying to make a fool out of you or disrespect you in any way.

Lily: It’s ok. Thank you. I know you were just doing your job.

Ian: According to you, I don’t really do it that well.

Lily: (laughs) I only said that because I was angry and I knew you were listening.

Ian: Ah.

Lily smiles.

Ian: I don’t like being lied to either. So I get it.

Lily: Yea being lied to sucks. Especially when the guy who claims to love you, continues to cheat on you with every available woman.

Ian looks at her stunned.

Lily: Sorry. I just dumped my garbage right in your lap, didn’t I?

Ian: No that’s okay. I’m sorry that happened to you. That guy is a fool.

Lily: I was the fool. For believing him. When in my gut, I knew.

Ian: He’s the fool for not realizing what he had.

Lily: (smiles) Thank you.

Ian: You know, that explains a lot. About why you are the way you are.

Lily: What does that mean?

Ian: Just that you seem overly independent. You don’t want to rely on anyone to take care of you.

Lily: Well I don’t have to. I can take care of myself.

Ian: I can tell.

Lily: Don’t sit here and analyze me.

Ian: That’s not what I’m doing.

Lily: Then what are you doing?

Ian: I’m trying to get to know you. Sure you’re gorgeous and funny and captivating. But there’s certainly more to the sassy blonde routine you like to put on. I wanna know what makes you tick.

Lily: Do you?

Ian: Yea, (he smiles.)

Lily: Really?

Ian: Yes.

Lily leans closer and stares into his eyes, trying to read him. Judging if he’s being sincere.

Ian: What are you doing?

Lily smiles and pulls him to her as she kisses him, Ian cups her face, kissing her back.


Ricky and Maggie are now lying on her bed as they continue kissing.

Ricky’s kisses become more intense as his hands begin to roam over Maggie’s body.

Maggie pulls away.

Maggie: Ricky.

Ricky kisses her again.

Maggie: Ricky.

Ricky looks at her.

Ricky: I’m sorry. My self-restraint is fading fast, (he says rolling away from her and standing up, slightly out of breath.) Come on babe. It’s been days. I want to touch you. Scratch that, I need to.

Maggie smiles and shakes her head, as she begins to turn 7 shades of red.

Maggie: You know what when this is all over, I promise you and I will go away for a whole week and we won’t even have to leave our hotel room.

Ricky’s eyes light up, as he raises his eyebrow. A smirk forming on his lips.

Ricky: Now that sounds amazing.

Ricky says grabbing her by the shirt and pulling her into a kiss.

Maggie smiles against his lips before pushes him away gently.

Maggie: But for now. You’re gonna have to work on that restraint of yours.

Ricky: Then you better but a freakin’ barrier between the two of us, if you expect me to stay away from you.

Maggie: Let’s just go back outside.

Ricky: Yea a few extra pairs of eyes may keep me a bay, for now. (he smirks)

Maggie laughs as she opens the door she sees, Lily and Ian kissing on the couch.

Maggie’s jaw drops.

Lily lifts her shirt off as Ian begins to unbutton his.

Ricky: Babe what’s up?

Maggie: Shh. (she puts her finger to her lips as she points to them)

Ricky looks over her shoulder as his jaw drops too.

Maggie shuts the door.


Ricky: I called that from day one.

Maggie: Oh my gosh. Lily must really like him.

Ricky: Well I can tell you, he definitely likes her.

Maggie: Ugh I knew he did. I could totally tell. What has he been saying about her?

Ricky: Oh you know just the usual. He thinks she’s amazing and beautiful and unlike any other woman he’s ever met.

Maggie: Oh that whole spiel?

Ricky smiles as he wraps his arms around her waist.

Ricky: I know what you’re doing?

Maggie: What?

Ricky: Trying to distract me.

Maggie: From what?

Ricky: Well considering the reason we aren’t naked in that bed right now is due to the fact that you were so embarrassed and concerned that they would hear, and now they are the ones doing the deed. And barely know there’s any life around them. You have no excuse anymore.

Maggie smiles covering her face.

Ricky: Come on, let me show you how much I missed you.

Maggie kisses him as he smiles.

Ricky lifts her up  heading for the bed, as she squeals.


Ian and Lily continue kissing as Lily reaches for Ian’s belt buckle.

Ian stops her.

Ian: We should stop. (he says pulling away)

Lily: That is the stupidest idea, you’ve ever had.

Ian: I really like you.

Lily: I’m getting that. Come here. (she cups his face again as she kisses him)

Ian pulls away again.

Ian: I don’t think that you do.

Lily looks at him confused.

Ian: I like you a lot. I can’t stop thinking about you and your sassy little walk and your flirty little banter and your incredible brain. I love how you now without fail trust your gut. How you speak your mind. How you sugarcoat nothing. You are a strong powerhouse of a woman. I wouldn’t dream of ever tainting that. It’s your sexiest trait. And considering what a knockout you are, that’s saying a lot.

Lily looks at him, her heart pounding in her chest.

Ian: Ever since I met you, you have continuously called me on my crap and every time I realize more and more that I could do this forever.

Lily: Do what?

Ian: Do this. (he gestures between them.) I could fight with you forever. I could talk with you forever. I could watch you forever. I could love you… forever.

Lily: You don’t even know me.

Ian: I know you enough to know that you’re worth fighting for. And you’re more than just sex. If we do this now, it’s going to send you the wrong message about what I want us to be.

Lily looks at him her head spinning.

Lily: Are you a real human, or some robot? You’re turning down sex?

Ian: For now. (He cups her face and kisses her tenderly)

Lily: What is it that you want, exactly?

Ian: Same thing you want. But you’re just too afraid to admit.

Lily leans in and kisses him again.

Ian feels something shift, there’s not so much of an urgency as there is a feeling of trust.

He kisses her back for a bit and then pulling away he looks at her with a smile.

Ian: Can I take you out on a date?

Lily: Considering you’ve already partially gotten me out of my clothes I would say it’s the least you could do. (she narrows her eyes at him as she laughs)

Ian laughs.

Ian: After this whole thing. We’ll pick a Saturday. But I’m warning you now, be ready because I plan to sweep you off your feet.

Lily: You kind of already are.

Ian smiles as he rises his eyebrows is surprise.

Lily: Yea I said it. I heard myself.

Ian smiles.

Ian: Come here. (He cups her face and kisses her one more time.)

They redress themselves as they snuggle up and find a movie to watch on TV.


Maggie and Ricky lay in bed, tangled up in each other. Maggie’s hands tussling in Ricky’s hair as Ricky wraps his arms around her body, as he continues to kiss her passionately.

Ricky: I love you so much, he whispers into her ear.

Maggie moves closer to him as she kisses him.

Maggie: I love you too. (She says pulling away and looking up into his eyes as she cups his face.)

They lean into another kiss.


The next morning both couples wake in each other’s embrace.

Ricky: Hey you.

Maggie: Hi.

Ricky kisses her softly on the lips..

Maggie: I’m gonna need to recover. Last night was kind of unbelievable.

Ricky: Yea well, I had a lot of time to make up for.

He kisses her as he rolls over positioning himself on top of her.

Maggie: You’ve got to be kidding me? Ricky! (She laughs)

Ricky: What can I say, I can’t help myself. (He kisses her as she giggles.)


Ian: Morning.

He stands in the kitchen making breakfast and coffee, as a very tired Lily surfaces from the couch.

Lily: Good morning.

Ian: Coffee?

Lily: Oh god yes.

Ian: You didn’t get much sleep either huh?

Lily: Nope. Not with those animals going at it all night.

Ian: Yea that was not exactly the best night’s sleep I ever had. Although I will say I did enjoy waking up next to you.

Lily smiles as he hands her a cup of coffee.

Ian: I could do that forever too.

Lily: You know I’m trying to decipher if you’re just really good at flirting and throwing out one liners or if you actually mean these things.

Ian: I thought we covered that last night.

Lily: Guys will say anything.

Ian: To get in your pants yea. I agree. We can be pigs. But I recall I was the one who stopped us last night.

Lily: So what do you want a cookie?

Ian: Yes, yes I do.

He laughs.

Lily laughs and takes a chocolate chip cookie and feeds it to him as he cooks breakfast.

Ian: Thank you. (he mumbles as they share a sweet look)

Lily: You’re welcome, (she says leaning over and kissing him.)

Ian wraps his hands around her as she leans against the counter. He continues deepening their kisses.

Lily pulls away.

Lily: What happened to waiting? Are you finally showing your true colors?

Ian: Waiting doesn’t mean I can’t kiss you like crazy.

Lily: That is true.

Ian smiles as he kisses her again.


Maggie and Ricky emerge from the bedroom, basking in their afterglow.

Maggie: Good morning.

Lily: I bet it is.

Ricky smiles.

Maggie: Please tell me, you guys were too busy having sex, that you weren’t hearing us have sex?

Lily: Look at me Maggie. Do I look happy?

Maggie: Kind of.

Maggie: Do I look sex happy?

Ian and Ricky exchange looks.

Ian: Sex happy?

Maggie: You don’t look sex happy. Oh my god, you heard us?

Lily: All night long. It was like a Lionel Richie song.

Maggie: I am so sorry. I tried to keep him away from me. (she covers her face in embarrassment.)

Ricky: I’m not even sorry.

Ian high fives Ricky.

Lily rolls her eyes at them.

Maggie: This is so awkward. I’m sorry.

Lily: I am exhausted not from a sexy romp in the sack but from being kept up all night by you two. So…therefore I am going to change your sheets and take nap. While you three come up with whatever plan you need to come up with. Ok? Ok.

She walks into the bedroom, shutting the door behind her.

Ian: So I’m guessing she’s not a morning person?

Ricky shakes his head no.

Maggie: She gets super angry if she doesn’t get a good night’s sleep. Take notes.

Ricky: Yea buddy take notes.

Ian looks at them and looks away.

Maggie: Are you really gonna play coy with us right now. You guys didn’t have sex?

Ian: We did not.

Ricky: Well I mean last we saw, you guys were on your way there.

Ian: I stopped it. I really like her. I don’t want this to start off on the wrong foot.

Maggie: I think that’s very smart Ian. Lily’s going to really respect that.

Ian: And I mean we may or may not be going on a date soon.

Ricky: What? Atta boy. Hell yes. It’s about time.

Maggie: Oh my gosh! Yay! I think you guys are going to be perfect together. Lily can be very strong headed and it takes a strong secure man to understand where she’s coming from. I think you’re just her type.

Ian: (laughs) Thank you.

Maggie: And you make breakfast. Oh my gosh, aren’t you perfection.

Ian smiles and hands her a plate of food.

Ricky looks at her..

Ricky: Oh okay I see how it is. You can have your way with me all night and then some guy makes you breakfast and now I’m chopped liver.

Maggie: (Shrugs) Essentially yes.

Maggie and Ricky laugh as he pulls her into a kiss.

Maggie: So what’s this plan?

The guys exchange looks.

To be continued…

*I do not take credit for any images used in my edits or otherwise.*



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