Money Honey.

Flaming Money In Hand

Money money.

Money honey.

Green and green.

The color of envy.

Is there an in between?

This thing that drives you?

Paper and thin, lighter than a feather.

This rotten conception.

This thing that instills greed, a race to cross the line and come in first.

Causing us to play the blame game.

In a sea of immaturity and gossip queens.

Whispers a hush.

What do you mean?

Who do we trust?

Well heard.

I see who you are.

Naïveté not so fast.

I might be smiling,

But don’t mistake kindness for weakness.





Embrace the colors beyond the green.

Shut down the negativity, and thoughts of inadequacy.

I’m not like you.

I’ve always waited for my own drum to play it’s song.

Sorry I can’t be sorry anymore.

Hand the blame back tenfold.

I own mine.

Own your own.

Mistakes are part of growing.

Money money.

Green and green.

Sure it buys.

But can it buy your heart- can it set you free?

Money honey.

Those with green in their eyes accompanied by dollar signs.

Feed off the greed machine, and I’ll wave goodbye from the sidelines.



*Shout out to the Tori Kelly lyric that drove my poem idea home. 😉 *

*I do not take credit for the image used.*

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