This one’s for all my To Do List Makers

Things to Do.

I’m a To Do List girl.

It helps me to visually see the things I need to get done on paper or in a memo in my phone.

However, even though I find them extremely helpful when trying to organize my life and get my shit together, the longer the list the more daunting it feels. The anxiety to get it all done is real. You feel like you won’t be able to get it done. And sometimes that can hinder any progress at all. It’s a weight on your shoulders. And your deadline to do these things becomes something you try to avoid. And procrastination rears its ugly head.

Why do we do this?

When January started, I came up with this idea to write out my mega long To Do List for reference, but then to make a smaller goal for each month. A sub To Do List if you will. Well, that lasted and worked for about a week and the lists got lost in the shuffle of life.

Lately I have been feeling a bit out of sync with the things I’ve been wanting to accomplish this year. I still make To Do lists but I just feel like the items continuously get pushed back to the next day’s list and nothing gets done. I know I’m not the only one who faces this problem, I know life happens and when you have crucial day to day things that need to get done and a job you need to plan and prep for, it’s hard to not let the ball drop every now and then.

But recently, I got out my mega To Do List, to regain focus and as I went through it, I realized how many things I have been doing and what I needed to still work on. It was incredible to see that even without the list in my face, my focus hadn’t completely left its rightful place.

Granted I still have a lot of work to do. But as someone who deals with anxiety and can sometimes feel overwhelmed by life and it’s ever changing ways and long strain of to do lists, I’ve found that I’m capable of so much more than I think I am. And I also realize that To Do List do inevitably work for me as an organization tool. Because when my mind is all over the place and there’s so much going on, I can’t trust my brain to remember everything. Writing it all down helps. There is a strange satisfaction that you feel, when you are able to work through your list and check things off one by one. It makes you feel productive, like you’re getting shit done.

So if you are in need of an organizational brain spring cleaning, start with a To Do List. Keep it short. Don’t make yourself anxious by trying to do everything in one day. I do that all the time and then I get discouraged when I can’t accomplish everything. When you break your list down to what’s most important, you will be able to see what can wait til the next day.

Trust me. To Do Lists. They work. Get it girl. Organize your life. 😉


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