My Weekend in Outfits-Part 2

This past weekend I had my cousin’s 15th birthday party. Every year they host a big memorial day weekend BBQ filled with good food, and good company. It is one of my favorite family traditions.


The theme was Hawaiian Luau and you know I was all about that theme life. #IfThereIsAThemeIKnowAboutIt

Here’s my look-




*For this Hawaiian inspired look, I based the colors  I wore, off of the flower crown (and sunflower ring)  I had made a few years ago. Yellow & Orange were my basis. Believe it or not I had all of this in my wardrobe and didn’t need to spend a dime.

I wore this burgundy sun dress with orange design on it. The dress is a bit low cut, so under that I wore a peachy pink tank to match the dress design. Over the dress I wore a orange sleeveless button up and buttoned it half way, tying it at the waist, to create a top and skirt look. #HulaGirlStyle. Then, lastly I paired it with some tan sandals.

I accessorized with my flower crown, sunflower ring, a yellow party lei I had, a white dangly shell bracelet and pineapple earrings. As my sister in law and friend Lauren said “Why wouldn’t YOU have pineapple earrings.” haha It’s true I’m weird, and I actually have strawberry earrings too! 😉



*For my hair I basically, again, used the same curling products, however, the night before I had actually braided my hair so that when I took it out the next day, it would leave me with some beachy waves. I kept it in all morning and while I did my makeup and then took it down added my products and some water and scrunched it- and there you go beachy hair. I had it down but swept it up in a messy beachy bun when it got hot out.

For makeup I was basically just going for a bright fresh faced look. Peachy pink blush and lips and a mix of bright white and pink eye shadows. A little bronzer went a long way for some sun kissed skin in this look too and just like that, I was Luau ready.


*All images are my own.*



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