Female Fashion Frustrations

Having to wear shorts under dresses and skirts #chafingproblems

Jewelry trends #chokers  

It’s too hot for this shit! In the summer sometimes I just cant deal with wearing jewelry, as much as I love it, everything just sticks to me and I hate it! And chokers are the new trend and I love how they look, but when I try to rock one, I give up before I leave house. I feel constricted. Lol.

Racerback tank tops #hellobrastraps

I’ll admit I know this is a fashion no-no and it’s tacky, but I am totally guilty of this. I do it all the time. And I just don’t care. LOL. I’m not about to wear some uncomfortable strap device every time I want to wear a racertrack tank. #SorryNotSorry

When heels make your outfit, but you’re just not into dealing with the pain

I’m usually the girl who brings a pair of flats with me, because I know heels are not my usual jam.

The maxi dress #WhatUndergarmentsDoIWear #WhyIsThisDressSuddenlySeeThrough


But she still looks good tho!


Oh is this how you style them?

 The strapless dress/bra #AllBrasSUCK

The strapless is not for the busty.



Pulling and tugging. All. Night. #BigBustProbs

I have this adorable off the shoulder shirt that I love but I hate strapless bras- they lack support- so I wear a tank top under the shirt which defeats the whole point of the style of the shirt. Ugh.

When you don’t want to wash your hair and your dry shampoo fails you and you end up looking like a sweaty gym rat.

The romper/The jumpsuit #BUTnowIhavetopee


It’s crazy because in my mind when I have a reason to believe I can’t use the rest room freely, I feel like the idea is on my mind more than usual. It messes with your mind, Lol.

Can you relate to these fashion frustrations?

Soldier on my fellow females, we got this! #LookinFlawless 😉

*I do not take credit for any images used.*


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