JoJo has always had Soul

So I guess I’ve of made a habit out of checking in on some fierce female artists, I’ve kind of lost tabs on. First it was Alicia Keys and now I am just re-discovering and realizing that JoJo had put music out that I didn’t even know about, or didn’t give the proper listen to. So here’s my JoJo playlist.



Starting with a few throwbacks, because let’s face it when JoJo first started she was basically my same age when I was in middle school and I thought she was a QUEEN! #LeaveGetOut #BabyItsYou #SangItOutLoud #AtTheTopOfMyLungs

*2004 (JoJo)*

Leave (Get Out)

Baby It’s You

Not That Kinda Girl


*2006 (The High Road)*

Too Little Too Late

How to Touch a Girl



*2011/2012/2013 (Radio release/Mixtape/Cover)*

Disaster *This I vaguely remember


Marvin’s Room (Female Version-Drake Cover) *This I remember!

**For more on JoJo’s music and acting career…CLICK HERE

**Also watch JoJo discuss her problems with releasing new music through her previous label for the past 10 years, and the struggles she’s overcome to do just that. She expresses that those experiences only helped her to create her latest project.

*2015 (Tringle)*

When Love Hurts

Save My Soul

Say Love


*2016 (Mad Love)*

F*ck Apologies


From 2012 on, I hadn’t really heard all of her new stuff. But boy am I glad I finally have….because it is seriously good and just as soulful (if not more) than I remember. I am super stoked to hear her new album!

JoJo’s newest album Mad Love is out October 14th, 2016!!!!!!

*I do not take credit for any images, music, or videos used.*








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