Dear Future Husband,

When you get to be in your 20’s….it’s easy to feel like time is running out. Here is a letter to my Future Husband, whoever you may be. I have a feeling we’ll be really happy.


Dear Future Husband,

I’ve waited forever to meet you.

To see your face so clearly.

To know your heart and your understanding.

To be held in your strong arms.

These words I’ve wanted to say.

I can’t quite explain.

I’ve waited my whole life,

to run to you with my worries and insecurities.

To feel comfortable enough to do just that.

To see you in a suit.

And smell the scent of your after shave and cologne too.

I know it sounds silly, but I dream about you without knowing you.

To stare into your eyes and know true safety.

To tell your mother I think she raised an amazing man.

To bake treats for your family gatherings.

To sit on my couch watching a movie as I lay with my legs draped over yours.

To add you as my plus one.

To have you stand beside me during Sunday mass, in the most beautiful church you’ll ever see.

To let you meet my god daughter and hope you’ll be good friends.

To put you in a room with my crazy, huge family and tell you it’s all going to be ok.

To kiss you at midnight.

To be your Valentine.

To fight with you when I think I’m right.

To have you get down on one knee in front of me as I weep joyfully.


I can’t wait to love you all the days of my life.


Your Future Wife.

P.S. I hope you’re thinking about me.

Because I think it’s about time that we finally meet.


*I do not take credit for the image used.*





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