Move- Chapter 4

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Aria sits in her favorite café sipping on an iced coffee. She’s on her laptop watching some dance routines for some future inspiration. Lost in her own world.

A few moments later she’s jolted by the push of a pair of hands on her shoulders.
She turns to see a smiling Molly and her best friend Allie.

Aria sighs, relieved as she removes her headphones.

“Did I scare ya?” Molly says plotting down across from her. Allie follows, as she grabs Aria’s coffee and takes a sip.

“Just a little,” Aria says in a sarcastic tone as she rolls her eyes.

“So what’s up?” Allie says.

“I’ll tell you what’s up…Aria has a hottie mc hot hot, rich stallion after her.”

Allie’s mouth drops, her eyes widen with excitement.

“What? You’ve been holding out on me? What the heck?” she says.

Aria looks at Molly with a scowl which now matched the scowl on Allie’s face.

Molly lets out a laugh as she raises an eyebrow at Aria.

“I do not have any guy after me, do not entertain her fantasies.”

“Oh hunny, trust me, this is not my fantasy, my fantasy would be if that British Boy Toy would be all hot and heavy about me, but that’s just not the case. And since you did meet him first, I guess it will just have to be,” She says sighing dramatically.

Allie and Aria exchange glances and then laughs.

“You are so crazy, Mol.” Aria laughs. “Anyway…I was just researching some new dance routines, and trying to get some ideas for the showcase…”

“Changing the subject are we?” Allie says.

“Mmm hmm, that she is.”

“Ok, can we just…stop?” Aria says getting a slight blush on her cheeks.

Molly and Allie look at each other for a beat; contemplating.

“So tell me about this guy,” Allie says turning to Molly.

Aria sighs, grabbing her iced coffee back from Allie.

“Ok, he is sexy. So sexy that it could be kind of intimidating but he’s got this sweet personality that makes it all ok.”

“How could you possibly say anything, you don’t know him.”

“Defensive, much? Molly says with a knowing smile.

“No I’m just saying neither of us know anything about him.”

“We know he wants you…bad.”

“Oooh and that is all we need to know,” Allie says excitedly. “Do we have a picture?”

“No,” Aria says. “Yes!” Molly says.

Aria looks at Molly completely thrown.

Allie excitedly grabs Molly’s phone.

“Oh my god! Aria! He’s gorgeous. Aw, you guys look so good together!”

“What! Let me see that!” She says reaching and grabbing the cell phone.

A picture of Liam and Aria in the bar, leaning against the pool table talking, their eyes locked.

“When did you even take this?” Aria says mortified.

“I have my ways.”

“I wish you wouldn’t do things like this!” Aria says getting frustrated.

“Aria, he’s really cute though, and honestly from this picture, it kinda looks like he’s into you.”

“Oh he is. Trust me, I was there. His eyes were all over her.”

“They were not!”

“He calls her love.”

“Aw, oh my god forget it, I’m dead.” Allie says fanning herself.

“He’s just British, that’s their thing, it’s how they talk,” Aria says matter of factly.

“Yea when they want to flirt with a pretty girl… he sure as hell wasn’t calling me love.”

“I don’t see the bad, here, girl,” Allie says giving Aria a puzzled look.

“Look that’s enough of this ok. I’m too busy worrying about planning my performance for the showcase to even entertain the idea that some guy may or may not be interested in dating me. And I still have to find a job to be able to pay for the rest of the dance program, or the showcase won’t even happen for me. And I need this you guys. This is my last shot. So excuse me, if I’m not falling over some guy right now. I’ve got a lot on my mind.”

“I hear you. I’m sorry.” Allie says.

“He did offer you a job.” Molly says.

Aria shoots her a death glare.

Allie gasps and folds her arms.

“What…I’m just stating facts. He found out she quit working for Lucifer Lee and offered her a temp gig until she could find something. All this stress could be avoided, if she would just call him. He gave you his card.”

“So many details held back! My god! Well you just have no excuses now. Call him,” Allie says.

“No. I can’t work for him.”

“And why not?”


Molly freezes, her jaw dropping.

“What?” Aria says, confused.

Liam walks in, his eyes fall on Aria the minute he steps through the doorway.
Molly unfreezes and coughs “He’s here.”

“What? Who?” Aria says.

“Your boy… he just walked in.”

“You’re kidding me? Can’t you just stop playing games for once?”

“I am not playing games with you-”

“Oh he’s walking over,” Allie says shifting in her seat from excitement.

“Aria, hello love,” he says locking eyes with her as he flashes her a smile.

Aria is momentarily in shock.

“Liam hi, how are you?” Molly says taking over the speaking role.

“I’m well thanks, and yourself?” he says his eyes circling the table of women and landing on Aria of course.

“We’re good. Just having a little, girl’s lunch. This is our friend Allie by the way.”

Allie extends her hand.

“Hi, nice to meet you.”

“Pleasure,” he says shaking her hand.

Aria snaps back to reality.

“So Mr. Whitmore, what brings you to this part of the city?”

“Liam, love, call me Liam,” he says smirking.

Allie and Molly exchange swooning glances.

“I actually don’t work too far from here. So I was just grabbing a quick bite.”

“You must be busy. What is it that you do again?” Molly asks gazing up at him.

Aria shoots her a glare.

“I’m an art buyer. My company finances some of the museums and we curate art for them.”

“Wow that’s amazing… it must get pretty hectic,” she says looking away from his gaze.

“It can definitely get crazy at the office, but I have to remind myself to step outside every now and then,” he chuckles.

Aria smiles, “I hear ya,” she says, nodding her head.

“Yea Aria here, is just always crammed up in the studio!” Molly says.

“Studio? Are you an artist? Painting? Sculpting? What’s your fancy?” he says smiling.

As if you didn’t already know, you schmuck, he thinks.

“Oh no, neither. I dance,” She says shyly.

“Well that sounds to me like an art form. I’m sure you’re very good at it,” he says his crystal blue eyes peeking into her heart like an x-ray.

“She is. And she’s very flexible,” Molly says.

Aria kicks her under the table.

“Ignore her, please.” Aria says smiling up at him.

Dear God, he thinks floating in her smile.

“Order up for Liam, Liam Whitmore,” the barista calls out.

“Excuse me ladies,” Liam says turning to head over to the counter, as he takes out his wallet he greets Lynn with a smile.

Aria turns to Molly sharply. “Are you insane saying something like that to him? He’s a total gentleman, he’s just being nice and cordial and you have to make it sexual? Why?

“Trust me under that suit and businessman exterior, I am sure he can make your toes curl. Why don’t you just do us all a favor and find out?” Molly says.

Liam smirks overhearing, as the heat rises up his neck to his cheeks.

Liam Whitmore are you blushing? he thinks.

“What is your problem? Are you trying to humiliate me?” Aria says covering her face in embarrassment.

“No. I’m trying to get you out of your own head. You’re far too stubborn. You don’t know how to trust a good thing when you see it, or feel it.”

“She’s right about that, ya know,” Allie chimes in.

“I don’t feel anything, so just stop. You’re being inappropriate.”

“What’s so inappropriate here…he’s an adult, you’re an adult, you’re both gorgeous, sexy human beings, he obviously likes you and you must like him too, otherwise why would you be getting so hot and bothered over this?”

Liam listens, his smile growing.

“He and I are obviously from different worlds. He’s clearly established in his career and I am years out of college and still just trying to figure my shit out and I cannot do that if I am falling for some guy that will never fall back. Dancing is my life. I want this so bad, and it has to be my priority. So please for the last time, just let this one go. I am begging you.”

Out of college. Thank you Jesus, Liam thinks, but is silently thrown by her need to distance herself from him.

Allie looks at Molly who looks at a very exhausted and stressed Aria.
Molly softens.

“Ok. Okay, I’m sorry. I will stop,” she says holding up her hands in surrender.

“You promise?” Aria says looking at her sternly.

“I promise,” Molly says nodding.

Aria sighs and finally relaxes back in her seat.

“You know I love you right, I’m just trying to help.”

“I know, but sometimes I just need you to just listen to me. It’s not the time for me to be getting involved with a guy. No matter how gorgeous or kind he may seem.”

Liam stands by the coffee station adding sugar and milk to his cup, as his brow furrows at the realization that Aria may find him attractive but isn’t interested. At least not right now.

He walks over to their table, “Well it was a pleasure ladies.”

“Pleasure running into you too,” Molly says smiling.

“Enjoy the rest of your lunch.”

“Thank you, try not to work too hard,” Aria says smiling up at him.

“You too, love.” He says smirking and walking away.

Challenge accepted, he thinks.



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