BLOGMAS -Day 1- Christmas Bucket List

Happy December Jolly Friends!

So I know I’ve been neglecting this blog for the past month or so, and although I’ve just recently gotten back into it, I want to make a greater commitment to you, to this blog, to myself.

So I decided to try out BLOGMAS. Just to see if I can actually keep up with it.

What is BLOGMAS you may ask…

Well if you are into YouTube then you’ve definitely heard of VLOGMAS, which is basically a vlog style video every day in December leading up to Christmas Day. So basically a 25 days of Christmas for YouTube. 

BLOGMAS is the same just with blog posts, instead. 

Now, I know that VLOGMAS is usually Christmas centered, and although some of my posts will be Christmas related, I will have some others posted throughout the month. I won’t just be sticking to Christmas related topics. Besides, I still have a short story series that needs to get finished…Catch up on “Move,” HERE

lights blogmas edit

Today’s post is going to be… 

My 2017 Christmas/Winter Bucket List


Buy Christmas presents early

Buy cute Pajamas

Buy a new ugly sweater

See the Christmas lights in the neighborhood

Watch Christmas movies

Buy a new ornament for this year

Buy a Christmas drink(s)- Eggnog!

Go see the Rockefeller Tree

Listen to Christmas music

Burn/Buy more Christmas candles

Look up fun treats to make

Go to Polar Express

Build a Gingerbread house

Send out Santa Mail to the kiddies

Buy a real Poinsettia 




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