BLOGMAS -Day 6- (Mini) VLOGMAS 2016 Update

Last year I announced that I was going to be doing a Mini Vlogmas– that I would vlog from December 23-Decemeber 31st.  And I did. However, the editing process was put on a super long overextended hold- I didn’t start/get finished editing until late July/August 2017. While I loved documenting my holiday season with my family and friends, as I thought about publically posting the vlogs, I felt conflicted.

I fully intended on posting my journey of festive fun- full of good food and good company- when it came time to share, I just don’t think my entire family would have all been ok with their life being put on the internet. And I respect that, so I officially decided that I will not be posting these vlogs. Instead I think I will burn them to discs and keep them like my own little home movies to look back on.  

lights blogmas edit

However, I decided to share some pics of my Holiday/my To Do List/Schedule instead.


December 23rd-Christmas Shopping

Straightened up my mess of a room.

Ran some errands/Went Shopping at some drug stores and grocery stores for stocking stuffers and all my baking goods.

Made Christmas goody bags for the kiddies in my family.

I shared some Christmas Cards I received from a few of my students.

I filled my stockings by the chimney with care.

Wrapped all Christmas Gifts.

December 24th- Christmas Eve

Did a little Get Ready with Me- hair, makeup, & outfit.

Baked cookies.

Went to visit my Grandparents and saw a bunch of aunts, uncles, and cousins as well!

Went to midnight mass (got baby Jesus blessed and put baby Jesus in our manger at home.) 

December 25th- Christmas Day

Baked more cookies!

Opened gifts at home with my family.

Went to visit some more family at my cousin’s house-and we all met the newest family member- my baby boy cousin.

December 26th-God Daughter Sleepover

My god daughter came to have a sleepover.

We played Barbies. (did a mini Barbie mannequin challenge haha)

Had a dance party!

Watched a Barbie movie.

Played dress-up.

Built a gingerbread house.

Had her favorite for dinner—TACOS!

Built a tent and watched a movie.

December 27th- Pamper Day

Lit some candles.

Did a face mask and hair mask.

Gave myself a manicure.

Did some other girly grooming bits like used a foot scrub and lip scrub, etc.

Ordered take out.

Watched some movies.

December 28th & 30th- Best Friend Christmas/Christmas Exchange

Had my usual Best Friend Christmas Day with my best friend Roe.

We built a gingerbread house.

Sipped on some homemade Coquito. 

Youtubed some Mark & Lexie from Grey’s Anatomy.

The 29th- was a super lazy/chill day/I didn’t really have anything to vlog.

Met my other best friend Jenny for dinner and dessert at a cute local Italian place. We had some wine and everything was just so delicious! 

We exchanged gifts.

December 31st/January 1st-New Year’s Eve/Day

Went through my 2016 Memory Jar.

Made glitter cups.

Went to my Grandparents and saw some aunts and cousins too!

Had an out door dance party and lit some sparklers.


What a fun, blessed week of family, friends, and happy memories I will cherish forever! 

When I finally finished editing all of these vlogs and I was about to upload them to YouTube and share them here with you on this blog, I started to feel something pull at me. And I just started to not feel right about including other people’s images. I love sharing my world with those who keep up with this blog. However, I have a lot of kid’s in my family and I think images of other people’s children should be treated with respect. And I just didn’t feel right putting anything up. I go into a more in-depth description of my experience with video and vlogging in my Video Update post. 


Have you ever vlogged before? What’s your take on sharing with strangers? 





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