BLOGMAS -Day 17- My Perfect Winter Day

As we get closer to Christmas, I’m noticing it’s been harder to get these posts up everyday in a timely manner. Hence the last few have been posted later at night just in the nick of time. 

But we have one week left, and I am determined to make it to December 25!

lights blogmas edit

So here we go…

I’ve been super stressed…everything is all happening at once and it’s taking over my festive mood. Did I mention I HATE Christmas shopping! I hate crowds, I hate having to sweat in these stores because the heat is blasting, and I hate how everything is so freaking expensive no matter where you go. Ordering online is just as bad!

I feel like this tends to happen every year. I try to start early but a million other things pop up and I can’t or i just don’t have any luck. And it becomes this massive scanner hunt to find gifts. I stress myself out and I end up being miserable.

But this year feels a little bit more difficult. I have a lot going on from all angles of my life and although most of them are good things, when you throw a holiday in the mist of everything, it’s a recipe for some serious anxiety for me. And I’m someone who loves to be festive, who loves to dress according to theme, who loves to watch Christmas movies and decorate while listening to Christmas songs and sipping on hot chocolate. And yet I haven’t done much of anything. Between all the hustle and bustle, it saddens me that life swirls by us and we never actually get to enjoy the season or the moments we’re in.

I just wish things could be different…

So in a perfect world…here is what my perfect winter day would look like…


Wake up early without the sound of an alarm

Make a delicious Christmas flavored tea

Make a festive breakfast

Work on a blog post… of course 🙂

Take a nice long shower and throw on some comfy clothes and slipper booties 

Tidy up

Create a festive atmosphere-play some Christmas music, plug in the Christmas tree, light a candle

Invite some friends over to watch some Christmas movies

Drink festive drinks/wine

Bake some sweet treats

Order in for dinner (easy peasy)

Play a game or two

And just chat with some good company


That would be perfect!

What’s your perfect day look like?



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