2018 Highlights- Year in Review

This past year, I actually didn’t end up using a memory jar. It kind of became more of a flower vase and I forgot about it. But as usual, instagram and this blog were definitely helpful in my yearly reflection.

Here are my 2018 Highlights

(in no particular order)

Justin Timberlake released his new Album Man of the Woods and I bought tickets to see him in October. (However as you may know from my fangirl report the show was postponed due to bruised vocal chords. It was rescheduled for January 31st (his birthday) so let’s hope it sticks and I get to start my 2019 off with my fav babe!) He also released a summer single too- Soulmate. It’s fire!

IMG_20181023_090958_503 (1)

MLW turned 5 years old! This blog has been with me through so many ups and downs. I have taken month(s) long hiatus’ and have gone MIA many times, and I’m sure it will happen this year too. But I always come back! And it means a lot to me to have this outlet. To have “a safe place for the written word.” We also got our own domain this year-michelleleighwrites.com
happy 5th

I took up Jewelry Making in order to teach a class at work and I realized I do really enjoy it. For some one who loves accessories and loves jewelry, it’s cool to have pieces that I created myself. When people say that’s so pretty, I can say “Thanks, I made it!” I’m hoping this year to get my own Jewelry supplies and make a hobby out of it!


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We started many new family traditions, now that we have a 6th person at our  usual table of five. My baby niece turned one and she’s learning so many new things, it’s so amazing and so exciting to watch her grow. Holidays are sweeter now that she’s here and we were able to celebrate many of her first holidays this year too. And as usual so many other special family moments with our extended family of aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. I also got to take my mom to see Summer (the donna summer’s musical) and help out with a mother’s day photoshoot for my sister in law, my brother is a photographer and he wanted me to shoot some behind the scenes footage for him, so that he could make a montage video.) 

Jack & Elizabeth’s Wedding on When Calls The Heart. This show is so magical. (Except SPOILER ALERT the actor playing Jack decided to leave and so they had to kill off his character just shortly after the characters got married. So Elizabeth was left a pregnant window. It still breaks my heart so much. But I’ve been watching reruns on Netflix of earlier seasons of their courtship and I can’t help but love this show. It is so full of strength and hope and grace. And these women are fierce as they come.) Despite the heartache, the wedding was absolutely beautiful and when it comes to TV viewing parties and themes, I can be pretty “extra.” I learned to sew in order to make my own custom WCTH tee and had a cup of tea and some pie in honor of the special occasion. I still don’t have the Hallmark channel so I totally bugged my brother and watched at his house.  The show did the wedding right, they even had a invitation that you can rsvp to, pick your meal choice and request a song. Hallmark still has a full wedding album up too. Such beautiful pictures, Elizabeth looked gorgeous and their vows were breathtaking. 



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^In other tv related news (because you know me, I’m a TV fan girl) I fell in love with the show The Resident on FOX and the Netflix film- To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before (it’s getting a sequel!) 
To all the boys

Dk17DB7U0AA4nrI.jpg-large [www.imagesplitter.net][1]

I had a lot good times with friends (fell in love with a new tea spot, tried hot pot for the first time, had a few brunch meals, tried frose, and braved karaoke, etc)-work friends, high school friends, old friends, new friends! Caught up with some middle school friends I haven’t seen in a while. We actually were able to get in two visits this year, so we are doing really well, considering we are all always so busy- one is a mom and one is always traveling, so I’m so happy we made it work! My best friend got married and I was one of her maid of honors, so we got to do all the things-the shower, the bachelorette party (which was epic thanks to me and my co maid of honor), the rehearsal, and the wedding. It was all magical! And they are a beautiful couple.


*NSYNC got their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, on “It’s Gonna Be May” Day (April 30th) and it was broadcasted live for all to watch. I totally did, and I may or may not have bought a few *NSYNC merch tees, they are being sold in stores like target, and spencer’s/hot topic, but also on *NSYNC’s official site! The guys were also on Ellen!

So I was kind of in fangirl heaven!

I hosted a 90’s theme Girls Night In for my best friend, as our own little bestie send off before her wedding. It was A BLAST. I love nostalgia and I LOVE the 90’s. Butterfly clips, chokers, and blue eyeshadow, OH MY! 😉 

90's party

My family participated in our first Alzheimer’s walk in honor of my Grandma who passed away in February of 2017. We all had t-shirts and it was a beautiful day, honoring someone we all really miss and love. We raised well over what our goal was! Thanks to my Aunt and Uncle who organized it all, and to all who donated. Our hearts are full! 

I did BLOGTOBER– blogged the entire month of October! My fall was so full of all the Halloween, Pumpkin things!

sneak peek day 2

I participated in my first ever #NaNoWriMo– National Novel Writing Month (November) October and November were very busy for me, it made me really proud to be able to write so consistently and meet my goals. 


I continued writing my short story series- Move that I started at the end of 2017, but still have to continue and finish it this year. I also started another short story series that has yet to be finished and posted- tentatively called Crazy Stalker Love. (STAY TUNED! for all of the stories to come!)
MOVE poster

Crazy Stalker Love Sneak Peek-

I had a list of over 60 great memories for this past year, so I guess it was a really good one. So I can’t complain. But in the interest of time, I chose a few. Thanks for the memories 2018, I am very blessed. I look forward to all the magic ahead in 2019.

Happy New Year friends!

May all your hopes and dreams come true!

Stay Tuned for much more content this year.

So many stories to tell!


OOTD- Cold Shoulder Shift Dress

I told you I’d show you how I styled this number from New York & Company that I recently wore for my Best Friend’s Bachelorette Party, so let’s get down to business! 😀

cold shoulder


Here’s my  full look:


As you can see already putting these birthday gifts to good use!

The dress had a loud print and some really beautiful cold shoulder detail so I wanted to keep accessories, hair, and makeup on the simpler side. I didn’t get any good close-ups of my makeup but basically I blended some greens, golds, tan, bronze, and brown eyeshadow. I used a hunter green eye liner and some mascara to define my eyes and make them pop. I filled in my brows and did some highlight, blush and bronzer. For lipstick I wore a neutral mauve- Revlon’s Ultra HD Matte Liquid Lipstick in the shade “Forever.” I love this color and it lasts a good while! For hair I threw it up in a messy bun to show off my big gold hoop earrings.


Black pumps

These chunky black heels have been such a great investment. I lasted the entire night dancing away in these, normally I’m in flats after an hour.




Gold bangles, thin gold rings, and a light up engagement ring, because, duh? Bachelorette Party. 😉



I wore this statement ring on my other hand.

This was the manicure. I decided on- a pistachio green color, with a gold glitter ombre effect!

I rocked some black tights and a black side purse with a gold chain on it.

And last but not least here were some other accessories used to enhance the bachelorette party experience.



Team Bride Glasses, Body Tattoos, Light Up Ring and Glow Necklace.


We had a grand ole time! Love you Jenny Girl!


*All images are my own.*




Bachelorette Party Planning

Last weekend we celebrated my best friend’s bachelorette party.

I have been planning it as far back as December, which was when I asked her for a guest list and contact information.

This is my first go at being a maid of honor and planning a bachelorette party, so I definitely learned a lot throughout the process.

I’m not saying that I am perfect, far from it! But I love party planning and I just thought I’d share some things I did or things I learned.

For starters before getting on the phone and booking things, I sat and had a chat with the bride to be, about what she wanted to do and how she wanted her night to be celebrated.

Once you have that information you can bounce around ideas with her bridesmaids and come up with some cool spots.

I suggest getting both email and phone contact information, because I found e-mail isn’t always most efficient. It’s going out of style.

I definitely think once you know your date, sending a save the date text, (or you can use evite like I did) just to put the word out there and let them know what’s being planned. Invites and Itineraries can be sent out closer to the date.

When I had a plan in mind, I began my research of locations that would compile all the aspects of what my friend wanted. She wanted to do a little pampering, dinner, drinks, and dancing.

We had a few underage girls, so what we decided to do was include some day time and night time activities, in order to include everyone.

We started the day at a local spa for some Mani/Pedi’s, and then had brunch at a nearby place. (literally a few doors away from each other…super convenient.)


Choice of mimosa, water, or tea


Pedicures with the bride to be…these neck pillows were lovely. Warm and smelt of Eucalyptus.




Cheers! 2 Peach Bellini’s and 2 Pomegranate Sangrias!




I got the Paradise Salad!


We then separated, some went to get their hair done, some got ready at home.

We met up at my friend’s house later to do a little Bachelorette Party stuff and have some drinks and snacks, before heading to the city for dinner and dancing.



Ignore the date, it’s wrong,  lol.





I thought these drink markers were super cute!

The place we chose was this Mexican restaurant and dance lounge and was really such a steal. Ladies entered for free! The food was delicious, we got a free bottle of champagne, and they gave out glow necklaces. What more could you ask for?

^ I ordered the Crispy Boneless Chicken with a glass of Peach Sangria and the Fudge Brownie Sundae for dessert. They had a mariachi band walking around playing music too! Haha. So good!

Once done with dinner you could go either upstairs or downstairs to dance, one level was Latin music, the other mixed with the usual radio hits. And it was such a fun, all inclusive place. You know us girls in heels were grateful for that.


Also it was super convenient that they had a coat check too, because it’s still chilly at night and I knew we’d need our coats so I called ahead to be sure we’d have somewhere to put them.

Tips I picked up on:

*Carry less cash on you and your credit card.

*Use a cross body purse. #HandsFree

*If you are drinking- do NOT mix!

*Someone should always be the responsible one, I kind of played the mom role, I made sure everyone was always accounted for and safe. We are all pretty responsible any way.

*Do not go to the bathroom alone if it’s far from your group.

*Do not leave your drink unattended or take drinks from strangers.

*CHARGE YOUR PHONE- make sure it’s full battery before you leave for a long night. Luckily my friend also carries her portable charger too.

*Do not travel alone- pay the extra cash and carpool it home. (make plans with a travel buddy beforehand.) I have at least 2 car service numbers in my phone and you can usually catch a taxi  in the city-but one of the girls actually had Lyft which was super convenient they came within 3 minutes.

*If you HAVE to travel home alone, drink responsibly and check in with that friend at night, make sure they got home safe.


Even if your bride tells you not too, do it anyway! The pictures will thank you! My friend was all about her tiara, she left it on all night!




Items were bought online through party city & amazon.

Although planning these types of things can become stressful, remember who you are doing it for, and why. While I was planning this, a friend told me- “You can’t please everybody.” And it’s so true. So don’t try to.

We all had a great, safe, healthy, fun time! I think it’ll be a night we’ll never forget! ❤

*All images are my own.*




OOTD- Black, Gold & a little bit of Leopard


Dress- Annie Sez

Coat- Annie Sez

Shoes- Payless

(These are like 10 years old, they were shot after tonight, and I had to throw them out! #WellLivedIn)

This outfit was a total steal! I was on a mission to find something both funky and elegant for my best friend’s engagement party. I looked and looked and was coming up empty for a while.

But then I saw this beautiful black and gold dress and I was excited about wearing one of my favorite color combinations.

After I decided on the dress, I thought it would be fun to funk this outfit up with a big furry jacket or sweater of some sort and that’s when I saw that leopard coat. I have been wanting something like this forever, but everything has been so expensive! But this Steve Madden Leopard Coat was $99.99, and was 70% off and ended up being $30. The dress was $30, too! So I left that store quite the happy camper!

I kept my makeup pretty neutral with browns and golds and a nude/pink lip. My nails were painted a matte gold and I added some pearl earrings and a pearl bracelet. The design on the dress was so stunning, I didn’t think I needed a necklace. As for rings I wore a simple black and gold onyx ring on one hand, and a big gold and crystal rock on the other. Rings are always my favorite!


In other news my best friend asked me for some ideas for the party and after some Pinterest and google research I decided on these ideas and thought I’d share how they came out, (via her suggestion, haha.) “You should blog about these!” Love you girl!

Date Night Ideas Jar & Advice Jar, and Guess how many kisses are in the jar?


My love for mason jars and twine is real guys!


And to top it all off, my best friend asked me to be her maid of honor…and I CANNOT WAIT!


My girl knows my mug obsession is real!


Move over Marilyn Monroe, there’s a new fashion icon in town. Love you girl, I can’t wait to be by your side throughout this whole thing! It’s truly and honor.  #SoulSistas


 What a beautiful party to celebrate the reuniting of two beautiful souls. I am so incredibly happy for you both! We had a great time. #ThatSpanishMusicTho 😉

*All photos are my own.*






The Halloween Party

halloween-partyMeet Maddie                                                                   Meet Jared

Maddie lies in bed as her cellphone alarm rings in her ear, willing her to wake.

She groans and reaches for it, knocking it off her end table as it falls, sliding further away.

“Ughhh,” she says as she grabs her pillow putting it over her head, trying to hide from the cruel reality of the morning world.

Her dorm room door burst open a few seconds later.

“HAPPY HALL-O-WEEN!!!!” her roommate Kim screams in a sing song way, her curly blonde hair bouncing as she jumps onto Maddie’s bed, causing a disruption in her comfort zone of white soft blankets and pillows.

“NO!” Maddie answers turning over and away as she hides under the covers.

“Oh come on! I thought you said this was one of your favorite holidays. Only 12 hours until all the parties start happening!”

“Correction- Halloween used to be one of my favorite holidays, (she says sitting up in a huff.) But have you forgotten how my boyfriend just broke up with me last week, – he was the other half of my costume, how can I be Raggedy Ann without an Andy?”

“Ok yes, Vinny sucks for breaking up with you. But there is an easy fix to your costume problem, honey. Buy a new one.”

“What am I made of money…?”

“Return the other, duh? Come on… get your ass in the shower, I’m coming back in a half hour and I expect you to look alive!” Kim says as she glides out of the room in an exaggerated way, her arms afloat in a fairy stance.


Thankful for the dim lighting, Maddie drags her feet and walks into her dorm suite living area/kitchen where Kim sits eating a bowl of cereal.

“Hallelujah!” Kim sings out, throwing her hands up in the air, as her brown eyes sparkle with sarcasm.

Maddie groans as she shuffles over to the seat next to Kim, Kim smiles and slides a mug of already poured coffee over to her.  The hazelnut scent dancing in the air, creating happy thoughts in her mind.

Maddie grabs it and takes a sip.


“I made a damn good pot today, right?”

Kim nods.

“Thank you. I need this.”

“So…I figured we’d just go to the mall, it has the Halloween store in it and then if we need any extra odds and ends we’ll just shop around.”

“Do we have to? Can’t I just stay home? I won’t be any fun tonight anyway.”

“No, you are not allowed to sulk.”

“I am not sulking, I’m just-“

“Sulking,” Kim says nodding with wide eyes.

Just then their suite door flies open with little warning, as a sandy brown haired, blue eyed boy saunters his way in, like he owns the place.

“Who’s sulking?” Jared says as he makes a straight line to  Maddie and grabs her cup of coffee to take a sip.

“Do not. even. I will cut you.”

Jared looks at her and puts the cup back down slowly as he holds his hands up in surrender.

“Damn girl, okay.” he says his eyes sparkling, as a smirk plays on his lips.

“Excuse her, she’s a bit testy,” Kim says chiming in on the quarrel.

“Still Vinny?”

“Still Vinny.”

“Can we just…drop it, ok?”

Maddie and Jared exchange looks of sympathy.

“Look I get this whole thing with Vinny has been hard on you, but he’s been out living his life all week, he’s not hauled up in bed, ignoring his friends and favorite holidays,” Maddie says.

“That’s because he’s a dick face who doesn’t care about the fact that he literally ripped my heart out of my chest only a week ago.”

“He is a dick face. Such a dick face. Anger. Phase 2. Yes. FINALLY!” Jared says as Maddie laughs and Kim high fives him.

Jared and Kim look over at Maddie in shock.

“I’m sorry was that a laugh?” Jared says walking behind Maddie.

Kim looks of smiling.

“No. You’re hearing things.”

“I think that was a laugh. You heard it right?” he says looking at Kim.

“Oh, loud and clear.”

Jared starts tickling Maddie’s waist and she starts laughing uncontrollably.

He stops and looks at her.

“There she goes.”

“What are you talking about?” Maddie says turning to look at him.

“My girl’s back.”

Maddie smiles simply.

“You love Halloween, don’t let one asshole guy ruin that. Let’s head to the mall, get killer costumes and have fun!” Kim says draping an arm over her best friend’s shoulders.

“Ok. Fine. But don’t you dare try and get me to wear anything short and slutty,” Maddie says her eyes rolling over to glare at Kim.

“I would not mind that,” Jared says off in a daze of day dreams and fantasies.

Maddie slaps him in the chest.

Jared winces.

“What!” he says with a smirk.

“Deal,” Kim laughs as she throws Maddie a jacket.

Kim and Maddie start to leave their suite and turn back to Jared.

“Hey, you coming?” Maddie says.

“Yes. As long as you don’t keep hitting me.”

“I’ll try.”

“Try harder.”

The three walk out, as Maddie laughs and turns to Jared.

“Oh poor baby did I hurt you?”

“A little.”

“I’m sorry.”

Jared smirks and points to his cheek.

Maddie rolls her eyes and kisses it swiftly.

Kim notices and smiles as she starts to walk ahead.


“Come on out!” Kim shouts from outside the dressing room as she and Jared wait to see Maddie’s new costume choice.


“Yes, Please.”

“No. I told you I didn’t want this type of costume.”

“You said nothing slutty, it’s not slutty at all!”

“I can’t pull this off,” Maddie mumbles.

“Oh come on out, and stop being such a brat!” Jared says jokingly.

Maddie groans and opens the door as she stands there in a pair of tight leather pants, a cropped black top, a leather jacket and combat boots.

Jared’s eyes go wide and his jaw drops.

Kim smiles.

“Hell yes! You look hot!” Kim says.


“Yes.” Jared says not meaning to speak out loud.

Maddie and Kim look at him surprised by his outburst.

“I mean (he coughs) it looks good- on you- you look great.”

Kim watches in pure happiness.

Maddie turns to look at herself in the mirror.

Jared leans over to Kim.

“Thanks for the help on that one.”

“Hey buddy that was all you and way too much fun to watch.”

Maddie turns back around.

“You guys I cannot wear this,” she says trying to pull her crop down and her pants up, to cover her stomach.

Jared’s eyes are glued.

“Maddie. You look amazing. The biker chick look works for you. Some red lips and black nails and you are gold,” Kim says.

“I don’t know,” she says looking at herself again, cloaked in insecurities.

“Go for it.” Kim says whispering and hip bumping her friend.

“Ugh. Fine. What the hell, they say looking good is the best revenge right?”


“Are you sure it looks good though…Jared? Be honest.”

Jared snaps out of it when he hears his name.

“Yes. Yea. I honestly I have no words for how good you look.”

“Really?” Maddie smiles looking down.


“See it’s perfect, go change out of it, we’ll be on line.” Kim says walking off with Jared.

Jared looks back at Maddie as his eyes look her over.

Maddie looks at herself in the mirror once more before walking into the dressing room.

Kim looks at Jared and laughs.


“How transparent can you be?” she says.

“Really? Am I that obvious? Do you think she knows?”

“No. Lucky for you, she’s just as oblivious to receiving flirtation signals as you are to providing them. Hell you’d be a match made in heaven.”

“Ya think?” Jared says his smile dopey.

“I actually do think you’d be good together. You’re a good guy, and you care about her. She deserves that.”

“I don’t think she sees me that way though.”

“Won’t know until you try. And what a better place to do so than at a party!” Kim says her says widening and her mouth dropping like she just won the lottery of obvious ideas.

“Tonight? What? No. It’s too soon. She’s still got Vinny brain and I don’t want to be a rebound.”

“Vinny wasn’t that serious of a thing, let’s be real it’s not like she was in love with the guy.”

“I don’t know. I can’t.”

“Okay. Fine. I hope you have fun watching guy after guy after guy after guy hit on her, because looking like she does in that outfit, there’s no way you’ll be able to avoid that.”

Jared looks away pondering.


Kim walks into Maddie’s room dressed in her costume, just as she is putting her red lipstick on. 

Maddie sees her in the mirror and turns, “I love it!” she says looking at Kim who twirls around showing off her leather kitten costume.

“Thank you very much! Are you almost ready?”

“Yea, pretty much. I just thought we were waiting on Jared.”

“Ugh, nope. He had to do a beer run. He said he’d meet us there.”

“Oh ok. Cool.” Maddie looks in the mirror once more, fluffs her curly hair and smacks her lips together and out she goes following Kim into the hall.


Kim knocks on the off campus apartment door and a fellow college friend opens the door greeting them with a smirk.

“Ladies! Hey, you look great, come on in, grab a drink!”

Kim and Maddie smile and walk in as another guy hands them each a drink.


Maddie looks over at the clock. 9:50 PM. It hasn’t even been an hour. She stands leaning against a wall with a drink in her hand. She looks around as a sea of costumes and red cups fill the scene. Off to the side she watches as Kim chats up with some hot guy dressed as a Werewolf. Kim laughs as she flips her hair.

Jared walks into the party he fist bump the host and hands him a few cases of beer.

“Thanks brother, you’re lifesaver.”

He looks around his eyes surveying the scene, looking for one specific brunette, on specific set of green eyes… there she is, he thinks, his path promised as he walks toward Maddie.

“Well hey there little lady, I reckon, those two would have quite some hairy children.”

Maddie looks over and laughs.

“A cowboy. It suits you. I like it.”

“Thank you ma’am.” he says tipping his hat.

“Are you going to talk like that all night?”

“Maybe,” he says keeping the southern twang intact.

Maddie laughs.

“Maddie you look-freaking amazing.”


“Yes. Like Y-e-s with a capital Y and an exclamation point at the end for emphasis.”

Maddie blushes and laughs, pushing him away.

Jared places his hand over hers as it lays on his chest, close to his heart.

They both lock eyes- Blue and Green dancing for a beat.

“So… (looking away) what- Kim left you high and dry?” Jared says letting her go and leaning against the wall next to her.

“Not really, I told her to go mingle. I’m just-I was-“

“Waiting for me to come and save you?”

“Exactly,” she laughs smiling.

Jared looks over at her, his eyes wandering.

Maddie notices.


Jared fumbles noticing he’s been caught.

“Nothing. You want another drink?”

“Sure,” she says handing him her cup as he walks off, Maddie smiles nervously to herself.

As Maddie watches Jared walk over to a keg and get roped into a conversations with some friends, she rushes over to Kim.

“I’m sorry can I borrow her for just one quick second?” Maddie says to Kim’s latest conquest.

The guy nods with a smile, “I’ll be just a minute,” Kim says smiling and walking off to the side with Maddie.

“I’m sorry but I really need to talk to you.”

“Oh my god, are you kidding, of course, what’s up? Are you ok?”

“I think Jared might be flirting with me.”

Kim laughs.

“I’m serious.”

“Oh sweetie, my flirtatiously challenged friend. He is flirting with you.”


“Yes. Welcome to the party.”

“Oh my god, so he likes me?”

“Yes. It’s really not news anymore at this point, everybody knows.”

“I didn’t know.”

“That’s because you’re oblivious.”

“I think I might like him too.”

Kim’s eyes widen.

“Now that’s new! Really?”

“I don’t know. I think. I mean I’ve never really thought of him like that before.”

“Well think about it now. Are you attracted to him? Does he do it for you?”

“Ah. Oh my god. I can’t do this.”

“Ok look. I’m not going to tell you what I think about this, because I don’t want to put anything in your head. Ride out the rest of the night. Spend some alone time with him, feel it out. If the spark is there, it’s there, you’ll feel it. If not, he’ll always be your friend.”

“Do butterflies count as sparks? Because I gotta say there are some serious butterflies going on right now.”

“You bet your ass they count.” Kim says smiling, “Now go!”

Maddie smiles and walks toward where Jared is with the guys.

Jared sees her and smiles, excusing himself he walks over to her.

“Hey sorry, I kind of got caught up in a bit of a who’s the scariest villain debate?” he says handing her a drink.

“Thanks….that’s easy Freddy Krueger, hands down,” Maddie says.

Jared looks at her and smiles.

“That’s what I said.”

Maddie smiles.

“Hey Maddie, there’s something I’d really like to talk to you about…do you wanna maybe take a walk?”

“Yea-I-Oh no Vinny…”

“What?” Jared says confused.

“Vinny just walked in,” she says her focus shifting.

Jared looks over.

“Of course,” he mumbles to himself.

“Ignore him Maddie,” he says trying to get their moment back.  

Kim rushes over.

“Holy ass face, did you see who just walked din?” she says.

“Yes Kim, thank you, we’ve all noticed,” Jared says annoyed.

Kim notices his frustration.

“You know what, just don’t even pay any mind to him. Don’t even acknowledge he’s here,” Kim says trying to repair the damage.

Maddie shakes it off.

“I can do that. So Jared, how about that walk?”

“Yea. Let’s do it, Ladies first,” he says leaving a path for her to walk first.

Jared holds his hand out behind him as Kim slaps it, he smirks following Maddie toward the front door.

As Maddie passes Vinny, Jared places his hand on the small of her back and she sighs in relief knowing he’s there, but at the same time there go those butterflies fluttering up her spine.

Vinny’s eyes follow Maddie and Jared, he jumps over blocking the exit.

“Maddie, Jesus you look hot how come I never got any of this while we were together!”

Jared’s hold on Maddie tightens as he bulks up ready to say something.

Maddie squeezes his hand to stop him.

“Oh let’s be honest here Vinny, you don’t deserve any of this, your just not man enough to handle it. So do me a favor, walk away, now. Before we have a problem.”

Vinny looks at her baffled as he slinks away.

Maddie grabs Jared’s hand, heading out the front door.

They get about a block away, before Maggie finally speaks.

“I’m sorry about that. He’s such an ass.”

“You don’t have anything to be sorry for. Like you said he’s an ass.”

“I knew I shouldn’t have worn this, I should have just stayed home like a wanted to.”

“Hey. Stop it, (he stops, turning to her he puts his hands on her shoulders) you look amazing. Don’t let him make you feel bad about anything, ever. He’s a piece of crap that wasn’t worth your time.”

“I know. You’re right. It’s just he gets in my head sometimes and I start to question myself.”

“Don’t. Your body is yours. It doesn’t belong to any guy, ever. And just because you wear something slightly different or sexier than usual on the one night of the whole year that the world is allowed to spice it up, doesn’t give him the right to comment on it and make you feel bad or make you question how amazing you look and how amazing you should feel. Cuz you’re perfect. You always have been Maddie. That guy, he’s completely insane for ever letting you go.”

Maddie blushes.

“Thank you, you didn’t have to say that,” she says her eyes nervously looking away.

“I wanted to,” he smiles as they continue to walk a bit more.

A million thoughts are running through Jared’s minds. That was one hell of a speech. Kiss her. Kiss her now, you fool. No. It’s too soon.

“Can I ask you a question?” Maddie says stopping under a weeping willow tree as the fall breeze kisses her cheek, her hair gently blowing.

“Of course,” he says turning toward her, the mere sight causing is heart rate to quicken and his palms to start sweating.

“Will you kiss me?” she says her eyes meeting his as his widen in surprise. “I feel like there’s something here, and I know that we’re friends but we may be more and I won’t know unless you kiss me. I would never want to hurt you by leading you on, so will you just-”

Jared reaches for his cowboy hat, removing it he tosses it to the side quickly as he cups her face and kisses her.

Maddie’s lips are in shock at first, but her response is quick as the spark ignites her lips kissing back softly at first but then finding a more aggressive/urgent groove with Jared’s. As Jared feels her doing so, his hands find her waist, pulling her into him. Her hands gliding up his arms and wrapping around his neck.

The kissing continues for quite a while, as Jared walks Maddie backward until she’s up against the tree bark. Fall leaves dancing in the wind, whirling around them.

Maddie finally breaks the kiss, needing some air.

They both exhale loudly as they lock eyes, they laugh.

“Did that really just happen?” Jared says his eyes twinkling.

“If, not, it was one hell of a dream,” she says smiling as she wipes the corner of her lips.

“I’ve gotten red lipstick all over you,” she laughs reaching up and rubbing her thumb across his lips, trying to get it off.

“That’s ok, I don’t mind.”

Jared looks at her, he takes her hand and places it on his heart.

“Your heart is pounding so fast,” Maddie says with a small chuckle. “You know I kinda felt that happening before too.”

“Yea, that happens a lot when I’m around you.”

Maddie smiles as she pulls him back over to her into a kiss.

Each kiss longer and deeper than the next.

Jared cups her face, he pulls away and looks her in the eyes.


“I can’t believe this is happening,” he says continuing to kiss her.

Maddie smiles against his lips as her hands find their place over his on her face.

They continue to lose their breath as Maddie pulls him closer wrapping her arms around him, Jared’s hands fall down her body to her waist as find a place in the back pockets of her fitted black leather pants.

She laughs mid kiss and buries her face in his chest.

“What?” he says confused and pulling away to look at her.

“We’re kissing, you and me. And your hands – well I just never thought they would be- (she laughs) I guess I’m just not used it. I can’t believe we’re doing this. I mean you’ve been my best friend for years. I guess I just feel kind of strange.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to push- Are we moving too fast? I’m sorry.”

“No, no. I don’t mind. (she says pulling him by the shirt toward her) Come here.”

Jared smiles and continues to kiss her again as they close the space between them.

“So Whattaya say you think you wanna be my girl?” he says looking back at her and whispering to her.

“I thought I already was.”

Jared smiles pulling her to him as he continues to kiss her.

Maddie smiles against his lips as she cups his face, she pulls away looking up at him, “You know as weird as this is, it feels really natural…really right. I could kiss you all night long.”

“Don’t expect me to object to that,” he says cupping her face and kissing her “I’ve waited a long time for you.”

Maddie looks up at him through heavy eyes and sighs sweetly, her lips already reaching for his yet again.

As the two friends become more on a night that had potential to be one of the worst Halloweens ever.  Costumes galore walk by and drinks flow as the party just a few blocks away keeps going the private party under the willow tree had just begun. Jared finally handing his heart to the girl he’s wanted all along breath after breath, kiss after kiss, touch after touch.

After what feels like forever, the two finally come up for air. Maddie’s shoulders shrug as the breeze chills her skin.

“Are you cold, maybe we should get you inside?”


Maddie smiles and shrugs, walking off toward the party.

Jared smiles watching her, as he grabs his cowboy hat off the floor, his eyes scaling her curvy figure up and down, she spins around and catches him.

“What are you doing?”

“Oh excuse me, I was just admiring my girlfriend.”

“Really. Do you like what you see?”

“Is that even a question?”

Maddie rolls her eyes and smiles as she takes Jared’s hand in hers heading back into the party.

Kim takes notice of the scene in front of her- hand holding, goofy grins, and smudged red lipstick everywhere. She squeals and runs over to them as they talk to each other with lovey dovey eyes.

“You guys finally kissed…didn’t you?”

“Yes.” Maddie says smiling.

“A whole hell of a lot of yes.” he says, his grin as big as hers.

“Oh my god…finally!!!”

“I’m gonna go find a rest room, I’ll find you in a few?”

Maddie nods as Jared smirks, he leans in and kisses her, before walking off.

Maddie looks after him for a beat and then leans against the nearby wall clutching her chest.

“Oh. my. god.” Kim says in shock.

“You don’t even understand. I’m just so happy.” Maddie says looking over at Kim.

“You look happy.”

“I’m still trying to catch my breath.”

“So it wasn’t weird kissing your best and oldest guy friend?”

“No. I mean yea there’s that, but it just felt right and like the most natural progression ever. It’s almost like why haven’t we been kissing each other our whole lives. It’s nice, and it’s nice to feel safe with someone.”

“Good for you, you deserve it.”

“Thank you.” Maddie smiles.

“So there’s a spark, it’s not just convenient. It’s not just a Vinny rebound.”

“Trust me the spark nearly blew my face off ok? Vinny was the last thing on my mind while Jared was kissing me. He’s just so sexy, he has the best lips and his hands…are perfect.”

“I cannot even. This is amazing and he’s such a good guy if you only knew how long he’s had this crush on you…”

“I wish I would have known. I’m actually- I’m gonna go find him, do you mind…”

“No- go find your boyfriend.”

“Thank you,” she smiles rushing off.


Maddie finds Jared just coming out of the bathroom, she smiles and stops him, pushing him back in.

“Hey…oh…ok, what’s happening?” he laughs as she locks the door behind them.

“Maddie…what are you doing?” he says laughing.

She pulls him into another kiss, as he deepens it lifting her in his arms slightly as his hands tighten around her waist, her hands cupping his face.

“I’m so lucky, (he says cupping her face as he glances down at her, he sighs looking up at the ceiling in a slight frustration.) But it doesn’t have to be different with us. I mean just because we know each other, I don’t want you to think that I suddenly just expect us to jump into a physical relationship. Because, I mean this is whole new territory for us. I’m ready to court you, and take you on dates, and re-meet your parents and your family as your actual boyfriend. I don’t wanna rush this with you.”

Maddie sighs and kisses him.

“You’re perfect.”

Jared kisses her.

“Go ahead, you go first, I’m gonna need a minute to- cool down,” he says embarrassed.

“Oh. OH! ok,” she says realizing with a laugh.

Just before she turns to unlock the door, Maddie turns back to Jared, she pulls him to her and kisses him softly and slowly as he responds matching the same pace. She looks up at him, “When it does happen, it’s going to be amazing!” she gives him a quick tease like peck as he leans in for more, she smirks up at him and unlocking the door she leaves the room.

Jared stands there laughing to himself.

“Yup, as expected I’m a goner,” he says looking in the mirror.

Maddie stands on the other side of the door her heart pounding in her chest as she clutches it, giving herself a minute to gather her composure, she smiles walking off to find Kim.



















































Bethany Joy Lenz Concert (+ VLOG!)

So I thought I’d give this concert vlog thing another whirl. Let’s see how we do.

Last Thursday, on July 28th my best friend and I went to see Bethany Joy Lenz in concert. To say we have waited for this for along time would be an understatement.

We have been fans of Joy since her One Tree Hill days. As many of you may know Joy is best known for her role as Haley James Scott on the hit teen drama. And as our obsession with the show grew so did our admiration for Joy and her undeniable talent.

She is without a doubt one of my greatest and longest running inspirations. She hasn’t ever really been on tour in New York- well since the One Tree Hill Tour that my best friend and I tried to get tickets for but failed, (I wasn’t the ticket savvy queen I am now.) I have never been able to see Joy live. So back in April when she posted a concert poster, I freaked out when I saw a New York date and swooped up two tickets for me and my best friend to give her as part of her birthday gift!


Outfit of the Day + Hair & Makeup

The concert was held at Highline Ballroom in New York City. And it was probably the coolest concert venue I’ve ever had the pleasure of attending. It is so cozy, the lights are dim, there is a ground floor and a mezzanine level. The ground floor had some tables and booths but were reserved seating and the rest was standing room only.


Me and my friend are grandmas with big ole purses so we wanted to catch a good seat, so we rushed up to the mezzanine level and grabbed ourselves a nice little booth perfect for the two of us overlooking the stage. At the candlelit table you were asked to order a minimum of $10, however the ballroom comes fully stocked with a dinner and drinks menu.

We ordered two glasses of rose (oh so fancy), some mushroom sliders, butter lettuce salad with grilled chicken and fries. Everything was delicious. Not to mention that our floor had it’s own bathrooms too! So everything we needed was at our finger tips! We even ran into some family friends which we were able to share our fangirl experience with. The whole night was amazing, the show, the venue. It was such a great time and the ambiance gave off great vibes. Intimate shows are so much more soul satisfying. Artists talk more, they tell you stories. It’s beautiful. And you don’t have to deal with a crazy, loud, crowded concert hall.

We watched the whole show in sheer awe of what was actually happening. Sometimes I literally would just scream or make this face at my best friend-

zac efron fangirling gif[1]

-because I just didn’t know what else to do, I was that excited. When you experience something you’ve always wanted to, you kind of lose yourself. I certainly felt like I was living an out of body experience at times throughout that night.

Joy was amazing; she sang an array if folk/country/soulful songs. Some I knew, some I hadn’t heard, but either way it was moving and she is pure talent.


Joy released that night’s set list via a post on instagram. *”Dance with me” is one of my favorites!

I had a mission that day-to vlog my experience. I love to take pictures and video, I love to document my life, so that I can look back on things and remember. I’m extremely sentimental. However, as I literally sat there trying to record every song, I felt like I was watching the concert through a screen. This concert that I had waited so long to see, this person who I have in some sense idolized for over a decade. How could I let myself not be in this moment.


So as those thoughts crept into my mind, Joy said the thing I needed to hear. In the video you will see how she explains how technology has gotten to all of us, including herself. So at her shows she asks for her audience to put their phones and cameras down and to just “Be Here With Us.” I did my best to do so, I’m only human and I certainly filmed and took my pictures, but there was a chuck of time between when she asked to when the “phone song” came on that I had definite moments where I was able to disconnect from the digital and relish in the present moment, and take in the whole world of wonder that was around me. Something that is so difficult for this generation to do.

So let’s get into the fact that WE MET BETHANY JOY LENZ. I have to be honest, it wasn’t planned. When I had bought the tickets there was the option for a meet and greet, but it was quite expensive. I internally hoped that there would be an alternate way to swing a meeting because the venue was on the smaller, more intimate side. I must have had some good vibes swinging that night, because the minute I went down to check on the merchandise and memorabilia being sold, I was told that something was already sold out. I looked at the girl behind the table and asked “Oh no what did you already sell out of?” She said they just got word they could sell more polaroids. I asked her what she meant, when she told me that for $35 you could meet Joy after the show and take a polaroid picture with her and she would sign it. I was dumbfounded for a hot second. Is this real life? Is this opportunity literally within my grasp?

“Do you take credit cards?” I asked quickly.

“Yes!” she replied excitedly.

“Oh my god, Ok, I’ll take two,” I say whipping my credit card out and handing it over.

“My best friend is upstairs and she’s going to freak out when I tell her.”

So I rush up stairs, internally freaking out and sit across from my best friend.

“Oh my god you’re gonna die when I tell you what just happened?”

“Oh my god, did you meet her?”

“No, but we’re going to.”

As I told her the whole rundown, she streaked and hugged me.

This was going to happen.

After the show, we waited online to meet Joy, we strategically placed ourselves toward the end of the line, so that there wouldn’t be people rushing us off quickly. The audience was quite the mix, but there were teens there. A lot of teens. The way I describe it – “the Netflix generation.” You know the girls who fangirl over One Tree Hill, but didn’t actually live through it while it was on the air. Waiting week to week for new episodes, or waiting for winter hiatus and summer breaks to pass while we waited to find out if Haley and Nathan would get back together. It was safe to say that we were the old ones in the crowd and you know what it was beautifully nostalgic. I chatted with the littles and told them to breathe and stay calm. We joked and it certainly made the time pass nicely.

When it came our time to meet Joy, I was strangely at ease. Considering I balled my eyes out when I met Sophia Bush years ago, I’d say my behavior while meeting Joy was a major improvement. I guess I just realized that she’s a human being made of skin and bones just like the rest of us. I guess I’m growing up.  

She gave us hugs and we took our pictures.


I turned to her and told her that we had been waiting to see her in concert for years and when I finally saw she was going to be in New York, I knew we had to go. And that the show was so amazing.

She smiled saying “Thank you so much.”

After we posed for our pictures she signed our polaroids and we made our exit, but not before I turned to say bye and blew her a kiss. Haha. In hide sight, it was kind of weird and awkward, she didn’t exactly reciprocate. Haha. The thing is it’s kind of a reflect for me, to blow a  kiss to a friend when I’m saying goodbye. I do it all the time, and I clearly felt like she and I were besties so it just fit. 😉 And just like that a childhood dream came true.

Anyway you know what they say…”Never meet your idols, because it’ll never measure up to what you have in your heard.” That may be true. The meeting was quick, and Joy certainly seemed exhausted and kind of ready to fall asleep. But she still stuck it out and met all of us, posed for pictures and signed autographs, it was a pretty sweet deal. And she was still her sweet self. The rest is just me overanalyzing. Haha. Until next time, Joy. Until next time.

*All photo/video content (excluding the set list pic, concert poster, and Zac Efron gif) belong to me and my best friend. *






One Tree Hill Fangirl Diaries

It’s safe to say that I’ve always been in love with television. But One Tree Hill made me fall in love with storytelling in a way that I will never forget. So as I reflect on (and freak out over) the fact that I’m FINALLY going to see BETHANY JOY LENZ in concert at the end of this month, all my One Tree Hill obsessions are totally resurfacing. So I thought I’d share some memories I’ve collected over the years that are dear to me.

My Cozy Keith Scott Body Shop Sweater-

This was bought as a birthday gift from my friend Kate. I still wear this and it still makes me so happy. I remember wearing it to school one day back when I was in high school and having two girls talking about it behind me- “Oh my god, that’s like Lucas’ Keith Scott’s Body Shop Sweater from One Tree Hill.” I turned and smiled with pride.



Falling In Love With New Music-


Here I am at a Tyler Hilton concert with my friend. We actually got to meet him and I remember asking him what hooptie meant and he said it was an old car and then we all got to give him a big group hug. Tyler played Chris Keller.


“Well I’m cruising El Paseo
In my off-white coup back ’65
Or I’m cruisin down my own street
And my hooptie says to me
You better hang on to your bench seat
I’m gonna take you for a ride.”

-“When It Comes” by Tyler Hilton

The Meet & Greets-

My parents agreed to take part in my obsession and drove me and my best friends to meet what we like to call “Routh”- Marvin “Mouth” McFadden (played by Lee Norris) and Rachel Gatina (played by Danneel Harris.) I remember having a blast road tripping and then waiting in line. We were allowed to make CW t-shirts in the CW lounge they had set up in the Paramus Mall. My dad of course acted like a security guard and got the inside scoop on when the two actors would be coming, haha.



I remember the two of them being so sweet, posing for multiple pictures and signing autographs. I told Lee how excited we were that he finally had his own credit in the show’s beginning credits, he was promoted to a series regular FINALLY.


FUN FACT: See that guy taking a pic of us, pictures of us were on a fansite!


Meeting Sophia Bush (Brooke Davis) in Macy’s in New York City was EPIC, but left me in tears and with a massive headache and a serious amount of embarrassment. It was kind of surreal, but the moment I went up to meet her I fell apart with no warning. My brother took me and my friends and he’s a photographer so he went up to meet Sophia first so that he would be able to take pictures of us with Sophia. Since the security wouldn’t let us pose for pictures with her,  (seriously they took my brothers camera wile he went up and everything) but my brother tried to get Sophia to look at him as I went up so I could get a picture with her and well, she totally did it but just having my brother say that I was her biggest fan and tried to get that picture for me made me super emotional and the excitement, 7 hours of waiting in line, and lack of sleep all came crashing down on me. And I was a mess, so much so that I almost forgot to meet Daphne Zuniga (Victoria Davis.) I just remember wanting to get the heck out of there, because I felt so silly. But hey what can you do. Emotions aren’t controllable. Feeling is okay.




Sophia was the sweetest, me balling my eyes out and here she is grabbing my hand and telling me thank you.


There was actually a news crew there videoing the meet & greet and I remember them getting in my face and asking me something and then telling me I’d be on the channel 11 news. Spoiler Alert: I wasn’t. And I’m glad I wasn’t because I was a fangirl mess. Bucket List Addition: Re-meet Sophia Bush & see if she remembers me. And maybe don’t cry this time. haha.

Random Fangirl Things-

At Macy’s they had this CW-One Tree Hill photobooth. You were basically supposed to go in an film a 30 second clip of why you should be on the show, or some kind of fan contest thing. They were always doing things like that, but clearly I never won. Anyway, the day we met Sophia was so hectic that we had to go back another day to submit our clips.

Recreating the Season 1 signature tangled web pose.




I hosted many viewing parties usually for the season premieres and would invite all my friends. And then every week my best friend Roe and I would watch together, switching houses each week.


These were cupcakes I made for the series finale. The viewing parties kind of stopped once we got to college, because things got hectic, but my best friend and I brought the tradition back for the last episode. #ItsTheEndOfAnEra #PointsIfYouKnowWhereThatsFrom

And last but not least, I am about to share some very embarrassing photos with you. Our obsession reached the epic standard in middle school and continued through high school when my friends and I would have these epic OTH sleepovers. We would choose scenes/or episodes to act out from the show and film them. I still have one of them and every time I watch them I am reminded of my childhood/teenhood. It was kind of freakin’ awesome and I’d like to think that’s where my writing/directing influence was sparked. I would print out scripts, track down similar outfits and create settings and scenes to match the show. I can’t tell you how many times I would re-watch scenes to take notes, because I wanted to get things just right. We even played the parts, mostly we played out the scenes with all the girls, but sometimes we reverse Shakespearean and played the roles of the guys too. Weird I know, but let’s be honest Lucas and Haley had some epic best friend moments! It was all in good fun and we would have a blast. It was an all weekend thing that would last into all hours of the night! I’d give anything to go back in time and relive a weekend like that again. #Memories 

Our favorite episode to do was 2×08 “Truth Bitter Truth”

I played Anna Taggaro (played by Daniella Alonso.) See the resemblance 😉

anna taggaro

I remember being so psyched when I found a similar pajama set, I even wore my hair like she did. #Authenticity #YesIStillHaveThosePJs #StillWearThem


Capture 3

Left to Right: Peyton played by Kate, Brooke played by Michelle, Haley played by Roe, and Anna played by Me.



Delivering this speech was kind of fun!

Other scene similarities

1x10-3[1]Capture 4


So big thank you to One Tree Hill for giving me some of my most treasured memories. ❤

I know what you must be thinking, but if you love Bethany Joy Lenz so much, how come you’ve never met her. Well it wasn’t for a lack of trying. Back in middle school when the One Tree Hill tour was on, my best friend and I tried to get tickets and we couldn’t. And then when James Lafferty and Bethany Joy Lenz had their meet and greet, my friends and I found out too late, I was on my way home from vacation with my family from Pennsylvania. But my friend Michelle did go and she filled us in on all the awesomeness. Yea I admit, I was jealous. But now on July 28th I finally get to at least see her in concert with my best friend Roe, and that’s a start. Can’t wait!

*I do not take credit for any One Tree Hill pictures and gifs used.*

*All other photos are my own.*


Sleep Hacks & Relaxation Basket- Gift Idea

I love giving gifts. Sure it’s fun to get them, but I enjoy coming up with an idea for someone based on their likes, personality, interests, lifestyle, etc. Gaining inspiration and putting together something you know they will enjoy, and get use out of.

Baskets are an easy way to go when deciding to gift give. Baskets can be filled with anything.

Here’s an example of one I recently gave my best friend for her 25th Birthday.


Let me explain-

My best friend is a teacher and has quite the busy, and at times stressful life. Sometimes she needs to slow things down and relax and get a better night’s sleep.

So keeping that in mind, I did some research on sleep hacks and things that would promote relaxation and put together this Sleep Hacks & Relaxation Basket with a Pamper Pouch.


This Pamper Pouch basically consists of nail care supplies to have herself a little mani/pedi time.

Here are some close ups- so you can see exactly what I put in the basket.



Below is the note I rolled up and put in to explain what each item presents.

*I included a lot of Lavender/Chamomile items, because they often promote relaxation and easy sleeping.

The Basket includes:


Those aloe vera socks were actually an idea I got from my best friend. She actually gave them to me as a gift for Thanksgiving and I fell in love with how soft and comfy they are. So I decided to return the favor and get her a pair too.

When your basket is complete you can then wrap in a clear cellophane and add some pretty ribbons and bows. I unfortunately forgot to take a picture of that. But it’s simple enough, for you to get an idea of what I mean.

Baskets are so fun, you can make anything into a basket and you can get really creative and really personal with them. However, building them can vary in price. I mean you have to think about your budget and go from there. I tend to keep buying and adding and getting ideas as I go, so although the items I included were mostly reasonably priced, altogether it ends up being a pretty penny, but a well rounded gift. And my best friend’s reaction was golden. I enjoy putting smiles on people’s faces and making them feel special.   

So if you are searching for a gift idea. Give basket making a shot. And have fun with it! 

And next week I’ll tell you all about how I created a dress up trunk for my God daughter!

*All images are my own.*


Love Conflicted- Chapter 8

Previously on Love Conflicted…poster LC

Read Part 7 HERE

Ricky and Maggie stand there holding each other for their last few minutes together.

Ricky kisses her, and his phone rings.

Maggie frowns, looking away.

Ricky sighs and kisses her forehead before pulling his phone out and answering it.

Ricky: Ian, hey.

Ian: I’m downstairs, it’s time for you to go.

Ricky: I know. (pulling Maggie closer to him) I’m leaving now.micky 13

Ricky hangs up and looks down at Maggie.

She begins to tear up again.

Ricky: Hey, hey. (wiping her tears) Don’t cry, please. I’ll never be able to leave you like this.

Maggie: Well then-

Ricky: (cutting her off, with sympathetic eyes) Baby, I have to go. I know you hate this, I hate it too. I know you don’t understand what’s going on, and I wish I could explain it to you, but I just can’t right now. You’re safety is the most important thing and my being here could jeopardize that. I just had to see you once, I couldn’t take it anymore. (rubbing her arms)

Maggie: Well it’s nice to know that I wasn’t the only one who was going completely insane.

Ricky: Insane doesn’t even begin to cover it, babe.

Maggie smiles slightly and kisses Ricky.tumblr_mi7tm4nZFR1qf2r04o5_250[1]

Ricky: I don’t like my life without you in it. It’s unbearable. I love you. And I will be back. And I promise I will tell you everything and anything that you want to know, when this is all over with. And we’ll be together and we’ll be happy. And nothing will ever be able to tear us away from each other again.

Maggie nods, as she tries to put on a brave face.

Maggie: That’s a lot of Ands.

Ricky: Well we have a long list of things to do, together.

Maggie: Will you be careful? Please. Because I don’t think I could handle losing you a second time-

Ricky: Hey. I’m not going anywhere. I’ll even be extra careful, just for you. (he kisses her nose, sweetly) We’re too close to getting our forever, you think I would mess that up? (he smirks, looking at her as he leans in to kiss her.) micky kiss

Maggie: Is there any way… you’ll be able to contact me when you get wherever you need to go? I just want to know that you’re safe.

Ricky: I’m sure I can manage that.

Maggie smiles.

Ricky: I know this goes without saying, but I was never here. No one can know that I ever was. You have to continue on with pretending I’m gone. Just go to work, live your life. Pretend to miss me, (he smirks, wrapping his arms around her waist.)

Maggie: I won’t have to pretend. I love you so much.

Ricky: Back atcha. (arrogantly touches her chin, smirking knowingly)

Maggie: (playfully punches him in the arm) Say it back! You know I hate that.

Ricky: Like you don’t know I’m crazy about you. (smiles, cupping her face)

Maggie: (shrugs) Still, wouldn’t hurt to hear it again.

Ricky smiles as he walks away from her to finish getting his clothes. Putting on his sweater and his hat he stands near the door.

Maggie: Wow your walking away from me, without saying it, nice. (her hands are planted on her hips)

Ricky smirks, he spins around quickly pulling her into a kiss.tumblr_n4v1mrCksN1tn7ogjo3_1280[1]

Ricky: I love you.

He kisses her again.

After what feels like forever, Ricky pulls away.

Ricky: That was a bad idea.

Maggie:(confused) Why?

Ricky: Because now I really don’t wanna leave you.

maxresdefault[1]Maggie: So then don’t. Just stay. We’ll work it out together. I feel safer with you anyway.

Maggie kisses him willing him to stay, but Ricky pulls away once again.

Ricky: Maggie. Please this is for the best. (she kisses him) I can’t start this, if we can’t finish it. (he grabs her and kisses her yet again.)

Maggie: Whose fault is that? (she squints at him, challenging him)

Ricky: I know. And trust me if I had a time machine I would go back to the day I agreed to this job, and tell those guys to shove it.

tumblr_njbj3dSFOX1qk34klo2_540[1] Maggie kisses him again, as Ricky continues it, kissing her in between sentences.

Ricky: Ok ok, now I really have to go….If I don’t I won’t be able to stop.

Maggie: I’m ok with that. (she kisses him)

tumblr_niljqcmNIE1r3i2gwo3_400[1]Ricky: (sighs) Maggie you’re killing me. And making this 5,000 times more difficult than I thought it’d be, and I knew this would be difficult, but actually going through it, it’s…

Maggie: Ok. I’m sorry. (she moves away from him holding her hands up in mock surrender)

Ricky: Thank you.

Maggie: Go get outta here.tumblr_mqrm3ucVaQ1qfwu1ho5_250[1]

Ricky: (smirks, looking out her apartment door peephole) Cost is clear.

Maggie nods smiling.

Ricky goes to open the door then stops.

Ricky: Ok. One more, for the road.

Maggie smiles and rushes to him, kissing him.tumblr_nild51EDNo1qk34klo2_400[1]

Ricky: Ian will be here if you need anything, you call him, I put his number in your phone, speed dial #2. I’ll see you soon, gorgeous.

Maggie nods.

Ricky opens her apartment door, looking at her.

Ricky: (winking and mouthing) I love you (as he puts on his sunglasses)

Maggie: (whispers) I love you. (she waves slightly)

Ricky leaves and Maggie’s tears fall.

She takes out her cell phone.tumblr_mbuv0iZTz61qb6vb1o3_250[1]

Lily: Hey love…

tumblr_m838dr8fW01rr7350[1]Maggie: Hey…where do you wanna do that lunch…

Ricky makes it out of the building unrecognized, through the back entrance.

He passes by Ian and nods. Ian nods back. There’s an obvious, invisible code, these two share. Ricky takes out his phone and dials.

Ian: Hey…how was it?

Ricky: Awful to leave her, but amazing to see her. Pretty much the worst bittersweet experience of my life.normal_Revenge416-2456[1]

Ian: The sooner we fix this, the sooner she’s all yours again.

Ricky: Yea. I can’t wait. I’m heading back to the hotel. You’ll watch her?

Ian: Like a hawk.

Ricky: Thanks man. She knows about you, that you’re here. But she knows not to engage unless necessary. I can’t say the same for Lily. (he laughs) So you might wanna keep yourself prepped. Maggie will probably be meeting Lily for lunch soon. Just follow, keep your distance.

Ian: You got it. Hang in there.tumblr_n4yex1BeFp1qzogsfo3_500[1]

Ricky: I’m trying to.

Ricky hangs up and walks in the direction towards his hotel room; a man on a mission to fix things and get his girl back as soon as possible. Because in Ricky’s heart and mind he knew soon couldn’t come soon enough.

To be continued…


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Two girls, in a coffee shop…

Two girlfriends sitting in a café sharing a couple of pastries and cappuccinos. The first let’s call her… “Curious”…the second well let’s call her “Knowledgeable.”


Curious: What does it feel like when your heart breaks into a million pieces?

Knowledgeable: Oh…you’ve never felt it?

Curious: No. Never had the pleasure.

Knowledgeable: (laughs sarcastically) Consider yourself lucky.

Curious: Why?

Knowledgeable: Because it sucks.

Curious: Well I’m sure it does. But-

Knowledgeable: Just think of feeling like things are finally going your way, falling into place and just when you let yourself believe that, your walking down the street one minute smiling and you’ve got a spring in your step and then boom the street below your feet vanishes, and your falling, and you don’t have any concept of why or what you’re gonna grab onto.

Curious: But at least you’ve been in love right? You got to be a part of something beautiful.

Knowledgeable: I wouldn’t exactly call love beautiful, it’s PAIN-ful. That’s what it is.

Curious: So this person that broke your heart…do you still love him?

Knowledgeable: (sighs) Can I plead the fifth on that one? (laughs)

Curious: Sorry.

Knowledgeable: No. Don’t be. You’re not the first person to ask me that. I just haven’t wanted to face that reality yet. So I usually lie but I don’t wanna lie to you.

Curious: Well maybe that’s because you know it was worth it. And that’s a hard concept for you to process.

Knowledgeable: What was?

Curious: The pain…was worth what you had, what you got to experience, how you got to feel about another human being. Even if it ended badly at least you know it’s out there. At least you can attest to the fact that it’s not a myth.

Knowledgeable: What? Love? Oh hunny love is a myth. At least true love is.

Curious: So what you had with this guy…it wasn’t true?

Knowledgeable: For me it was, for him probably not. That’s the painful part. Getting hurt and not knowing what happened or not knowing why. Falling in love just leaves you with a lot of questions and empty answers.

Curious: Please don’t take this the wrong way, but for someone who was once so in love, you sound really bitter and cynical about the whole concept.

Knowledgeable: I’m not. I’m just venting.

Curious: So you still believe in love?

Knowledgeable: I believe in hope, and fate and a little bit of destiny. And mixed together and baked at 350 degrees they got to be good for something right? (laughs taking a bite of her pastry)

Curious: Or maybe that guy wasn’t capable of handling how amazing you are. Maybe you just haven’t found a guy… man enough to handle you yet. (smiling at her friend)

Knowledgeable: Isn’t that the truth, (laughs and raises her coffee cup to her friend)

Both: Cheers! (the friends say as they clink their coffee cups together.)

Their gazes shift to an elderly couple sitting together on a bench just outside the café. The friends share a knowing smile.

-End Scene-


* I do not take credit for the image used. *