SAG Awards 2017 Fashion

I don’t care much about brands they could wear Target for all I care…but these gowns were gorgeous…so if you really want to know who they are wearing, I’ll leave that to E!’s Fashion Police. 😉

Last night I watched the SAG Awards, missing the Red carpet, I searched on instagram to see the stars in all their fashion. And I was surprisingly disappointed at first. No one WOWED me…until these ladies…


Busy Philipps– dazzles in glitter and sequins. I saw her post this picture on instagram with a cute little caption about how attending an award show can feel like attending a high school prom. I thought this look was super funky and I love the color camouflage of sparkle, purple and silvers. Her messy high ponytail and dark lips complete this edgy look. Oh and that Dawson’s Creek nostalgia with Michelle Williams was just the icing on the cake. #Jenn #Audrey  


Emily Blunt– shines in this intricate beaded number. The pastel colors are so gorgeous  against that nude underlay and her sleek hair and simple makeup match perfectly. I also love how she didn’t do a necklace but opted for those dangly long earrings instead.


Maisie Williams– She’s a new face for me, yes I know I know she’s from Game of Thrones- I’m sorry I’ve never joined that world. But her old Hollywood inspired glamour really sparkled. I love the pale pink/mauve silk gown. The fact that it’s silk, is enough to understand her minimal accessories and embellishments. That silk, that color and her bold dark lip are EVERYTHING. Her softly curled hair and bold eyebrows just create perfection! #ThatClutchTho #DoesItDoubleAsAMirror #Multipurpose 😉


Ellie Kemper– I love velvet AND blue is my favorite color! This dress is so simple, but the velvet and that rich blue color speaks volumes! I love her whimsical messy up do as well!


Gina Rodriguez– She is just perfect! I adore her! I love this fitted, patterned dress on her. It has birds on it, I mean COME ON! So cute! It’s very conservative yet funky and sexy at the same time. I like this style neckline on her! I also really adore the contrast of the nude lace dress against her caramel skin tone- makes her glow even more. Her simple loose curl up do and minimal jewelry only compliments her sleek, fresh look.


Kate Hudson– I love this cape like, sheer yet sequined dress. I love how she’s not afraid to rock the basic black, but she stepped it up with this edgy piece. I love her sleek bold blonde hair with that dark red lip. The contrast of darks against her fair skin is extremely flattering and so gorgeous on her. She reminds me of a vixen in this look. Total badass. Although I have mixed emotions about that flower on the hip. I love how it adds a pop of color, but then I wonder if it would look even more chic without it. Either way, this was definitely one of my favorites of the night.#ThatRedVelvetClutchTho



Sophia Bush– I saved the best for last. My girl! I saw her and I was officially WOWED! I like her dress, I’m not obsessed with it, but it works with this look. What I did LOVE was her hair and makeup combination and how she choose to go monochromatic with just a few silver bits to accessorize. That bright hot pink extended to her eyeshadow and I can’t tell you how obsessed I am! I love the dramatic hot pink smokey eye, with a hint of purple peeking out. Who knew you could make a smokey eye with such vibrant colors. I love her low curled ponytail and her baby pink nails. Perfect. The dress is the accessory here. Sophia wins the SAG Awards for me for sure.




*I do not take credit for any images used.*




The Little Moments Count

As a self-proclaimed fangirl for television relationships. There is a certain frustration that we undergo. A frustration like no other. My fellow teen drama fangirls will feel me on this one… That moment when you feel like your “Ship” is sinking.


Short for romantic relationship, popularized in fanfiction circles. To endorse a romantic relationship.

And in those dreadful moments of agony and pain and having to watch our favorite two characters be apart, we in turn look for those little moments. We live for those small glances, or the slightest touch of hands, or arm grazes. Moments when actions speak louder than words, and a simple glance or touch tells everything, tells the audience and these two characters that there’s still something there. Still a spark fizzing. As fangirls we love that crap.

In the spirit of love and loss and heartbreak, and my obsession with TV couples, let’s look at some of these beautifully places little moments between some of my favorite couples.


Couple: Dr. Robin Scorpio & Dr. Patrick Drake [General Hospital]

Ship Name: Scrubs (but my best friend and I call them Ratrick!)

Back story: In these compilation scenes Robin and Patrick are working at the hospital and Robin has just told Patrick she’s pregnant. The two broke up recently due to the fact that Robin wants to have a child and Patrick does not ever want to have a child. They are madly in love but want different things. Robin had a plan to go at it alone and find a sperm donor and have her own child, and raise it as a single mother. That was her plan. But plans change, and during an emotional night she and Patrick fall into old habits and Robin ends up pregnant. However, knowing his outlook of settling down and family life, Robin doesn’t want to tell Patrick the baby is his and lets him think she went along with her original plan. So in this scene he finds out she’s pregnant and he can’t help put stare at her in a new light.

Scene: Robin catches Patrick staring at her

Robin: “What now?”

Patrick: “I don’t know.”



Why I love it: This scene is so loaded and they barely speak. Just the idea that Patrick knows she’s pregnant and thinks it’s not his, but yet can’t put his finger on why he feels this pull to stare, it means he’s still invested. He even says “I just wonder what would be going through my head, if that child was mine.” In later episodes you get the feeling that he may have in fact had a feeling that maybe just maybe it actually was.

Couple Update: This scene was years ago like circa 2007/08 ish. And since then they have had a baby, gotten married, gone through infidelity, been nearly divorced, Robin “died”, then she came back, then she left again and then they really got divorced and then when both actors were leaving the show, they reunited them, they got remarried and exited as a family. So end result, the scrubs ship is still intact.


Couple: Detective Dante Falconeri & Lesley Lu Spencer “Lulu” [General Hospital]

Ship Name: Lante

Back story: In this scene Dante catches a glimpse of Lulu in a wedding dress, and you can tell it takes his breath away. The two have just recently broken up do to the fact that Dante continuously keeps crucial details from Lulu. Unfortunately the secret he was keeping wasn’t his to tell and involved Lulu’s brother and a case Dante was working on. His job often puts a weight on his relationship with Lulu and leaves her feeling like she isn’t a priority. She can’t trust him. But in this scene you realize they still do love each other. And even though they out right say the words, the simple fact that Lulu was trying on the wedding gown and the look on Dante’s face when he saw her was enough proof.

Scene: Dante “sees” Lulu in a wedding dress.

Dante: “It’s nice, it’s really nice, maybe it’s just cause it was in front of you.”



Why I love it: I love this scene so much because this is a girl who has had trust issues her whole life, but has fallen so in love and has felt the urge to venture into the idea of marriage with a man who even though they are broken up she still loves and feels pulled to looking at what she would seem like as a bride. The break up causes her anti-marriage talk when Dante stops by. But his thoughts of marriage challenge her sinicism as they both admit they still love each other. And later Lulu is scene looking at the dress again. There’s hope there.

Couple Update: Dante actually proposes a few days later, and Lulu is shocked and confused. She tells him she needs to think about it and when she decides she wants to say yes, Dante ends up getting shot, catapulting us into a long drawn out journey. Lulu wrestles with the fact of being a cop’s wife and the on and on that is Lante continues. Finally they get engaged, they get married, she thinks she’s pregnant, finds out she can’t have kids, have a baby boy through a surrogate (that’s a crazy story all on its own), Dante cheats, they divorce and now they are actually back together and thinking about a second child. *The original Lulu left the show and has been recast. My heart still hearts. End result ship is still intact.


Couple: Joey Potter and Pacey Witter [Dawson’s Creek]

Ship Name: Ship names weren’t a thing yet.

Back story: In this scene Pacey has developed an intense crush on Joey, they went from bitter banter, to really good friends. And here Pacey is laying the guilt trip on Joey about not coming to the opening night of the play he’s starring in. She’s been helping him rehearse and learn his lines and she can’t come because she’s got a date with a college guy. Pacey is clearly jealous, and it is a beautiful thing to watch. With his funny, witty, rapid fire dialogue. That “the first thing he’s going to do when he walks through that door is pay you some lame ass compliment about how incredible you look tonight” quote slays me. She’s slightly clueless, but soon enough she’ll catch the hint.

Scene: Jealous Pacey

Pacey: “You do suck for not being there don’t cha.”

Why I love it: I love how he’s so non-chalant and his typical witty, firecracker self but it’s obvious that there’s more and in this time we have seen him develop feelings for her and the audience knows that this is jealousy. Not just a friend needed his friend to support him. I just love love love Pacey. He cracks me up.

Couple Update: Soon after this seen Pacey finally kisses Joey which leads her to question her whole life existence and puts her in a position of choosing between Dawson and Pacey. The love triangle of all love triangles. End result she ends up picking Pacey and setting sail with him on his boat for a whole summer, the couples goes strong for quite some seasons and then they break up shortly after they become intimate. Joey heads off to college and soon ends up exploring a relationship with Dawson after all these years. Pacey and Joey soon find their way back to each other and it seems like things may start up again when they are older, but they don’t quite end up there, until Jen’s death leads them to evaluate their mistakes and as the gang reunites years and years later, Pacey and Joey have a serious conversation about Joey’s need to keep running from her real feelings. In the end of the series shows Joey and Pacey together in her New York apartment as they watch Dawson’s newest TV show’s finale together. End result ship intact and friendships mended.


Couple: Ross Geller & Rachel Green

Ship Name: Ship names weren’t a thing yet and even so it gets tough when there’s two R’s!

Back story: In this scene Ross had just become a father (co-parenting with his ex-wife carol and her lesbian lover Susan…crazy…I know, haha) And he and the gang are looking at all these pictures of the baby, as Rachel leans over Ross’ shoulder, pressing against him, Ross can’t help but lean in and drift into Rachel land. And you know he was smelling her hair! It’s the cutest damn thing ever.

Scene: The Ross Look @2:09

Rachel: “Oh god is he just the sweetest thing, you must just want to kiss him all over.”

Ross: “That would be nice.”

Why I love it: The way Ross looks at Rachel for all of seasons 1 & 2 is how every girl dreams of being looked at. And she is mostly clueless. It’s a puppy dog, “I’ve been in love with you for 10 years notice me already” look that just completely melts your heart. And you instinctively start rooting for Ross to get the girl.

Couple Update: Ross and Rachel have more ups and downs than any other couple in the universe. They were rarely ever on the same page at the same time. Rachel for years is in the dark about Ross’ feelings and when she finally finds out, Ross has finally moved on. And it’s Rachel’s turn to pine over “this really great guy she can’t have.” When a drunken Rachel leaves a message on his machine about needing closure, Rachel is forced to confront her feelings and in turn Ross is faced with a choice. Rachel and Ross date on and off for years, they we were on a break storyline sends us into a difficult time as Ross sleeps with another woman during a breakup. Rachel finds out and the two have difficulties remaining friends. Throw in another marriage for Ross, another divorce for Ross and then a quicker drunken Vegas wedding for Ross and Rachel and an annulment too. Eventually Monica and Chandler’s wedding approaches and we find out Rachel is pregnant, through the longest game of Baby Daddy Who Dunnit, we finally find out it’s Ross’ months of baby moments and sweet insinuations go by, but again nothing concrete happens until Ross is faced with losing Rachel for good when she gets a job offer to work in Paris. Cue the airport scene. End result- ship still intact.


Couple: Nathan Scott & Haley James Scott [One Tree Hill]

Ship Name: Naley

Back story: In this scene Lucas and Lindsay (the soon to be married couple) orchestrate their bachelor and bachelorette parties on the same night at the same place, in order to their estranged maid of honor and best man in the same room to talk. At this point Nathan and Haley are fighting because the psycho Nanny Carrie kissed Nathan and let it happen along with some flirtations. Haley found Carrie in the shower with Nathan (who thought she was Haley) and she freaked out kicking Nathan out, she has asked for a divorce at this point.

Scene: My best friend and I call this the “Super Star” Glare, because of the song that’s playing, haha. @2:16

Haley: “Your hearts were in the right place, you picked the right person to spend the rest of your life with, Luke.”

Lucas: “So did you.”

Why I love it: This eye exchange lasts only about 3 seconds, and yet it is one of my favorite Naley moments. There’s a love there that runs deep, and they are in such a bad place that things could go either way. And yet in that moment Haley is forced to find Nathan’s eyes staring at her. There’s a sadness as you see Nathan look away, ashamed. He knows he has been wrong, and he knows it’s going to have to be up to him to prove himself and fight for Haley. Because at this point her distance is cold and he’s losing her.

Couple Update: Shortly after this scene, Nathan and Haley reunite and start to mend their relationship and after that their relationship does remain pretty solid, they get through Haley’s depression when she loses her mother and they even have another baby, a girl named Lydia after her mom. End result- ship still intact.


Couple: Hanna Marin & Caleb Rivers [Pretty Little Liars]

Ship Name: Haleb

Back story: This is the scene that sparked the idea for this blog post. Hanna and Caleb were one of Pretty Little Liars stable high school couples. But as we know teen dramas like to break people up when they time jump 5 years. Something about making things seem “realistic,” enough already give the people what they want. We know high school sweethearts don’t always stay together, but let us just pretend they do, would ya? Anyway within this scene, Caleb and Hanna are of course working on some big plan to expose the latest big bad A. And this is the first time Hanna and Caleb have been face to face since Hanna broke off her engagement to what was his name again-Jordan? No one cares. And Caleb broke up with Spencer (yea he dated Hanna’s best friend, classy right?) Cue the ultimate fan girl frustration-when the guy in your ship acts beyond stupid and all you want to do is strangle him. So moving on, in season 6 Haleb had an intense moment where Hanna confessed to still loving Caleb and he was so moved by her confession that he kissed her. So when this scene between them happened I kind of died. Hanna had been hiding the fact that she broke off her engagement, because she knew Caleb and Spencer were having problems since she and Caleb kissed, she felt bad and she didn’t want to hurt Spencer. You believe that HANNA didn’t want to hurt SPENCER. Um Spencer I’m sorry do you know what girl code is? At all. Do you have any idea what that is? You don’t under any circumstance ever date your best friend’s ex. Caleb and Hanna were the real deal, first love, true love, still in love and Spencer knew that and yet she has the balls to call Hanna out and get angry at her. “I asked you, you told me you were ok with it.” Bitch you shouldn’t have even asked, I don’t care. Spencer hunny, you were so wrong. Caleb isn’t yours, he never was, and never will be. And Caleb, homeboy shame on you. Can you tell I’m all #TeamHanna. Anyway, rant over- in this scene Hanna and Caleb are both single and Hanna gestures toward some papers Caleb has been studying and he instinctively checks her left ring finger noticing it’s very very naked. Hanna is forced to then offer the fact that she and Jordan broke up.

Scene: The Naked Ring Finger

Hanna: “I wasn’t talking about him, we’re still friends right?”

Caleb: “Always.”

Why I love it: I love Caleb’s face when he sees Hanna’s naked finger, he stops talking as if the wind has gotten knocked out of him, and then trying to quickly recover, by talking “A” business. While, Hanna mauls over whether or not to let Caleb know the truth, offering up an emotional speech about how having someone in your life and then having to cut them out completely is like losing a part of you. When she admits she’s talking about Caleb, the glance the exchange was 3 seconds away from becoming a kiss. Damn you, Marlene King you’re killing us here! Honestly Hanna is the Alpha is this game their playing, she’s always putting people before herself, always taking care of people and their feelings, and she’s the one showcases her feelings first, even when it’s awkward and difficult. Caleb you need to step up your game if you want to be deserving of Hanna; the PLL Queen. 😀

Couple Update: Remains to be seen. But I have high hopes, those glares and stares aren’t for nothing. Caleb feels it too, I can tell. Hanna, get it girl. #BYESPENCER

*I do not take credit for any videos used.*















90’s+ Playlist & “Joey Potter” Style Steal

90’s+ playlist (and by + I mean some may be from the early 2000s, but who cares!) that will give you the feels…

1. “Mmm bop”- Hanson

2. “Killing me softly” The Fugees ft. Lauryn Hill “Doo-Wop (That Thing)- Lauryn Hill

3. “Poison”- Bell Biv Devoe

4. “I’ll be”- Edwin McCain

5. “Believe”- Cher

6.“I don’t want to wait”- Paula Cole

7. “Tearin’ up my heart”- *NSYNC & “Music of my heart”- Gloria Estefan ft. *NSYNC

8. “Wannabe”- The Spice Girls

9. “…Baby One More Time”- Britney Spears

10. “Genie in a bottle”- Christina Aguilera

11. “Hand in my pocket” & “Ironic”- Alanis Morissette

12. “Angel” & “I will remember you”- Sarah McLachlan

13. “How do I live”- Leann Rimes

14. “Too close”- Next

15. “Truly, Madly, Deeply” & “I knew I loved you”- Savage Garden

16. “Kiss me”- Sixpence None The Richer

17. “Blue (DaBaDee)”- Eiffel 65

18. “Red Red Wine”- UB40

19. “All Star”- Smash Mouth

20. “All the small things”- Blink 182

21. “Torn”- Natalie Imbruglia

22. “Barbie Girl”- Aqua

23. “Tubthumping” – Chumbawamba (wait what? click it and you’ll remember it!)

24. “White Flag”- Dido

25. “The Sign” – Ace of Base

26. “I want it that way”- Backstreet Boys

27. “You gotta be”- Des’ree

28. “Never had a dream come true”- S Club

29. “Buffy theme”- Nerf Herder

30. “My heart will go on”- Celine Dion

31. “Remember The Time” & “You Are Not Alone”- Michael Jackson

32. “Waterfalls” & “No Scrubs”- TLC

Do you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? Because I do! Each of these songs I can associate with a memory. Growing up dancing around my living room with my brother to the buffy theme song, my hair in two pigtail braids whipping around. Willow Smith I Whipped My Hair Back And Forth Way Before You Did. 😉 Singing and making up dance routines with my best friend in her basement. Hearing Michael Jackson music throughout the house as my mom cleaned.  Or just simply listening to music on my disc-men. That shit barely fit in my coat pocket. Isn’t that the point of music, to inflict emotion of a memory? A moment in time that was precious to you and probably still is.

Now some of these were very big 90’s tv show soundtrack factors…

In fact many of these may have even graced the scenes of 90’s teen drama Dawson’s Creek, which I am currently obsessing over, thanks to abcfamily playing reruns.


Ah the 90’s; the time when fashion was a little underrated and relaxed and actually attainable.


Queen of the side glance

In walks Joey Potter with her laidback tomboy chic look. She spoke fluent sarcasm, and was the 101013-katie-holmes-340[1]official queen of the “side glance.” With her crazy home life, and impressive brainiac skills which was her only ticket out of this small town. Joey was head over heels in love with her best friend Dawson. She spent her days pining for him, while she harbored interests in art and passed the time away working in the Capeside Ice House as a waitress. I have to admit I am secretly jealous of her little work aprons and effortless tomboy looks. I’ve always wanted one of those cool summer jobs that seemed so chill, but kinda trendy.


Joey’s look was pretty wash and go. Simple highwaisted jeans, jean or cargo-like shorts, plaid or flannel shirts, plain tees, and tennis shoes. Minimal to no accessories. She occasionally wore earrings. It wasn’t until her sister forced her into a burgundy colored lipstick. (and by force I mean actually grabbed her face and put it on her)Dawson-s-Creek-Season-1-101-Pilot-katie-holmes-5594112-876-658[1] that Joey even considered the idea that makeup exists. A little mascara and you’ve got a Joey inspired fresh face. Her hair on the other hand gets a little sassy from time to time, with effortless updos.


Outfit Inspiration


Makeup Inspiration

Hair Inspiration



Here’s my recreation of a Joey Potter 90’s look… #crappycellphonepics Holla!!! 😉


Here’s my insecure my name is Joey pose 😉

20150723_183316 20150723_183156

*For my Joey Potter inspired look*

-I had things in my own closet that I paired together-

A light denim pair of shorts

A plain gray tank top

*A plaid shirt (with the sleeves cut off)-

*which as you can tell I switched things up from tying it at the front or just leaving it loose.

A pair of imitation “toms” (lol)

No accessories

For my hair, I just threw it up with a clip (so 90’s) and pulled some strands out like she did. My makeup as I said, was the burgundy colored lipstick, some concealer, some powder, filled in my brows, added mascara, and an eyelid primer for good measure. Really basic.

   It was fun playing around with Joey’s style, it’s super chill and gives me a break from my at times fashionista ways.

What can I say, I’m just a Joey looking for her Pacey…;)



….Because spoiler alert, she soon looks past the hateful banter she shares with a certain other male friend and falls for Dawson’s much sweeter, much more charming, and far less self absorbed best friend Pacey Witter….I have a serious crush on Pacey, because he’s kind of perfect #PACEYSCREEK I blame my expectations of men on television.





*I do not take credit for the Dawson’s Creek photos, all others are my own.*

So were you #teampacey or #teamdawson?

And what was your favorite 90’s throwback song? If I missed any LET ME KNOW! 😀



Thanksgiving 2014 To Do List

We are just a day away from one of my favorite holidays. Sure, we all love Christmas, but I think at times it can definitely get over blown and you lose the true sprit of it in the first place. We stress over what to buy people, who to visit, how to squeeze in Christmas movies and music and decorating. And it all ends up being more stressful then enjoyable. That’s why I love Thanksgiving. It’s quieter, it’s happy, it’s homey. And the food is OUT OF THIS zxh-thanksgiving-111401WORLD. Any holiday that surrounds a food feast, is my kind of holiday. I usually split Thanksgiving with visiting my grandparents and then my aunt. And at my Aunt’s it’s usually a bunch of cousins and kids running all around. It’s a total blast. I just love it. To me Thanksgiving is such a beautiful time, it’s a time for you to reflect and be thankful for all you have. The family, the food, the love that surrounds you not just today but every day. I just think Thanksgiving is way less pressure than Christmas, and yet even better food. 😉 But before you crazy Christmas lovers yell at me, understand I Love Christmas too, and I intend to enjoy all it’s magic this year, but Thanksgiving comes first. And for those who don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, I’m sorry, eat some turkey anyway. 😉

Check out my Thanksgiving post from last year

Thanksgiving exists to ya know…


This Year’s Thanksgiving “To Do” List


Once Halloween was over, out went the spiders, ghosts and witches….

Normally we don’t decorate too much for Halloween or Thanksgiving in my house. We just throw a few things on our door and call it a day. But This year we’ve been trying to decorate inside a little more, because we have my god daughter here often, and she gets a kick out of all of it. So this year we filled our house with turkeys, fall leaves, pumpkins, Indians, cornucopias, and scarecrows. I even found her a Happy Thanksgiving Balloon and some Turkey Stickers!

*Here are a few personal photos…of my decorations.*

My god daughter loves her balloons!

My god daughter loves her balloons!




This is my favorite decoration…I named her Sage “Sunflower” Meadow 😉

*Decide on what to make for Thanksgiving Dinner*

Like I mentioned before, I visit people for the holidays. So I always like to bring something to wherever I go. Last year I made an Apple Crisp that went over really well. (My brother yelled at me because I’m not making it again this year, haha.) But this year I wanted to  do something a little different. I’m going to keep it in the Pie family, but step it up a notch. After researching a few ideas I decided I would make a Peach Cobbler, Turkey Cookies, Pilgrim Hat Cookies, and Apple Pie Punch. I’m super excited and can’t wait to see the little kiddies reactions to the cookies. Fingers crossed, hope everything comes out good! ***FYI there are tons of versions of those turkey cookies and pilgrim hats I didn’t really follow any one specific recipe, I just googled a bunch.***


My Shopping List…all checked off!

*Be Festive*

Ever since my god daughter was born I’ve started a little tradition with her where I buy her and I some kind of fun holiday headband and we take pictures wearing them. And last year I didn’t come across any cute Thanksgiving headbands, so I ended up making her a flower crown with fall flowers. She looked super cute! Anyway this year I found the CUTEST turkey headbands and some Indian headbands for the other kiddies. I can’t wait to wear them and take some fun pictures!


Seriously how cute are those headbands I found???

*Paint Your Nails*

Usually I go all out for nail art on the holidays, last Halloween I did a funky Halloween inspired swirl design, and last Christmas I did each nail a different Christmas inspired design. But I never came up with a cute Thanksgiving design to do. Or I just simply didn’t have the time. This year for Halloween I was [Mrs.] Daryl Dixon, zombie ass kicker from The Walking Dead, so I didn’t want to break character and make my nails all beautiful. Because let’s face it girls can’t get mani/pedis in the zombie apocalypse. So this year I decided to do my nails festively for Turkey day. Here’s the designs I found on Google…I attempted the turkey and the tribal print.images2VYB4XIG


oranges, browns, yellows… oh my!

here's my's intricate work, so I think it's not too shabby ;)

here’s my attempt…it’s intricate work, so I think it’s not too shabby 😉

*The Fashion*

Ok so I was still deciding on an outfit up until yesterday, it took me forever to come up with something that I liked! I like to be comfortable on a daily basis and I’d say my personal style is definitely a reflection of that. I hate being constricted which is why I rarely wear dresses or skirts with tights. And besides I live in New York so it’s not exactly bright and sun shiny here, it’s actually rainy and cold and gross today. The winter is coming and it’s coming fast! BUT at the same time once I get where I’m going, it’s usually pretty warm. My aunt’s house has always got an oven on heating up delicious Thanksgiving foods and there’s a bunch of people so, you get hot. So I like to dress light and comfortable. Usually I layer, because they are easy to manipulate and take off or put on depending on temperature. I love fall colors too, the burgundys and oranges, even green is fun to tie in. Besides it’s thanksgiving, the foodiest of food feasts and I want room to eat, no tight fitting clothes for me! haha. Am I right ladies?

*Here’s my outfit choice for Tomorrow!*


a thin long sleeved black crop top

a tribal print cream and beige colored vest/cardigan

brown snake skin thin belt

knit jeans

brown leg warmers

brown snake skin boots

a statement necklace and matching earrings

gold alex & ani bracelets

some rings

*since my outfit is kind of generic in the color department I figured the burgundy jewelry and my festive nails will pep it up and I’ll add a bold lip color to tie it all together!

*And for more inspiration…check out one of my favorite YouTube fashionistas!

*March of the Wooden Soldiers vs. The Macy’s Day Parade*


So if you read my post from last year, then you know that watching March of the Wooden Soldiers every year has been a tradition in my family for years. But as I get older and want to contribute more to the Thanksgiving dinner I find it harder and harder to find the time to watch that or the Macy’s Day Parade. So here’s my plan for this year. My dad has the movie on dvd so I’m hoping to watch it later today. And that way on Thanksgiving I can have the Parade on in the background while I bake and prepare my fun little treats. Yay for turkey cookies!

*TV Show Thanksgiving Episodes*

Ok so for me I always feel like Thanksgiving isn’t represented well enough in movies and in decorations. It’s like every store has thrown up Christmas cheer, and you can’t escape it. Where are the Turkey songs, movies and the cheer. So I turn to tv. Because tv knows how to do Thanksgiving. What’s up Charlie Brown?

Some of my favorite shows have done Thanksgiving episodes and I am here to bring them to your attention!

The OC

Season 1 Episode 11 “The Homecoming”

Sandy and the boys won’t let Kirsten cook ANYTHING

Seth has Summer in the pool house and Anna in his bedroomtumblr_inline_mqj13pZitz1qz4rgp[1]

Ryan brings Marissa to Chino to steal a car for his prison ridden brother

And Caleb and Julie invite themselves over intruding on a blind date Kirsten and Sandy have set up for Jimmy (Julie’s ex) & Rachel.

* It’s a good time…Seth Cohen really just has to speak words and you’ll be laughing.


Season 4 Episode 3  “The Cold Turkey”

Taylor is hiding under Seth’s bedimagesNM9ZOHJE

Ryan is hunting after Vulchuck

Julie is banned from the Cohen house for Thanksgiving Dinner

Summer invites some homeless people over

Kirsten actually cooks

Missing Marissa seems to be the center of this episode


 One Tree Hill

Season 8 Episode 9 “Between Raising Hell and Amazing Grace”

Haley cooksBetween Raising Hell and Amazing Grace

Brooke attempts to but burns her Turkey

Mia and Alex cat fight over chase

Victoria returns from prison

Julian’s mom butts in where she’s not wanted

Skills orders a farm fresh Turkey but doesn’t realize that means it’s alive

Mouth and Millie flirt again

And everyone ends up a Haley and Nathan’s for dinner and brings jello salad


     tumblr_linzebguPp1qh2tc1o1_500[1] tumblr_linzooygCw1qh2tc1o1_500[1]

Dawson’s Creek

Season 3 Episode 8 “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner”

Pacey and Jen are experimenting with a possible friends with benefits relationship

Joey and her sister remember their mom in a fond light054170bfc5c282cd6f407062b0b62a7a_zps9018e0d0[1]

Dawson is confused by his separated parents suddenly acting all buddy buddy like everything is just fine

Jen’s mom shows up and drops a bomb on her that she has a long lost sister floating around

Pacey and Andy deal with being around each other after a painful breakup

Joey is the voice of reason for many

And everyone ends up at Grams for dinner…they call themselves the misfits



Friends is the holy grail of Thanksgivings, they had some form of a Thanksgiving episode EVERY season….so props to them for being on point and so festive!

These are two of my favorites…

Season 5 Episode 8 “The One With All The Thanksgivings”

Monica cooks thanksgiving dinner

Chandler bums everyone out with his usual “I hate Thanksgiving” story6f19e88584ae0b8d_8c.xxxlarge[1]

Joey is thankful for thongs

The gang shares each of their worst Thanksgiving stories…

which leads to incredibly hilarious flashbacks which prove Chandler and Monica were always in the stars


*Oh and multiple people wear turkeys on their heads so there’s that.

Season 6 Episode 9  “The One Where Ross Got High”

Monica’s parents hate Chandler

Poor Rachel messes up her triffleimages[7]

But Joey seemed to like it

Phoebe has a dirty dream about Monica’s dad

Joey and Ross try to rush through dinner to leave early to join Joey’s roommate and her dancer friends in what seems to be a whole mess of desperate drunk girls


*Check out this article on buzzfeed…ranking every Friends thanksgiving episode

And last but not least…a show who’s Thanksgiving episode defines Thanksgiving for me…it is my absolute favorite on this list…

Gilmore Girls

Season 3 Episode 9 “A Deep-Fried Korean Thanksgiving”

4 invitations
tofu at the kim’simagesAOZH1XAY

deep fried turkey and lots of alcohol consumption at Sookie’s

squeeze in some time for dinner at Luke’s (hold the rolls) and pause while Rory and Jess awkward kiss

And last but not least sit back and enjoy the usual awkward suffocating dinner with Emily and Richard Gilmore

 imagesMRU3VEDT  3-09-A-Deep-Fried-Korean-Thanksgiving-3-rory-and-jess-5295460-400-300[1]

*FOUR Thanksgivings and the girls still have room for those rolls at the end of the night.

*How jealous are you of their abilities to eat like pigs and NOT gain weight???


P.S. A Drunk Sookie is all you need in life, really…


So there you have it, what has been my Thanksgiving Week “To Do” List of sorts and fun activities included.

I have been in swift gear this week and am proud to say I am making checking things off this list…a fun filled bowl of happiness! 😉

So Happy Thanksgiving Folks!!!!!!!!!!

Take a look around you and be grateful for all that you have!

Enjoy and may your tummies be full of delicious foods and your heart be full of happiness.


*I do not take any credit for any images or gifs used that aren’t specified as my own*


An ode to Pacey Witter <3

Dawsons-Creek-300x225So being unemployed for the time being has led me to the conclusion that Netflix is both a blessing and a curse. But nevertheless my love for the WB’s 1990’s hit tv show, “Dawson’s Creek” is all coming back to me now.  I lovedddd Pacey and Joey and I loved Pacey himself even more. And as I watch reruns now that I’m an adult and have a better grasp on life’s dramas, it’s much easier for me to share my appreciation for characters and plot-lines.  Pacey_Witter

In my opinion Pacey Witter is one of the best male characters in a teen drama series, that I’ve ever seen. And as a writer who hopes to one day pen a few scripts (if not many) for a teen drama series, I am very interested in character development. And the little details that make up a full well rounded character. Pacey Witter is an amazingly well written character with a lot of heart. And thanks to Netflix I can relive him and his love of Joey Potter all over again.


36 Reasons

(in no particular order)

why Pacey Witter made every 90’s girl’s ❤ melt.

(and continues to do so.)

Pacey Witter background.



Joey & Pacey…portrayed by Katie Holmes & Joshua Jackson

The thing about Pacey is that he was simply cast as the comic relief of the show; kinda like a young “Chandler Bing.” He was quick witted (Pacey Witter…haha get it?) He was at times pessimistic, and overall rough around the edges. But when the young character struck well with the audience, the writers gave Jackson a little more to handle. Which in turn led to a massive love triangle between 3 close friends in typical teen angst fashion, which turned his friendship with best friend Dawson on it’s head and also led to an on going love story between him and Joey Potter that was on and off for the rest of the series.

The 90’s was a very Pacey vs. Dawson time. And I have to say, looking back on the storylines and watching the evolution of Pacey and Joey’s relationship, I soon realized, that for me it was never really a contest. And after you read this, you’ll soon find that it wasn’t much of a contest for Joey either.

pacey-joey-pacey-and-joey-24573228-500-356And while I’ve showcased many of Pacey’s shinning moments (I definitely did not showcase them all…because he’s just that amazing and we’d be here forever,) I will admit that Pacey Witter isn’t that far of a stretch for humanity to grasp. Like many young men Pacey had his issues. He had a very unsupportive, borderline abusive/alcoholic father, a massive family who you rarely saw onscreen with the exception of a brother and sister here and there. He was insecure about his abilities, and often believed he would amount to nothing. This in turn was the root of Joey and Pacey’s relationship problems. He continuously fought the inner battle that he just simply wasn’t good enough for Josephine Potter; a girl with a bright future ahead of her. While Pacey settled for thinking he’d never make it out of town. He continuously feared he’d never measure up to Dawson and the history he and Joey shared. However, although those insecurities followed him to the very end of the series and we’ve seen him struggle along and make mistakes, we’ve seen him act like a jerk, we’ve also seen him fall in love and grow up into a man with the biggest and sweetest heart. A man who is much smarter than he ever gave himself credit for, a man who will always be in love with Joey Potter. A man who treated her with more respect and appreciation and genuine love, than Dawson ever could, or knew how.

Dawsons Creek021

“I remember everything” the epitome of all that is right with Pacey Witter ❤


1. “I remember everything.”- Pacey [Watch]

2. He named his boat “True Love.” [Watch]

3. He bought Joey a wall, to paint. [Watch]

4. He picked Joey up in the middle of the night, when her current boyfriend realized he was in love with his best friend and was a friend and consoled her. “If you keep looking you’ll find it.”-Pacey [Watch]

5. He punched a horndog kid hitting on a drunk naive Joey, and back then he claimed to just be her “friend.” [Watch]

paceys creek

Found this on tumblr…and can i just say whoever made this…i love you. You just get it. ❤

6. As the story that is “Dawson’s Creek” goes, Dawson was the heart of a group of friends; He, Pacey and Joey. Joey and Dawson were “soul mates,” and basically grew up together. While Pacey was Dawson’s other best friend. Pacey and Joey never really liked each other and bickered like an old married couple. But one day Pacey realizes he has grown to like Joey more than a friend and actually ASKS Dawson’s permission to pursue Joey. At first Dawson’s reaction is totally cool and casual, then he says he’s not ok with it. So Pacey dials back. Dawson then in that same breath takes it all back and assures him that it is all fine and that he would be thrilled if his two best friends got together. So Pacey pursues Joey. Only to be rejected later. However, 2 years later,… all this is history and Pacey and Joey start what I like to call an epic love story…which is when this show should have been renamed….because let’s face it it was always Pacey’s Creek. Dawson was a little selfish bizznatch. [Watch]

7. Pacey carries Joey out of a fire. [Watch]

8. He calls her “Potter,”  “Joe,” “Ms. Josephine Potter,” “Good lord woman” is often an admirable greeting too haha…which no one else really seemed to do, not even Dawson. [you”ll soon recognize the pattern in all the vids]

9. “You Ms. Josephine Potter have just wrecked me. In the best possible way you have absolutely wrecked me.”- Pacey  [Watch]

10. “Look at that girl Dawson, just take a good look. She’s a freaking goddess man. How long did you think it was gonna be before some guy comes along and is interested in her…I mean really dude. And when that happens what are you gonna do…Because the guy that comes along isn’t gonna be your best friend and he’s not gonna ask for your permission. The guy that comes along is gonna take one look at that woman and just cut right in on ya.”- Pacey  [Watch]

11. He spent the entire night watching Joey sleep…and as grams said “You know you love someone normal_s103when you can spend the entire night sitting by the fire watching them sleep.” [Watch]

12. “You wanna know something Ms. Josephine Potter….I think the world may just surprise you yet. You fall in love and it doesn’t work out and you think it’ll never happen again. But it does, believe me it does. In the strangest of places.”- Pacey [Watch]

13. He challenges Joey “in a way that no one else would even think of” [see #3: he bought her a wall to paint…not your ordinary canvas!] [Watch]

tumblr_mkhs17jLn71s8vxj5o8_50014. He knows her just as well as Dawson does, (if not more…in my opinion.) “In my entire life there have been two people who have actually known me, Dawson and You.” [Watch]

15. As punishment for something he did at school he was put in the “big brother” program, where he was given a very tough, very opinionated little kid named Buzz, whom everyone has one day with and then asks to switch. Pacey stayed. [Watch]

16. “Why do you think I came here, I came here to be with you…when you like someone, proximity is a good thing.” -Pacey


So this is the depth of what Justin Timberlake meant #crymeariver

17. He counted to ten before kissing Joey a second time “Joey I’m going to kiss you, if you don’t want me to you’re just gonna have to stop me.”- Pacey (and she didn’t stop him… go cry about it Dawson!) 😉 [Watch for both 16 & 17]

18. Pacey was a man and owned up to his faults in the whole Pacey/Joey/Dawson love triangle. While Dawson made it clear that he was no longer his best friend, and did everything conniving to win Joey back, Pacey gave her her space…and waited for her to come to him….but not without letting her know how he really felt. [see: Dawson enters a boat race Pacey has already entered and forcibly tries to win…leaving Pacey to veer off track to avoid a collision. Dawson gets disqualified and Pacey comes in 8th.] To put it simpler…Pacey is the better man. end of story. [Watch]

19. Pacey always cups Joey’s face, strokes her arms, kisses her forehead, cheek, or hand. It’s all about the body language people, the little things that aren’t always scripted that make the actor allow the character to become their own. It makes the relationship more realistic.  [Watch a scene where he top5couples_pjkisssays an awkward goodbye to her, it’s super cute!]

20. Joey needs him. [Watch]

21. “Okay ya got me.” Pacey would always say this whenever he and Joey would hit a difficult part in their relationship and whenever Joey had to get him to really talk to her about serious issues. In a nutshell…the conversation would get mushy and he would get emotional. [Watch]

22. When Joey gets drunk at a college party, against Pacey’s better objections, he takes her home and carries her up the stairs…even though he said he wouldn’t. [Watch]

23. “Maybe I happen to be head over heels in love with you…”- Joey/Pacey [Watch]

24. When asked if hypothetically speaking he were to find himself sailing away again, and he were to ask the love of his life to sail away with him…what do you think she would say…”You wouldn’t have to ask Pace.”- Joey [Watch]

25. During his brotherly visits with Buzz he asks Pacey if the girl he’s in love with, is a hottie, Pacey describes Joey…”She’s so beautiful that every time you look at her, your knees tremble and your heart just melts. And you know then and there without any reservation that there is order and meaning to the universe.” “She’s a hottie”-Buzz [Watch]

26. “My god that woman’s amazing.”- Pacey  [Watch]

27. “The simple act of being in love with you is enough for me…so you’re off the hook.” -Pacey  [Watch]

28. “I’ll tell you what though, I wouldn’t bet against that Potter girl.”-Pacey [Watch]

29. He stands up for those who can’t stand up for themselves; [see: Jack …when a teacher makes fun of a poem he wrote insinuating that he is gay…Pacey spits in the teacher’s face.]

[see: Andie…when Andie cheats on Pacey while away at a emotional health facility, he still goes to help her when she calls Joey scared of her aggressive date. Pacey goes after the guy.]

[see: Joey…when Joey is honored to paint a mural in the school hallway, someone vandalizes it.]     “I want you to apologize and then I want you to turn yourself in, and I want you to do it before the day is done….because this time you just happen to mess with somebody I care about.”-Pacey  Pacey kicks the guy’s ass, and later gets in trouble. [Watch]

[see: Joey (yet again) He helps Joey rally against the unfair treatment of their principal…and makes mentions of being Joey’s “Duckie”… “Pretty in Pink” reference which I find AMAZINGGG!] [Watch]

30. Pacey and Joey get trapped in a Kmart… and he lets her shave his overly manly beard. [Watch]winterstale_554

31. He never pressured her to do anything she wasn’t ready for.

[Watch Part 1] Plot twist… [Watch Part 2] 

32. “Northern Lights my ass, this guy is obviously just tryna separate you from the Potter pantalones.”-Pacey (p.s. his jealousy is perfection) He randomly throws Spanish words into sentences all the time and it is completely hysterical! [Watch]

33. “You’re mom should get a metal…because she raised the perfect boy.”- Joey [Watch]

*Well Joey, I couldn’t have said it better myself.*

34.”And you did, you did… you let me do it”- Pacey (to Joey on her crazy reaction to him kissing her)

35. Dawson: “Oh wow a picture of me and little Joey Potter…look how beautiful she was even then. I had no idea.” Pacey: “You must have been deaf, dumb, and blind not to notice.” [Watch same video for 34 & 35.]

36. He taught her to drive, when Dawson clearly didn’t have the patience to. [Watch]



148152_1330111729271_fullThe age old debate of Pacey vs. Dawson…was entertaining. However, as I’ve proven Pacey was always meant to prevail, at least in my eyes. I am sure the writers were initially plotting Joey and Dawson to be the show’s end game. But I think once they saw the chemistry between Katie Holmes (Joey) and Joshua Jackson (Pacey) and how well received their relationship was. They realized they struck gold. If you ask me Pacey and Joey were just meant to end up together. I mean it’s the old story of bickering friends…that hate each other who soon find out that under all that hate there’s actually love…love is just hate set on fire my friends. They had a lot in common in many ways, and whatever differences they had only helped them to complete each other. They both ultimately believed the best in each other and rallied in eachother’s corners (although i do have to say I think Joey could have afforded to love Pacey a little harder…and support him as much as he supported her…i blame Dawson for a lot of Joey’s short comings because he was always crying like a little baby and making her feel bad for “betraying” him.) So it was a natural progression of things and in turn we soon saw Joey and Pacey become genuine friends. We saw him continuously support her, and defend her. While Pacey’s intentions were usually always pure, Dawson was more selfish with Joey. Neglecting almost every chance Joey ever gave him to be with her, or making their small romantic encounters overly complicated, (to be honest i think I’ve completely forgotten she and Dawson were ever even a couple…for it was just a few blips in time, her love for Pacey went the distance)  Anyway I digress. When Joey finally found a reason to stray, Dawson continuously held their innocent and pure childhood history/once merely romantic relationship above her head like a noose tightening around her throat….plaguing her with the fact that they were “soul mates.” Well Dawson I have news for you…you may have been her soulmate and possible”first love,” but a soulmate can be a number of things…namely a friend….however, Pacey was and will forever be the love of her life…and someone who has always supported her every dream, even if that meant possibly losing her… to distance, to circumstance, to time. He loved her that much.




SO there you have it… all the many reasons why girls hang on to tv male personalities. Because basically Pacey Witter was written to perfection. He was a romantic at heart but sarcastically realistic enough to make you believe he may actually exist. But let’s face it ladies, Pacey Witter standards make living in the real world kinda suckish. So thank you Kevin Williamson for creating Pacey, and thank you Joshua Jackson for bringing him to life. And to all my fellow tv couple analysts (I know you’re out there and that you ship those couples just as much as I do)…may you find your Pacey Witter…godspeed beautiful ladies.


P.S. What with all these television reunions and remakes (Shout out to “Girl Meets World”)…i say someone oughta make a Joey & Pacey; True Love the movie. Where we see what happens after the big reveal that Joey finally picked Pacey in the series finale.


Who else fangirled?

So…how’s about it? Josh? Katie? Any takers?

Just have your people call my people. 😉


So I came across this on someone’s tumblr and no joke it’s hilarious and amazing and I think  Pacey Con needs to happen, cuz I would be all up in that!