90’s+ Playlist & “Joey Potter” Style Steal

90’s+ playlist (and by + I mean some may be from the early 2000s, but who cares!) that will give you the feels…

1. “Mmm bop”- Hanson

2. “Killing me softly” The Fugees ft. Lauryn Hill “Doo-Wop (That Thing)- Lauryn Hill

3. “Poison”- Bell Biv Devoe

4. “I’ll be”- Edwin McCain

5. “Believe”- Cher

6.“I don’t want to wait”- Paula Cole

7. “Tearin’ up my heart”- *NSYNC & “Music of my heart”- Gloria Estefan ft. *NSYNC

8. “Wannabe”- The Spice Girls

9. “…Baby One More Time”- Britney Spears

10. “Genie in a bottle”- Christina Aguilera

11. “Hand in my pocket” & “Ironic”- Alanis Morissette

12. “Angel” & “I will remember you”- Sarah McLachlan

13. “How do I live”- Leann Rimes

14. “Too close”- Next

15. “Truly, Madly, Deeply” & “I knew I loved you”- Savage Garden

16. “Kiss me”- Sixpence None The Richer

17. “Blue (DaBaDee)”- Eiffel 65

18. “Red Red Wine”- UB40

19. “All Star”- Smash Mouth

20. “All the small things”- Blink 182

21. “Torn”- Natalie Imbruglia

22. “Barbie Girl”- Aqua

23. “Tubthumping” – Chumbawamba (wait what? click it and you’ll remember it!)

24. “White Flag”- Dido

25. “The Sign” – Ace of Base

26. “I want it that way”- Backstreet Boys

27. “You gotta be”- Des’ree

28. “Never had a dream come true”- S Club

29. “Buffy theme”- Nerf Herder

30. “My heart will go on”- Celine Dion

31. “Remember The Time” & “You Are Not Alone”- Michael Jackson

32. “Waterfalls” & “No Scrubs”- TLC

Do you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? Because I do! Each of these songs I can associate with a memory. Growing up dancing around my living room with my brother to the buffy theme song, my hair in two pigtail braids whipping around. Willow Smith I Whipped My Hair Back And Forth Way Before You Did. 😉 Singing and making up dance routines with my best friend in her basement. Hearing Michael Jackson music throughout the house as my mom cleaned.  Or just simply listening to music on my disc-men. That shit barely fit in my coat pocket. Isn’t that the point of music, to inflict emotion of a memory? A moment in time that was precious to you and probably still is.

Now some of these were very big 90’s tv show soundtrack factors…

In fact many of these may have even graced the scenes of 90’s teen drama Dawson’s Creek, which I am currently obsessing over, thanks to abcfamily playing reruns.


Ah the 90’s; the time when fashion was a little underrated and relaxed and actually attainable.


Queen of the side glance

In walks Joey Potter with her laidback tomboy chic look. She spoke fluent sarcasm, and was the 101013-katie-holmes-340[1]official queen of the “side glance.” With her crazy home life, and impressive brainiac skills which was her only ticket out of this small town. Joey was head over heels in love with her best friend Dawson. She spent her days pining for him, while she harbored interests in art and passed the time away working in the Capeside Ice House as a waitress. I have to admit I am secretly jealous of her little work aprons and effortless tomboy looks. I’ve always wanted one of those cool summer jobs that seemed so chill, but kinda trendy.


Joey’s look was pretty wash and go. Simple highwaisted jeans, jean or cargo-like shorts, plaid or flannel shirts, plain tees, and tennis shoes. Minimal to no accessories. She occasionally wore earrings. It wasn’t until her sister forced her into a burgundy colored lipstick. (and by force I mean actually grabbed her face and put it on her)Dawson-s-Creek-Season-1-101-Pilot-katie-holmes-5594112-876-658[1] that Joey even considered the idea that makeup exists. A little mascara and you’ve got a Joey inspired fresh face. Her hair on the other hand gets a little sassy from time to time, with effortless updos.


Outfit Inspiration


Makeup Inspiration

Hair Inspiration



Here’s my recreation of a Joey Potter 90’s look… #crappycellphonepics Holla!!! 😉


Here’s my insecure my name is Joey pose 😉

20150723_183316 20150723_183156

*For my Joey Potter inspired look*

-I had things in my own closet that I paired together-

A light denim pair of shorts

A plain gray tank top

*A plaid shirt (with the sleeves cut off)-

*which as you can tell I switched things up from tying it at the front or just leaving it loose.

A pair of imitation “toms” (lol)

No accessories

For my hair, I just threw it up with a clip (so 90’s) and pulled some strands out like she did. My makeup as I said, was the burgundy colored lipstick, some concealer, some powder, filled in my brows, added mascara, and an eyelid primer for good measure. Really basic.

   It was fun playing around with Joey’s style, it’s super chill and gives me a break from my at times fashionista ways.

What can I say, I’m just a Joey looking for her Pacey…;)



….Because spoiler alert, she soon looks past the hateful banter she shares with a certain other male friend and falls for Dawson’s much sweeter, much more charming, and far less self absorbed best friend Pacey Witter….I have a serious crush on Pacey, because he’s kind of perfect #PACEYSCREEK I blame my expectations of men on television.





*I do not take credit for the Dawson’s Creek photos, all others are my own.*

So were you #teampacey or #teamdawson?

And what was your favorite 90’s throwback song? If I missed any LET ME KNOW! 😀



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