Birthday Money Drugstore Haul!

QUICK BLOG NOTE: I just want to quickly apologize for not posting to schedule. I’ve been a little all over the place and I just started my new job, so I am just trying to settle into a new schedule. Things will get figured out SOON! 😀 Thanks for reading!

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Hola my drugstore makeup lovers!


Last weekend was my 25th Birthday. I celebrated by dressing up and going out to my favorite Mexican restaurant with a large group of some of my favorite people; some close friends and my family. I ordered a chimichanga (my favorite dish there,) and flan for dessert, while I sampled both pitchers of white and red sangria. *Spoiler Alert: The red was better. *Spoiler Alert #2- There was also salsa, homemade guacamole and tortillas as an appetizer. #Yes #Bliss

Oh and my parents got me the huge numbered balloons in GOLD…which I asked them for! 😉

As you grow older gifts tend to come in monetary form…and you know your girl is not complaining! So as the responsible “Adult” in me plans to put some in the bank, the blushing birthday girl full of excitement set aside a little fun spending money for some beauty products. Now as we get further into the prices and the products, I want to inform you that I understand that not everyone has the opportunity to be able to spend $50 on makeup in one shot. And trust me when I say I looked for the cheaper stuff because I wanted more bang for my buck (for lack of a better saying). I would not have spent that money if it wasn’t a gift meant to buy what I wish. With that being said let’s get into the haul!

I think for the most part, I bought some great items, which I will show you now… via crappy cell phone pics. #TakeMeAsIAm 😉



I set aside $50 of my birthday money to allow myself to splurge on some fun makeup and skin care products. Now even though this is drugstore makeup, it isn’t always super cheap, but I think I got a pretty good amount of stuff for $50. I visited my local Rite Aid first; gathering some new Simple skin care products. I have their foaming cleanser which I like and find really gentle on my skin. So being that I needed a moisturizer I figured I’d continue along with the brand. I’ve also heard loads of rave reviews about their Micellar Water so I picked that up as well, along with some Rite Aid brand cleansing pads for application purposes.



**For my guilty pleasure buys- meaning lip products and nail polish we kept it simple-

Sinful Colors- and LA Girl.

Sinful colors is my jam; cheap line and has a variety of colors.

In fact at my birthday dinner one of my friends was wearing the color “Let’s Talk” on her nails (the deep electric purple color pictured above) and I made a mental note to pick it up because I was obsessed, it’s a color you can just spot from across the room.

The LA Girl pick is a first for me trying out this brand, but it was there and I thought this shade GNL842-“Extra! Extra!” could pair well with the lighter frosty purple color “Let Me Go” or just by itself for the upcoming Spring season.

I also picked up this wet n wild eyeshadow palette in the Shade A229-“Coming In Latte.”


How gorgeous are these colors?


I have really been into the golds and browns lately, and this is just a gorgeous Palette and I am so excited to try it out!

Last but not least lip products were my last splurge items which I found in Walgreens. I featured a wet n wild Velvet Matte Lip Color in a prior post, which you can see how I styled the look HERE. And so I picked up this more muted berry color for a more natural look in the shade A366- “Berry Tales.”



What a nice neutral pink to pair with the eye shadow palette!



And I paired it with wet n wild’s megaslicks Balm Stain in the shade 161A- “Made You Pink”

So here’s to my exciting new adventure into trying out these new products. I can’t wait to try them and create fun new looks. And thank you to my Aunt Linda for the generous birthday gift, I certainly put it to good use and only had to add 20 extra cents. Now that’s impressive! 😉 #ShopSmart #LookForTheDeals


*All crappy cell phone pics belong to yours truly.*




Mini Drugstore Haul-Products Getting Too Expensive?

So I’ve never really done a makeup haul of any kind on this blog. I’m not one to shop for name brand makeup, I’m a drugstore makeup buyer. I keep my makeup routine pretty simple, if and when I choose to wear it on a daily basis, it’s just the basics- Under eye Concealer, Coverstick, Powder, Lip Balm, Brows, and maybe mascara. Sometimes I won’t even use mascara, I’ll just curl my lashes, and lightly pinch my cheeks for some color, instead of adding blush.

So when I noticed the products that I use everyday started to finish and some were a bit old, I went to pick up a few key products from my local Rite Aid.


prices for haul post

Facial Cleanser- (was originally $8.29…so I was happy to catch this product on sale, I love that it’s a foam facial cleanser.)


Make Up Wipes- (I buy the cheap ones! But still it only has 15 wipes, which is a bummer.)


Cover Stick (in Medium 802)- (I happen to like wet n wild products, and I needed a new cover stick and didn’t feel like breaking the bank.)


Under Eye Concealer (in Medium 130)- (I love this stuff, but wish it was cheaper, the applicator is really the perfect size and function to roll it onto those dark under eye circles.)


Mascara (Mocha 034)- (this mascara is pure hypoallergenic and volumizing and suitable for green eyes. I have hazel eyes but depending on the day they can look green. So I went for this one. I also have sensitive eyes so hypoallergenic is a must for me.) 


Liquid Eyeliner- (This is a new purchase for me, I’m trying to strengthen my wing game, because it’s pretty non-existent. As they say practice makes perfect, so being that this is a test run product, I went for the cheapest I could find. Thank you wet n wild.)


So I know these purchases are mostly pretty cheap, but the few that weren’t just kind of anger me. $9.49 for that tiny tube of concealer. Seriously. I paid $33.14 in total and only walked out with 6 items. Thankfully I had a $25 gift card so I didn’t have to add too much on, otherwise I probably would have gotten one or two things and left. In fact if I would have gone with my plan to purchase a new covergirl lipstick from their Oh Sugar line (which was $8) my total would have been in the $40 range FOR MAKEUP in a DRUGSTORE. It’s nonsense if you ask me. Which is why I steer clear from brand names. Drugstores should be ashamed for charging so much. Who’s with me?

What do you think of Drugstore prices on makeup?

*All photos are my own* #crappycellphonepics