Mini Drugstore Haul-Products Getting Too Expensive?

So I’ve never really done a makeup haul of any kind on this blog. I’m not one to shop for name brand makeup, I’m a drugstore makeup buyer. I keep my makeup routine pretty simple, if and when I choose to wear it on a daily basis, it’s just the basics- Under eye Concealer, Coverstick, Powder, Lip Balm, Brows, and maybe mascara. Sometimes I won’t even use mascara, I’ll just curl my lashes, and lightly pinch my cheeks for some color, instead of adding blush.

So when I noticed the products that I use everyday started to finish and some were a bit old, I went to pick up a few key products from my local Rite Aid.


prices for haul post

Facial Cleanser- (was originally $8.29…so I was happy to catch this product on sale, I love that it’s a foam facial cleanser.)


Make Up Wipes- (I buy the cheap ones! But still it only has 15 wipes, which is a bummer.)


Cover Stick (in Medium 802)- (I happen to like wet n wild products, and I needed a new cover stick and didn’t feel like breaking the bank.)


Under Eye Concealer (in Medium 130)- (I love this stuff, but wish it was cheaper, the applicator is really the perfect size and function to roll it onto those dark under eye circles.)


Mascara (Mocha 034)- (this mascara is pure hypoallergenic and volumizing and suitable for green eyes. I have hazel eyes but depending on the day they can look green. So I went for this one. I also have sensitive eyes so hypoallergenic is a must for me.) 


Liquid Eyeliner- (This is a new purchase for me, I’m trying to strengthen my wing game, because it’s pretty non-existent. As they say practice makes perfect, so being that this is a test run product, I went for the cheapest I could find. Thank you wet n wild.)


So I know these purchases are mostly pretty cheap, but the few that weren’t just kind of anger me. $9.49 for that tiny tube of concealer. Seriously. I paid $33.14 in total and only walked out with 6 items. Thankfully I had a $25 gift card so I didn’t have to add too much on, otherwise I probably would have gotten one or two things and left. In fact if I would have gone with my plan to purchase a new covergirl lipstick from their Oh Sugar line (which was $8) my total would have been in the $40 range FOR MAKEUP in a DRUGSTORE. It’s nonsense if you ask me. Which is why I steer clear from brand names. Drugstores should be ashamed for charging so much. Who’s with me?

What do you think of Drugstore prices on makeup?

*All photos are my own* #crappycellphonepics


4 thoughts on “Mini Drugstore Haul-Products Getting Too Expensive?

  1. All these products are great girl and hey a tip u can use tape for the outer corner of your eyes to help with that wing game of yours hehe 💕 miss you girl hope u been well.still have no phone hopefully soon I can get one.

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