TV Show Theme Songs/Introductions

You sit down on the couch, remote in hand.

And you turn on your favorite show.

You’re pumped and can’t wait to see if Ross and Rachel finally get back together.

But what makes all of that more sweeter?

The musical introduction of course!

The song you know by heart, and involuntarily bop along and sing to as it plays before you dive into the fictional world of your favorite characters.

I love television so much.

I love how you can be catapulted into a world of characters and experience their love and friendships throughout their journey. How you instantly feel like they become your family on that day, at that time. It’s like every week you can depend of them to make your day just a bit better.

And what I’ve learned about my love for television, is that the little bit of an intro matters to me. The song they choose- matters to me.

Because it has to reflect the show’s tone. And the images they place with it too. Of course theme songs are changed, modified, shortened, remixed, throughout the years. But still they set the tone for what’s in store for you and I for one don’t think television would be the same without them.

So let’s talk about some of my favorites- (in no particular order)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

This song was my brother’s and my jam. When we were little every time we would watch the show, the song would come on and we’d just rock out. #IWhipMyHairBackAndForth Girls who wore one or more braids in their hair….you know what I’m talking about.



What would life be like without this song? Unimaginable.  Friends. I’ll Be There For You. You know you clap clap clap when they do, admit it!

Beverly Hills 90210

This is one of the strictly instrumental theme songs out there, but I still get so happy whenever I hear it! Nostalgia.

The Fresh Prince of Bellaire

“In West Philadelphia born and raised….” Cue the rap props. If you know all the words to this song, dust off your shoulder cuz you are a bonified G. Am I right?

Living Single

Gurllllll…..that saxophone tho….


Saved by the Bell

Boy Meets World

There were three different songs, each better than the last!

Sister Sister

The theme song and intro got a little sassier as the girls got into their older years. Haha.

Lizzie McGuire

She was my queen and therefore this was our musical thrown. I may or may not have been obsessed with her tie dye outfit. 😉

That’s So Raven

Nostalgia is so cozy! Ya nasty! 😉 The old school Disney channel was EPIC!

7th Heaven

“Where can you goooo, when the world don’t treat you right, the answer is homeeee that’s the one place that you’ll find…” come on now!

Oh hey Jessica Biel, how you doing girl!


This show is my jam, I watch everyday before work!

Gilmore Girls

Do NOT get me started on my girl Carole King. This song is perfection and it’s like drinking a cup of tea (or ya know coffee coffee coffee) on a cold winter night. It’s just like a big hug!

Full House

If you don’t know this feel good song, where have you been?

Family Matters

One Tree Hill

Gavin… oh dear Gavin, I thank you for this and for being the introduction to the show that single handedly shaped my writer’s soul. Hearing this song  now, takes me back to watching this story unfold nearly every week with my best friend at my side as we tried to navigate middle school, high school and even the early stages of college. 9 Years people, 9 years, that’s commitment.

The OC

Who else wants to live in California? They make it seem so nice. 😉

Seth Cohen is my spirit animal!


“Whatever it takes, I know I can make it through!” Positive Messages! You know before they hit you with a shit ton of teenage drama. 😉 #ILOVEDSHAWN

The Walking Dead

If you read my blog you may know that The Walking Dead and I have suffered a recent break up. After Glenn’s death our relationship just wasn’t the same and I needed my space. But any time I hear our song, it just brings me back. Another instrumental, but it is so damn eerie, and it is so damn good! Those violins get me every time!

So Little Time

I cannot even tell you how this song can transport me back into time. Put me on a beach in a long sweater and some capris. Girls you know what I’m talking about, watch that intro!

Gossip Girl

Simple, but so effective. Whispers Whispers Whispers. “That’s a secret I’ll never tell, you know you love me. XOXO Gossip girl.”

City Guys & Hang Time

These two shows may not ring a bell with anyone. But they were my Saturday mornings! I don’t even really remember what channel they were on, but I loved them and I still remember their theme songs until this day.


Hannah Montana

I may or may not have been a little older than the target audience, but yea I was still a fan! #NoShame

Zoey 101

Sabrina the teenage witch

(Last one was always my fav!)

The Nanny

The Golden Girls



Theme songs are so important. I know that not all shows have them, or need to have them. But if they do, they have to be good, because years and years later they will stick with you and remind you of beautiful memories. As I wrote this post, the nostalgia was so sweet.

*I do not take credit for any videos, or music used.*


Zoom Zoom Zoom…

So today I’m going to geek out a bit…

A few weeks ago a random throwback came to mind…

Disney Channel’s Original Movie;

220px-Zenon21Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century, (1999)

Starring Kirsten Storms (Zenon) and Raven-Symone (Nebula)

Storms is best known for her past role as “Belle Black” on Days of Our Lives and currently known for her role as “Maxie Jones” on General Hospital. While, Raven- Symone is best known for her roles as “Olivia” on The Cosby Show, “Galleria” from Disney Channel’s The Cheetah Girls series and That’s So Raven’s “Raven Baxter.”


“Zenon” as I like to call it, is pretty much one of the best Disney Channel movies of the 1990’s and was about a girl who was way ahead of her time and ahead of the fashion curve, haha.


Check out that do’


If you know this movie consider yourself (and your childhood) Awesome. And in case you don’t (my sincere sympathies,) cuz it’s freakin’ awesome, it’s on Lizzie McGuire level awesome. (Show of hands, who else loves Hilary Duff??? Thanks for giving us Lizzie, Hils, like… all girls around the world, Thank you! #hannahmontanawho?)

Here’s the synopsis:


Zenon up in space not amused by earth life

Zenon Car is a trouble-prone 13-year-old girl who, in the year 2049 AD, lives on a space station with the rest of her family. When she runs afoul of Parker Windom, the owner of the station, Zenon is determined to be “incorrigible”, and as punishment is exiled to the worst place imaginable: The planet earth.(damn that’s a serious “grounding” haha get it?)

After several painful weeks of adjustment to her new surroundings, Zenon enlists the aid of her earthbound pals to return to her “real” home with evidence that the “respectable” Mr. Windom is up to no good. (via IMDb)

Check out some behind the scenes shots of Zenon’s Space Station Home!

ZSta2 ZStation

For a more in depth synopsis click here

Zenon: the Zequel was released in 2001.

Zenon: Z3 was released in 2004.

Guess you could say it was well received…hence a trilogy was born 😀

And here’s some clips:

Zenon & friends talk about life on earth compared to life in space


Protozoa…in all his eccentric glory…hahaha

Zenon at her idol’s concert; Hit Boy Band “Microbe” concert w/ “Protozoa” as lead singer

(hahaha, makes science actually sound fun!)

…zoom zoom zoom make my heart go boom boom, my super nova girl! (yes that shit was fire!)

i would wear this proudly..i would rock this shizz

OMG… or should I say Zetus Lupetus! I would rock this shizzzz


Sing along with Protozoa…you know you want to 😉

Zenon meets a real horse

*Zenon* slang

basically consists of adding…

minor– (small) problemtumblr_lpc1fcLUM91qjzszto1_500

major– (big) problem

stellar– cool

lunarious– cute

…to the ending of your sentences

and for the ever popular Zenon phrase

ZETUS LUPETUS!- oh my gosh!

So basically in a nutshell the Zenon trilogy is a really fun, quirky, futuristic experience. If anything it lends imagination and unique ability to storytelling. I loved it as a kid, and when I think back on it I remember trying to dress like I was from space, just because I thought she was a rockstar! What can I say, I was a weird kid, and now I’m and even weirder adult. haha


So….have I peeked your interest?

Come on….give Zenon a chance!

*I do not take credit for any of the images*