Distant Shadows


 A young woman sits at a bar alone; not drinking.

A young guy walks in and sits down next to her, his face unreadable.

“Did you tell her?”

“Yea. Unfortunately.”

“How’d she take it?”

“To say she was less than thrilled would be an understatement.”

(sighs) “I’m sorry.”

“Yea… right.”

“I am. I never meant for this to happen.”

“Didn’t you? I mean this is what you wanted all along, isn’t it…me… all to yourself?”

(whispers) “No…not like this.” (louder) “I definitely did not want this; I’m not ready for it!”

“Well…it is what it is.”

“So… she ended it?”

(sarcastically) “No, we’re still together.”

“What I meant was… did she end it… completely, like there isn’t even a chance for you guys to work it out?”

“No- not a chance.”


“You’re pregnant…I mean its bad enough I cheated on her in the first place, but now you’re actually pregnant- she wants a divorce. So yea…it’s over.”

“I don’t really care for your attitude right now. Nor do I understand it.”

(laughs) “You come out of nowhere and destroy my life, and you don’t like my attitude.”

“You know-your reality of this situation is hilarious. This isn’t only my fault. You’re not exactly innocent here. I didn’t know you were married when we were together all those nights. You made it pretty easy for me to assume you weren’t when you hid your ring. Also if I destroyed your life so much, then why couldn’t you leave me alone. Or did I imagine the incessant calling and texting me every free minute you got.”

“You never asked if I was married.”

“Wow…you are unbelievable. I don’t blame her for wanting to divorce you; you have no respect for her or me, you have no respect for anyone. You deserve whatever comes to you. I hope she bleeds you dry… takes you for every penny.”

“Now that’s no way to talk to the father of your child, now is it?”

“You may be my child’s biological father, but make no mistake I don’t need you, or your money.”

“I’d like to see you try and make it by on that teacher’s salary of yours.”

(laughs) “Plenty of women do it every day. Don’t you worry, I’ll be fine.”

The woman gets up to leave.



(tone softens) “Where can I reach you?”

“You can’t.”


“No. I’ve had enough of your games…you need to learn how to take responsibility for your actions, and grow the hell up. And I won’t be your test subject. I’m done.”

“What… so you’re just gonna raise this baby by yourself?”

“Don’t worry; I’ll take care of it.”

Woman exits bar, Guy orders a drink.

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The Unconvential Interview


So I randomly came across this scene saved on my computer, it was a scene I wrote in college for my screenwriting class. And I just thought I’d take a read and I actually really dug it, especially the last line. #swag #sassy So hope you enjoy!


 Abby rushes into the prestigious looking building and runs up a large flight of stairs stumbling along the way, she reaches the front desk.

Abby: (out of breath) “Hello my name is Abby…Abigail Reeves; I’m here for an interview with-”

Secretary: “Mr. Drake. Yes we have you on the list. Mr. Drake’s last meeting is going over just a few minutes he’ll be right with you. You can have a seat.”

Abby: “Oh- ok great. Thank you,” (she breathes a sigh of relief.)

A few moments later a young handsome looking man sits down next to her and gives her a slight smile, she smiles back.

Young man: “Hi.”

Abby: “Hi.”

Young man: “Here, for an interview?”

Abby: “Yes…can you tell on account of my nervousness?”

Young man: “Just a bit.”

Abby: “I just- I really want this.”

Young man: “Why? … I mean why would you wanna work for Drake Designs? Ryan Drake is a total tool, he’s completely unoriginal and his fall line is a complete joke.”

Abby: “I- don’t mean to be rude, but I can’t say that I agree with you…no in fact you’re way off base.”

Young man: “Is that so?”

Abby: “Yes! Ryan Drake is inspiring. His fashion is like art. I look at his line and I think to myself… that is a man who knows how to design for a woman. Not a lot of guys can do that. He looks at what women actually want to wear. it’s not always high heels, and short skirts. Sometimes it’s about comfort and feeling great in your sweat pants. I mean- I guess you just don’t understand that?”

Young man: “I guess not…Maybe he’s gay.”

Abby: “Could be, but that wouldn’t change the fact that he’s incredibly talented. He has an intense gift for fashion.”

Young man: “Hmm, – so you like fashion?”

Abby: “I love it, it’s my passion. Ever since I was a kid, I loved playing dress up…I loved putting outfits together and matching different colors and patterns. Finding the perfect accessory to match. I just… it’s in my veins.”

Young man: “You know you sound like your cut out for the fashion world.”

Abby: “Oh- from your lips to god’s ears!”

Young man: “Do you have any artwork? Any sketches of your own designs?”

Abby: “Um- yea.”

Young man: “Let’s take a look.”

Abby: “…I suppose I could show you a few, my interview should be in just a moment; I wouldn’t want to make him wait.”

Young man: “We’ll make it quick…(glancing over the sketches) These are incredible; you have a definite eye for fashion.”

Abby: “Thank you so much. It’s not every day you get complemented by a perfect stranger.”

Young man: “That’s very true.”

Secretary: “Oh Mr. Drake, I didn’t realize you had finished your meeting, this is Abigail-”

Young man: “Reeves… we’ve met.”

Abby: (shocked) “Um…”

Young man: “It’s good to know you enjoy my designs; your eye for detail would be a great asset to our company.”

Abby: “Wait- Your Ryan Drake?”

Young man: “Yes.”

Abby: “But you’re so young?”

Young man: “I graduated F-I-T a year early.”

Abby: “I’m such a fan of your work; I guess I should have checked to see what you looked like!”

Young man: “Well you wouldn’t find much, I keep a pretty low profile, let’s me sneak around and get to know people as the real me. You’d be surprised how many people we get in here who just care about the celebrity of the fashion world.”

Abby: “And here I am just thinking it’s an added bonus,” (she giggles.)

Young man: (smirking) “You’re funny. That works for me.”

Abby smiles shyly.

Young man: “Well I guess now we’ll have a lot of time to get to know each other, Ms. Reeves.”

Abby: “Abby- Abigail.”

Young man: (extending his hand) “Abby. We’ll see you on Monday.”

Abby: (shaking his hand) “Thank you so much.”

Young man: “Your welcome,…Oh and just to clarify… I’m not gay,” (he says winking and heading into yet another meeting.)

Abby’s jaw drops, as her stomach flips with butterflies dancing about.


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Dissect A Scene: The “Burzek” Break Continues #ChicagoPD

Ok so I’m going to level with you here…this is more of a dissect an episode…based on all Burzek moments post engagement break up. This past Wednesday’s 3×13 episode of Chicago PD entitled “Hit Me,” was the first episode after Kim Burgess gave back the engagement ring Adam Ruzek proposed to her with. The break up scene was just that…breaking…heart breaking. And you can read my scene dissection on that particular moment HEREI think this break-up is seriously crushing my soul, tumblr_nvikeoUUHL1sp3bh6o1_1280[1]because I’ve been with this couple from the very beginning- from the awkward moments, to the flirtation, to the first “I Love You’s.” It’s been a joy to watch. So now that the two have broken up my Chicago PD is missing it’s Romance factor. And you know how I love my love stories! Sure, we still have Linstead (Detectives Erin Lindsay & Jay Halstead) and I love them, but they are a different kind of couple. They are in the very early stages of their relationship, and they aren’t as out with the PDA as Burzek was. Oh how it hurts to use the past tense. I have watched these scenes over and over. I have even rewatched the episode in it’s entirety. It doesn’t get any easier seeing these two apart.  

Anyway… Here are the scenes:

In the first scene we see Burgess coming in and talking to Sergeant Platt about the agenda for the day. Burgess asks to talk to Platt in private once Platt busts out the obvious (that she and Ruzek broke up.) Now it’s been known that Platt and Burgess have had their weird bittersweet friendship since Season 1. Platt called the fact that Burgess and Ruzek wouldn’t make it to the altar, and she’s not really letting Burgess forget that. And now that Platt is engaged to Chicago fireman Mouch, she’s one upping Burgess as she plans her own wedding. But when Burgess asks Platt to sign off on a transfer out of the station, Platt throws her hands up and protests the decision. She surprisingly becomes a confident as she notices this whole situation is tearing Burgess apart. “Are you okay?” Platt asks followed by Burgess’ tearful “No.”

“You just sit here, and you feel what you need to feel,” Platt returns as she offers Burgess a chair. Marina shines in this vulnerable moment, and you can tell that underneath all the bluster and the hard times Platt gives Burgess, she actually deep down cares about her well-being and wants her to stick around. Burgess looks the part of a girl who just had her heart broken. Sure, she got up and managed to get dressed in her uniform, but her hair is in a laid back, messy, thrown up pony tail, her face and eyes are puffy and red, like she’s been crying all night. Yup sounds about right. All the while she strives to remain professional and do her job.

The second clip in this video, shows Ruzek and Atwater on an assignment for a case involving a casino. As they walk through they talk about the break up. Ruzek’s response to Atwater’s “Wait so it’s over…like over over?” is “I don’t know, you’re gonna have to ask her that. I mean she gave the ring back.” Ruzek’s later comment of “Anyway, moving on, right?” could be a red flag for our Burzek hearts, because it’s either let’s move on from this painful subject. OR I’m moving on from Kim Burgess. Judging by further scenes in this episode I’d say the first makes most sense. Adam Ruzek is clearly still very much in love with Kim Burgess.

This collection of scenes are the only interaction the two have since Burgess called things off. In the beginning we see Ruzek checking his phone, hoping for a call from her. Then we see him jump and turn at the sound of Burgess’ partner Roman’s voice, signaling he knew Burgess was in the room too. Burgess looks over at him awkwardly as he stares at her with puppy dog eyes and the saddest face ever. OH MY HEART! Seriously though Paddy is killing the puppy dog eyes this whole episode, I was just freaking out! (Legitimately kicking and screaming like a toddler.) Burgess looks away quicker than Ruzek, Ruzek’s stare lingers…which let’s be honest is WHAT WE LOVE about these break up story lines.

The following clip comes after Burgess and Roman just suffered a car crash while patrolling. Burgess is talking to a fellow cop, reporting what happened as we see a very determined Ruzek making his way toward her in a rather quick hasty fashion. He walks straight up to her, touching her face to check out the cut on her head. There’s really no hesitation on his part, as he asks her “Kim, are you okay?” Ruzek has always been very concerned about Burgess on the job since she got shot in Season 2. He always checks in on her, and he’s very protective, it’s the cutest freaking thing. You can tell that by the numerous times Ruzek’s made the same gesture when they were together.[See scenes 1, 2, & 3] The fact that he didn’t even think to do it again, shows he still loves her and still cares for her safety. Burgess on the other hand pulls back, making light of the accident and signifying she can’t take being this close to him. Ruzek grabs her shoulders and asks her how she’s doing with everything else- meaning the fact that they just called off their engagement- oh I don’t know- a day ago. Burgess again says she’s fine and asks how he is. In which Ruzek’s next response breaks Burzek hearts EVERYWHERE when he says “You’re fine. Really? Cause I’m terrible.” Let it be known that Ruzek looks kind of a wreck too, puffy face, full messy beard. Burgess responds to his honesty awkwardly by saying she’s sorry to hear that and then makes an excuse to walk away. Ruzek looks broken. Burgess looks flustered and equally broken. Though she hides it well.

This last scene is a scene between the two powerhouse women of the show; Kim Burgess and Erin Lindsay. I knew these two would be magic once they got a scene together. It’s about damn time! Look at Lindsay trying to play like she’s not also dating a fellow cop #Linstead. 😉 But seriously she did have a good point. Gender stereotypes and stigmas unfortunately do exist in many professions. Anyway what I love about this scene is how open Lindsay is. How she’s trying to be a friend to Burgess. And I love when she asks “Cause it’s that hard to see him at work every day?” And you can tell the hesitation in Burgess’ voice as she says “Cause I feel really guilty for calling it off, but it needed to be called off.” Which I think pretty much sums up the whole entire Burzek break.

I think that Burgess’ feelings are completely authentic. Her knee jerk reaction to transfer out is what anyone who just broke off their engagement would do. In fact if you watched this show since Season 1, you know that in Season 2 Burgess asks Ruzek-what if they ever broke up, and ended up hating each other, she mentions she’d probably transfer out. Of course Ruzek uses his charm to console her, as he just kisses her and tells her they aren’t breaking up. Looking back at that, AH, I JUST CAN’T. I want to cry. Poor Burzek! Oh the irony! Are you writers laughing in the writer’s room? 😉 She obviously still loves him, which is why this is so hard for her. In her mind she thinks there’s a reason behind Ruzek having such a relaxed approach to planning their wedding and their life together. And now seeing him and still having feelings for him makes it nearly impossible to try and move on (DON’T MOVE ON….PLEASE DON’T MOVE ON!) or just simply do her job. A job that basically puts your life on the line enough, she doesn’t need to be emotionally distracted and get hurt because as Voight likes to say “her heads not on straight.”

There were also a few other scenes not featured online.

Voight checks in with Ruzek-


During the case they are working on in Intelligence, Ruzek seems preoccupied the whole day. Voight calls on him for an update and Ruzek is so busy checking his phone yet again, that he doesn’t here Voight. After Voight gets his attention Ruzek supplies the update and as the others begin to clear the room, Voight asks Ruzek if he’s got “his head on straight.” Ruzek replies “Yea. I just didn’t see this coming. I feel like I let her down.” Voight responds “That’s not what I asked you.” While Ruzek answers “Yes. My heads on straight.” Voight responds “Okay.” With a pat on Ruzek’s back in understanding. THESE POOR COPS. It’s like they have to check their emotions at the door when they come to work. My god, I can only imagine the pressure. I mean people have to do things like that every day; separate their personal life from their professional. But when dealing with heart break and when you WORK WITH THE PERSON. I CAN’T. I have to admit though, from a writer’s stand point, this angsty stuff is GOLD. I just hate that sometimes the action and drama of the cases get in the way of the relationship stuff. I’m just hoping we don’t lose out on what this storyline can be, because they are too worried about delivering crazy cases and action packed scenes. It’s like okay we get it’s a cop show, but you just put our Burzek hearts through the mud, you better deliver that story FIRST. I don’t care about criminals doing stupid things. Not after you dumped this heartache on me. SHOW ME MY BURZEK LONGING STARES. SHOW ME THE TENSION!

Roman and Burgess chat on patrol-

roman and burgess

Roman and Burgess have a very buddy type friendship. (Let’s hope it stays that way!) And so when they were on a drive to check out a suspicious situation, Roman says “Hey if you don’t wanna talk about it, that’s cool. But my cousin Matty thinks you’re hot. I told him I didn’t see it. But he wants your number.” Burgess kind of just laughs it off. (THANK YOU BURGESS!)

Mouse tries taking Ruzek’s mind off of Burgess-


Mouse (the tech guy) sees Ruzek having a few drinks at Molly’s. Ruzek looks down in the dumps, to say the least. Mouse saunters over with two girls by his side. He says something stupid like “Hey Adam I told Brynn here that you’re licking your wounds, turns out she is too.” Brynn sits down next to Ruzek (and instantly we hate Brynn) “So you’re a cop huh? You, must have a few crazy stories.” Adam says “Yea I got a few stories.” He then looks at her and asks “Brynn is it? I’m sorry I’m just not…” And he gets up to leave. Brynn looks unphased and says “No problem.” Adam walks out of the bar. Let’s put a new spin on “Bye Felicia”…”Bye Brynn.”  I LOVE THIS SCENE and I hate it at the same time. SERIOUSLY WHAT IS UP with all the forces trying to get these two to move on from each other. They JUST broke up. Give them a minute to breathe, and you know come to the conclusion that they love each other like crazy and can’t live without each other, and have to get back together. I love the scene because ordinarily Ruzek has a pretty flirty nature. But when he and Burgess got together, it was like she become his world. He really only focused on her. Seriously you have to see how he acted with her, always kissing her, always wanting to be with her, always complimenting her. Homeboy even COOKED for her. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is! And even now that she broke things off, he still can’t fathom flirting with some other girl. Like I said before I think we may be seeing a new side to Adam Ruzek. I just hope the writers don’t pull another irony boost and let Ruzek get drunk and sleep with some rando (same goes for Burgess!) WE DON’T WANT TO SEE THAT!

In a nutshell, I think Adam is completely unaware of what is really going on with Kim. I think he’s been too caught up in the engagement bubble, that he hasn’t been noticing the signs of her growing frustration. Or at least he wasn’t taking them as seriously as he should have. While Kim feels that she needs to let him go, because this isn’t what he wants. But both are heart broken by not being together. My advice is for Burgess to play the hard to get card a little bit, I think it’s working for her for right now. I think it’s making Ruzek think. But I also give Adam so much credit for confronting Kim. I love that he was so honest about his feelings. How he feels terrible that they aren’t together. Most guys would just pretend they were cool, and just remain stoic. I think there needs to be more of that honesty (on both of their parts.) I think Adam needs to fight for Kim, get her to talk to him. I think they need a little distance, but not so much that it makes one of them do something stupid, or makes one of them start to move on. I think Kim needs to let Adam in on why she did what she did, because guys aren’t prone to realizing what they do wrong. Or at least Adam isn’t, he honestly just seems completely lost in confusion. She also needs to hear him out and there definitely needs to be more communication. They need to talk, like really talk about what went wrong and why. And I am just dying for Ruzek to just be like “But I love you…” followed by a big emotional speech. YES. PLEASE.

Anyway I know that this was a lot of emotional rambling and kind of long winded. And a less than eloquent dissection. But I just needed to vent. This Burzek break is messing with my feelings guys. I feel so bad for both of them. “But Michelle, it’s just a TV show, it’s not real,” you may say. UM, I’m sorry do you know me? I love TV! I love storytelling. I love the arcs of a love story! I am a writer! This is my bread and butter. Taking this stuff seriously is part of my love for television and my passion for creating stories myself. Like I always say watching TV is my research for when I can one day write for my own. And yes it’ll be a drama, because duh? 😉

So writers please don’t let me down here. Give me something I can work with.

I have a feeling I’ll be back here analyzing more Burzek scenes, because this is what is going to get me through this Burzek Break. When in doubt, blog about it!

Until next time, friends.

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Dissect A Scene: The “Burzek” Breakup #ChicagoPD

This past Wednesday’s episode 3×12 of Chicago PD entitled “Looking Out For Stateville” hit Burzek (Kim Burgess & Adam Ruzek) fans pretty hard with Kim making a surprisetumblr_nvikeoUUHL1sp3bh6o1_1280[1] ending to she and fiancé Adam’s recent engagement. I myself am a huge Burzek fan, I’ve lobbied for them since Season 1. And have really rallied behind their engagement, but this whole season has kept me weary. This scene was the last minute of the episode and it broke my heart, it has been on my mind all week and I have to speak on it!

Read this article [Spoilers involved!] to learn more about the growing frustration behind Burgess’ decision, along with Marina Squerciati’s commentary on her character’s choice.

As the engagement high seemed to fade, Burgess began wanting to make plans and move she and Adam’s life together forward. While, Adam began to play the avoidance game. This scene is the result of that hesitation.

The Dissection:

This scene in it’s entirety is just over a minute long, and yet it will have a fierce impact on the dynamic of the show. It’s held in a simple location; the convenient location of the police station’s locker room. The same locker room they go about their daily work lives in, the same locker room Ruzek proposed to her in, the same locker room these two have shared many emotional yet comforting conversations in relation to heavy days on the job, the same locker room they’ve snuck away to share private kisses and sweet moments. It’s a scene all about dialogue and small looks and silences- it’s essentially nothing fancy. There are no guns, no car chases, no bad guys to take up our time. Just two people, getting their hearts broken.

The scene is basically a one sided dialogue as Kim gets to the realization that Adam is not ready to settle down.  Adam’s reactions are minor as he tries to make light of things and act like Kim’s words aren’t valid, wondering why she’s thinking this way. Although he doesn’t exactly tell her she’s wrong. He doesn’t fight for her in that moment, she tells him he’s off the hook and hands him back the engagement ring.

It isn’t until she does that and walks away, that we see how great of a loss this is for Adam, as he chokes out “Kim” after her retreating figure as his eyes stay glued to the ring in his hand. That right there broke my heart. I think the audience has been with Burgess this whole time, feeling her frustration with him. And although we support her decision, in that moment we all feel for Ruzek, because it’s evident that he does in fact love her, and he doesn’t want her to walk away from their relationship.

Marina Squerciati really shines in her vulnerability. You can tell it is taking all of Burgess’ strength to finally make this decision. And that is absolutely conveyed in Squerciati’s calm, rational, kind delivery. Kim Burgess loves Adam Ruzek, and her letting their relationship go is her understanding that maybe he’s just not in this, therefore preventing an even greater heartache in the future, if she waited it out. No woman wants to stay with a man who doesn’t actually put his plans for marriage into action. He did ask her. He knew it was soon, but he didn’t care. He wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.

Patrick John Flueger plays these tough emotional scenes like a boss. Ruzek’s character has this appeasing nature. He’s constantly bringing the nervous and over thinking Burgess down back to earth. Burgess can kind of become like a scatter brain and rattle on and he’s got a flirtation and charm that just works. Although in his small contributions to the dialogue in this scene and his ducking behind the locker, you notice that he’s realizing he’s been in a state of avoiding moving his relationship forward. His subtle looks tell all. Yet to him, he didn’t see this coming.  

But I knew this break was coming. I didn’t know how it was going to happen, and I hoped that it wouldn’t but I felt something bad was bound to happen. I am however, happy that it was Burgess who ended it, because I think everyone (**cough**Platt**cough**) figured that because of Ruzek’s list of failed engagements, he’d be the one. I just hope these two can find their way back to each other, because they truly have a love that makes you root for them. And I truly hope they don’t try and have Sean Roman make a play for Burgess because he seemed to be very vocal about Ruzek’s resistance. I think Burgess and Roman are better off as partners. Besides Lindsay and Halstead are doing the whole partner/dating thing right now, and they’re doing it well. Let’s leave that to them.

I cannot wait for this week’s episode, it sounds pretty damn good!

I just hope that Ruzek fights for her!  Regardless this break up is going to cause major tension and it is going to be heart breaking but let’s face it, sexy. You know Ruzek is going to be throwing some longing stares, Burgess’ way. I have a feeling we are going to see a sign of Ruzek we haven’t really seen yet. Sure we see how much he loves her, but now we get to see him elevate that, because now he’s lost her. Now he has to grow up. And I’m also super eager to see how Burgess is going to handle working with him, should definitely be interesting.

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Michaela walks into the elevator, she presses the button for her floor.

The doors slowly close.

She begins to hear one of her favorite songs playing over the speaker.

She smiles and closes her eyes for a second, listening.

Give me love like never before,
‘Cause lately I’ve been craving more,
And it’s been a while but I still feel the same,
Maybe I should let you go.


The elevator stops on the next floor, she hears the doors open.

Opening her eyes she is faced with a young good looking man.

He smiles at her. She smiles back.

He gets in, pressing the button for his floor, and then steps beside her.

Michaela is suddenly nervous.

The man glances over at her.

Michaela ignores the awkward tension that has apparently filled the elevator the moment he stepped in.

Although she could swear she’d never seen this man before, there was something she couldn’t put her finger on.

At this point the man turns to her yet again.

She’s had it and turns toward him.

Staring at him blankly.

Caleb: I’m sorry. Forgive me. I’m staring.

Michaela: That’s kind of obvious, but it’s not obvious why?

Caleb: I just, I feel like I know you…from somewhere.

Michaela: I guess I just have one of those faces.

Caleb: No…it’s more than that. I can feel something. Like a memory.

Michaela: (rolls her eyes) Look I’m gonna be completely honest with you here, I’m not in the mood to be hit on by yet another guy who isn’t ready for a real relationship. Been there done that, and I am so over boys disguising themselves as men. Wearing a suit doesn’t make you one.

Caleb: (laughs) That’s not what I’m trying to do. But it’s good to know.

Michaela: (softening) I’m sorry. (she laughs) It’s been one of those morning. You know when everything in the world decides to go wrong. I guess I’m just stressed.

Caleb: Hey no harm no fowl. (he holds his hands up in mock surrender)

Michaela smiles and takes a sip of her coffee unsure of what to say next.

She anxiously looks at the floor levels as they pass by;

17, 18, 19…

Is no one else needing to take the elevator this morning? She thinks.

20, 21, 22

Just as her floor is about to approach, the elevator drops, the lights dim, and there are noises that Michaela knows can only symbolize bad news.

The elevator halts.

Michaela’s stomach flips.

This has always been a fear of hers.

She wasn’t good in small spaces.

Michaela and The man exchange looks

Michaela: No?

Caleb: Looks like we’re gonna be here for a while.

Michaela: No. We can’t. Are we stuck? We can’t be stuck.

Michaela looks around frantically. She begins to press buttons like crazy.

Caleb: Hey hey, I don’t think you should do that. It may make things worse.

Michaela: What could be worse? I have so much to do today. And I am going to be late to my presentation. Oh my god I can’t breathe.

Caleb: Ok. Look at me, Ok?

He grabs her hands and looks her in the eyes.

Caleb: Take a deep breathe in,

Michaela follows his coaching

Caleb: And now breathe out.

Michaela breathes out.

Caleb: Ok let’s try it slower.

Michaela slows down her breathing but she’s still in a bit of a nervous panic.

Caleb: Just look at me. Focus on me. Breathe. You’re okay. I got you. This is just a momentary feeling, you’re having a bit of a panic attack, it’ll pass.

Michaela: And what if it doesn’t, what if we never get out of here?

Caleb: We will. I’m going to press the emergency button now ok. Someone is gonna come help us.

Michaela: Ok.

Caleb: Can I leave you for just a minute?

Michaela nods reluctantly, her grip on his hands tightening.

Caleb: Ok, I’m right here. I’m not going anywhere. (smiles) Come on, come over here.

The man brings Michaela over to the panel.

He presses the emergency button with one hand as he holds onto her hand with his other.

“Emergency services how may I help you?”

Caleb: Um hi, hello. We are currently in the elevator and it seems to have stalled or stopped in between floors.

“How many passengers are in there with you?”

Caleb: Just one. Me and a young woman.

“Are you both ok?”

Michaela looks at him with worry in her eyes.

Caleb: Um yes, but we need to get out of here. Soon.

Michaela: Please, please send someone to help, I can’t be in here much longer.

“Ma’am do you have any medical issues?”

Michaela: No I just hate small spaces. I’m a bit claustrophobic, and you need to get me out of here before the walls close in.

“I understand ma’am, just try to stay calm. Take deep breathes, if you have some water take small sips or chew some gum. I will get a repair man over there for you now.”

Michaela: Thank you.

“I will keep you posted on his progress.”

Caleb: Thank you ma’am.

Michaela closes her eyes and leans her head back against the wall. She sighs anxiously.

Caleb: Hey, you’re gonna be okay. We’re gonna be out of here soon.

Michaela: I hope you’re right.

Caleb: Here, (he takes off his suit jacket and lays it on the floor.) Why don’t you sit?

Michaela sits.

The man kneels in front of her, reaching into his work bag he hands her a water bottle.

Caleb: Here, take small sips. It’ll help.

Michaela: (takes the bottle from him)

“Ma’am, sir? I have a repair man about 20 minutes away. You will be out shortly.”

The man smiles

Caleb: Ah look at that, good news.

He sits next to her.

Michaela: Thank god.

Michaela sips the water and starts to calm down a bit.

Caleb: How ya feeling?

Michaela: A little better.

Caleb: Good. (smiles)

Michaela: Thank you.

Caleb: Sure.

Michaela: I’m sorry, I just have this thing, with small spaces…

Caleb: Hey, I get it. Don’t even give it a second thought.

Michaela: You’re kind of a sweetheart.

Caleb: (smiles) Well at least that’s a step up from…what was it? A boy disguising himself as a man.

Michaela: (laughs) Yea. Again, sorry about that. (she winces, embarrassed) You are all man.

His eyebrows raise.

Michaela: Oh gosh…why did that sound sexual? I just meant that you know you seem like a gentleman.

Caleb: (laughs) I know what you meant.

Michaela: Ok. (she laughs nervously, her cheeks turning red.)

Michaela looks away.

Suddenly feeling strangely aware of the fact that this guy is gorgeous.

Caleb: Can I ask you a question?

Michaela turns back toward the man.

Michaela: Sure. It’s not like we’re going anyway.

They both share a laugh.

Caleb: Do you believe in soulmates?

Michaela: Hell yes.

Caleb: Can I ask, why?

Michaela: Because I believe that there’s someone out there that you’re just meant to be with. Your heart is meant to find their heart. And life will somehow align your lives. And you’ll meet and the rest is history.

Caleb: Or is the rest up to you? Or us? I don’t think that people realize that you have to do some of the work. Fate and destiny only go so far. Sometimes you need to take the leap.

Michaela: So you think, people need to make love happen? That’s not exactly the most romantic thing.

Caleb: No not necessarily. But I do think that we often let love slip away. Love isn’t always going to hit you like a lightning bolt. It may not even look like love at first glance. Love is in the quiet moments. In the small things you share with someone. Whether it’s someone you’ve known for years and start to see in a new light, or a stranger you get stuck in an elevator with.

Michaela: See but some may call that fate… or destiny. (she smiles)

Caleb: True, but like I said the rest is up to us. So what do you wanna do?

The elevator lights go off.

Michaela’s voice is heard in a soft whisper.

Michaela: Take the leap.

The elevator lights come back on.

Michaela and The man are holding hands.

They smile at each other.

As the elevator jolts and finally makes it to the next floor, the doors open.

The two of them gather their things and stand up.

Michaela begins to walk out, but the man pulls her back in, catching her off guard, he kisses her.

Michaela pulls away taken back, but a smile spreads across her face.

Michaela: What’s your name?

The man smiles.

Caleb: You really don’t remember, do you?

Michaela looks at him confused.

Caleb: Let’s just say the last time, fate decided to let you walk away from me. This time, I wasn’t leaving anything up to chance.

Michaela: Oh my god. Caleb? You-

Caleb: I’ve changed a lot over the years; lost weight, got contacts, and got a lifetime subscription to proactive. (he laughs)

Michaela: You look great.

Caleb: So do you. Your eyes still sparkle from a mile away.

Michaela: (blushes, and looks down at her feet) Will you call me?

Caleb: You can count on it.

Michaela hands him her card, and kisses him on the cheek.

Caleb: I’ll be seeing you.

Michaela: Yes you will.

-End Scene-

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Fight…or Flight? Part 2

Read Part 1 HERE

3 weeks later…

Dylan didn’t think it’d happen this quick.

Divorce talks and meetings with lawyers.

He hasn’t been home in weeks.

The only communication Dylan and Cassie have had is through text messaging, and lawyer exchange.

Dylan hasn’t been suiting up for the corporate world for days, he just hasn’t felt like he could brave the world, knowing his heart may just fall out of his chest, if Cassie decides to leave him, for good.

He thought they’d at least go through the terrible should we or shouldn’t we spell.

Have a few hundred bitter fights where she would spit hateful insults his way.

But there was none of that.

Instead Cassie was rather calm, rather quiet.

But mostly distant.

Which made Dylan all the more worried.

It’s 6:45 pm, she’ll be home in a few minutes.

“I need her to talk to me, this can’t be how this ends,” he thinks.

He paces the kitchen, awaiting her arrival.

He hears her key turning in the door.

“I’ve never been more nervous to see my own wife,” he thinks.

Dylan’s stomach flips, and his heart begins to pound.

Cassie opens their apartment door, to find Dylan sitting across from her at the kitchen island.

She walks in and places her purse and keys on the kitchen counter, without a word. With her back to Dylan she makes her way to the fridge and takes out a bottle of chilled wine, she grabs a glass and pours herself some.

Dylan watches her, waiting.

He notices her rings aren’t on her finger anymore. It’s an instant ache in his heart. He plays with his wedding band that sits on his left hand, rightfully so.

Dylan also notices Cassie’s wearing a fitted pencil skirt, he always liked how they hugged her curves.

It was one of the many perks of marrying a powerful businesswoman.

The power couple, taking over the world.

Cassie walks into the living room.

Dylan sighs.

As Cassie passes him by, he smells her perfume.

It’s the little things that you miss when you realize you’re about to lose the love of your life, all over your own stupidity, he thinks.

Cassie takes off her high heels and tosses them in the corner, before sitting on the couch and turning on the tv.

Dylan looks over at her. He gets up hastily.

He stalks over to the living room, blocking the tv and her view.

Cassie looks at him, and then looks away unfazed.

She reaches for the remote and shuts the tv off, she gets up and starts to walk away.

Dylan: Cassie.

Cassie: What? (she sighs heavily)

Dylan: Are we ever going to talk about this? Ever?

Cassie: We don’t have to.

Dylan: I think we do.

Cassie: Whatever I needed to say, I said to my lawyer, she’ll relay the message.

Cassie begins to walk up the stairs to their bedroom.

Dylan follows.

Dylan: I’d rather here it from your mouth, then some lawyer’s.

Cassie: Well, turns out I don’t really care what you want. (she whips around and crosses her arms)

Dylan hides a smile.

There she is. There’s my girl, he thinks.

Dylan: Now we’re talking.

Cassie: What?

Dylan: You’re finally being honest.

Cassie: (laughs) Like you would even know what that word meant.

Dylan: Cassie I know that what I did was unforgivable…

Cassie: You’re right, it is. We agree. Are we done here?

She walks into their bedroom and goes to shut the door.

Dylan rushes after her, stopping the door from closing.

Dylan: No. We’re not done. Not even close.

Cassie locks eyes with her husband for a brief second.

And for a minute she almost forgets.

Cassie softens, and then shakes it off and turns away from him.

Dylan: What? I saw that….Cassie what?

Cassie: How could you do this?

Dylan: Believe me it wasn’t planned-

Cassie: Don’t. Don’t give me that, “it just happened” bullshit. It’s straight from the cheater’s manual. I deserve better than that. I want to know how? How could you physically do this? At what point did you stop remembering that you had a WIFE! Sitting at home, waiting for you.

Dylan: Cassie. I love you, so much and I am so sorry. There aren’t enough words in the English language for me to even begin to try and explain how sorry I am. I don’t even know where my mind was that night. There aren’t any excuses, there’s just alcohol, stress, and really really bad judgment. You have to believe me, it meant nothing.

Cassie: I don’t have to believe you. I know our life hasn’t been easy. I know we haven’t been us in a while. But you fail to realize that those outside factors were circumstances beyond our control. Things that can’t be explained. All the family stresses. I know it’s been hard on you, and I’ve tried being there for you, but you didn’t let me. We’re supposed to be a team, and you forgot. Life isn’t ever going to be perfect. We are never going to be perfect.

Dylan: I don’t need perfection, I just need you.

Cassie looks at him.

Dylan: As far as I’m concerned, you’re pretty perfect as it is.

Cassie: Dylan just stop it.

Dylan: It was a mistake Cassie, please can we find a way to rebuild this. I know it’s going to take time, but-

Cassie sits silently on their bed, facing him as he stands in the door way.

Dylan: Cassie?

Cassie: You don’t think I’ve had guys hit on me, since we’ve been married? I’ve had guys hit on me our entire relationship. But I never, not once, let them think they had a shot. Never did I forget about you. Because I knew what it meant to be in love. Nothing was worth risking what we had. I loved you and that was all I needed to know. But you know, I guess that’s just the difference between you and me.

Dylan: Cassie, Cassie please don’t let my stupid mistake, erase everything we had. I love you. Cassie, please. Baby I’m so sorry. (he walks over to her and kneels in front of her, grabbing her hands tightly.)

Cassie: It’s funny. I do believe that you’re sorry. And I know that you know, you made a mistake. But I just can’t shake this feeling that it’s very convenient for you to realize all your wrong doings after you had sex with another woman. Because I am sure that you were having a ball during it. And I’m also sure I wasn’t even a thought in your mind. It wasn’t until you had to sneak back home that night that it finally hit you. Or am I giving you too much credit?…maybe it wasn’t until you were showering off the guilt, or maybe it wasn’t until you had to face me day after day, night after night,  sharing a bed, the bed we’ve been together in as husband and wife… and you never said a word. You just let me think it was me, that I was the one driving you away.

Dylan:  I never meant to hurt you.

Cassie: Hey…you wanted honesty.

Dylan: I did. And I deserve every little bit of it. I’m just so glad your talking to me. This time apart, not being able to see you or know what’s been going on in your mind…it’s been killing me.

Cassie: Good.

Dylan: Cassie…Hey (he cups her face) I love you.

Cassie softens.

Cassie: I guess this is the price you pay, huh?

Dylan: What?

Cassie: For falling in love. You put your trust in someone, you give them your heart and you pray that they handle it with care. But it isn’t always like the fairytales.

Dylan: (tears begin to fill his eyes) Cassie- (his voice cracks.)

Cassie’s tears stream down her face.

She cups Dylan’s face and leans in, as she kisses him, softly.

Cassie pulls away and looks at him, stroking his face, she smiles faintly.

Dylan: I love you.

Cassie: I love you too. But this is where our story ends.

Dylan’s tears fall as he hangs onto his wife for the very last time.


Fight…or Flight?

I’m going to switch gears a little bit this week. I know I’ve been posting Love Conflicted chapters lately and I just feel like it’s oversaturating my blog with that one story. And maybe you guys aren’t into it that much. So anyone who has been reading along don’t worry, it will be finished. I will start posting new chapters in the near few weeks but I’m just going to take a little break. And get some new creative juices flowing.

Here’s a random scene…it literally just popped into my head as I sat here, thinking of what to post. I’m going to just go with it. Whether it turns into something long term or not…

I’ll call this one…

“Fight… or Flight?”

Dylan sees her sitting out on the porch, rocking in her white wicker rocking chair.

Her hair blowing in the summer night breeze.

She reaches over for her cup of tea.

Tea…she’s drinking tea.

She’s feeling anxious.

She’s trying to calm down.

He knows she’s upset.

Upset with him.

An inner struggle begins to build inside of him, his stomach is in knots.

What’s going on here?

Why can’t they seem to get on the same page. Ever.

I hate seeing her unhappy. But lately it seems like I can never say or do the right thing,

Dylan thinks.

Dylan decides to just swallow his pride and makes his way out onto the porch.

He walks out and leans on the fence overlooking the ocean view.

Their summer beach house was always a place of pure joy.

But something’s changed.

He feels her burning a whole through his head. Her eyes are on him. He can feel them. He could always tell.

Dylan turns around slowly to face her. He leans on the fence. Crossing his arms in front of his chest. His eyes finding hers.

Dylan: Can we talk?

Cassie looks at him. Her stare turning blank.

Dylan knows this isn’t going to be easy.

Dylan: I don’t know what you want from me, Cassie.

Cassie sighs and takes a sip of her tea.

Dylan: Will you talk to me please? What are thinking?

Dylan stares intently as if he’s trying to read her mind.

Cassie: How did we get here?

Dylan: Where?

Cassie: What do you mean where Dylan? This place, this awful place. This place where we barely see each other, we barely talk to each other. I feel like I don’t even know you.

Cassie’s eyes begin to well up and her voice cracks so she stops talking. She looks down at her hands, and plays with her wedding rings.

Dylan: (noticing) Hey. Cassie, baby (he kneels in front of her, taking her hands) we’ve only been married for a year and a half, and we’ve had a lot of stressful things come our way. You know people say that the first year of marriage is the hardest, now add all the extra stuff we’ve had to deal with and it makes sense that we’d feel a disconnect.

Cassie: Yea well the honeymoon phase went by real quick.

Dylan: It’s just been a stressful time. We’ll get through it.

Cassie: Will we? Because lately I just feel like you’d rather put a half a dozen extra hours in at work, than come home and see me.

Dylan hangs his head.

Cassie: You know you used to actually hate leaving me in the mornings, and you couldn’t wait to come home and have dinner with me. Do you remember that?

Dylan: Of course I do. That hasn’t changed.

Cassie: Oh yes it has. Something is different. The way you look at me is different. You barely touch me. What happened to us? Do you not want this anymore? Do not want me anymore?

Dylan: Cassie. Cassie. Please stop.

Cassie: God! (she stands up quickly in a huff) You know what? Screw you! You wanted to talk. For the first time, in god knows how long. And now you don’t wanna hear what I have to say. This marriage is heading straight down divorce lane, and if you can’t meet me half way to try and fix this, then that’s it. I won’t continue to carry this marriage by myself.

Dylan: (pacing, feeling anxious, like he’s going to burst) Cassie. Cassie. I slept with someone.

Cassie stills.

Minutes go by. Minutes that feel like hours to Dylan.

Dylan: Please say something.

Cassie starts laughing.


Dylan looks at her confused.

He doesn’t know what to make of her reaction.

Cassie wipes her tears; a mixture of tears from laughter and tears from heartbreak.

Cassie: I knew it. I knew it. And now I know I haven’t been completely insane. Wondering where you are…what you were doing. Your the reason for all of this. You did this. You wrecked us.

Dylan: Cassie I am so sorry. It didn’t mean anything. I was just going through something, I don’t know where my mind was-

Cassie is staring out into the ocean view, she’s miles away. Even more so then before.

Dylan: Cassie, please-talk to me.

Cassie: I’m done talking.

Dylan: Baby-

Cassie: (sighs heavily) I’m going to bed.

Cassie walks off back into the house, in silence.

Dylan sits on the porch, his head in his hands, knowing this may just be the beginning of the end.