The Unconvential Interview


So I randomly came across this scene saved on my computer, it was a scene I wrote in college for my screenwriting class. And I just thought I’d take a read and I actually really dug it, especially the last line. #swag #sassy So hope you enjoy!


 Abby rushes into the prestigious looking building and runs up a large flight of stairs stumbling along the way, she reaches the front desk.

Abby: (out of breath) “Hello my name is Abby…Abigail Reeves; I’m here for an interview with-”

Secretary: “Mr. Drake. Yes we have you on the list. Mr. Drake’s last meeting is going over just a few minutes he’ll be right with you. You can have a seat.”

Abby: “Oh- ok great. Thank you,” (she breathes a sigh of relief.)

A few moments later a young handsome looking man sits down next to her and gives her a slight smile, she smiles back.

Young man: “Hi.”

Abby: “Hi.”

Young man: “Here, for an interview?”

Abby: “Yes…can you tell on account of my nervousness?”

Young man: “Just a bit.”

Abby: “I just- I really want this.”

Young man: “Why? … I mean why would you wanna work for Drake Designs? Ryan Drake is a total tool, he’s completely unoriginal and his fall line is a complete joke.”

Abby: “I- don’t mean to be rude, but I can’t say that I agree with you…no in fact you’re way off base.”

Young man: “Is that so?”

Abby: “Yes! Ryan Drake is inspiring. His fashion is like art. I look at his line and I think to myself… that is a man who knows how to design for a woman. Not a lot of guys can do that. He looks at what women actually want to wear. it’s not always high heels, and short skirts. Sometimes it’s about comfort and feeling great in your sweat pants. I mean- I guess you just don’t understand that?”

Young man: “I guess not…Maybe he’s gay.”

Abby: “Could be, but that wouldn’t change the fact that he’s incredibly talented. He has an intense gift for fashion.”

Young man: “Hmm, – so you like fashion?”

Abby: “I love it, it’s my passion. Ever since I was a kid, I loved playing dress up…I loved putting outfits together and matching different colors and patterns. Finding the perfect accessory to match. I just… it’s in my veins.”

Young man: “You know you sound like your cut out for the fashion world.”

Abby: “Oh- from your lips to god’s ears!”

Young man: “Do you have any artwork? Any sketches of your own designs?”

Abby: “Um- yea.”

Young man: “Let’s take a look.”

Abby: “…I suppose I could show you a few, my interview should be in just a moment; I wouldn’t want to make him wait.”

Young man: “We’ll make it quick…(glancing over the sketches) These are incredible; you have a definite eye for fashion.”

Abby: “Thank you so much. It’s not every day you get complemented by a perfect stranger.”

Young man: “That’s very true.”

Secretary: “Oh Mr. Drake, I didn’t realize you had finished your meeting, this is Abigail-”

Young man: “Reeves… we’ve met.”

Abby: (shocked) “Um…”

Young man: “It’s good to know you enjoy my designs; your eye for detail would be a great asset to our company.”

Abby: “Wait- Your Ryan Drake?”

Young man: “Yes.”

Abby: “But you’re so young?”

Young man: “I graduated F-I-T a year early.”

Abby: “I’m such a fan of your work; I guess I should have checked to see what you looked like!”

Young man: “Well you wouldn’t find much, I keep a pretty low profile, let’s me sneak around and get to know people as the real me. You’d be surprised how many people we get in here who just care about the celebrity of the fashion world.”

Abby: “And here I am just thinking it’s an added bonus,” (she giggles.)

Young man: (smirking) “You’re funny. That works for me.”

Abby smiles shyly.

Young man: “Well I guess now we’ll have a lot of time to get to know each other, Ms. Reeves.”

Abby: “Abby- Abigail.”

Young man: (extending his hand) “Abby. We’ll see you on Monday.”

Abby: (shaking his hand) “Thank you so much.”

Young man: “Your welcome,…Oh and just to clarify… I’m not gay,” (he says winking and heading into yet another meeting.)

Abby’s jaw drops, as her stomach flips with butterflies dancing about.


*I do not take credit for the image used in my edit.*



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