Type A Personality

(See would I ever lie to you guys!…As promised here it is!…Type A Personality)


That need to know where I’m going

And where I’ve been

That thirst to be in total control

To feel safe and sound

The knowledge of that divine line between right and wrong

A planner

To do lists upon To do lists

Doubts in mind

Why? Oh why?

Make the list

Check it twice

Have a plan

To ease those doubts inside

But life is unpredictable

Punches are rolled with

Flows go with flows

Naive notions run wild

And the naughty in the nice is never truly seen by innocent eyes

P.S. Speaking of -A…

Catch PLL on abc family tonight @ 8pm! Who do you think A is?

Catch an ALL NEW Pretty Little Liars Tonight! (that’s assuming your a fan! Lol)

*Side Note: This is what I’m listening to while posting this…Click the link to find out! (Don’t worry it’s not J.T.’s #Suit&Tie, I’ve sang my praises on that one already! haha)

Anyway until tomorrow! ❤

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