What Girls Want…?

-Brooke Davis; One Tree Hill <3

-Brooke Davis; One Tree Hill ❤

“All girls really want is someone to want them back.”

It’s strange to look at the  smaller world around me, it consists of a lot of great family and friends, and we’re all at the age where we’re thinking more clearly about what we want for our futures, and who we want to be apart of them. 2012 was a year of many changes for my friends.

My Girlsssss ❤
Photo by Robert DeSantos Jr.

A few of my friends got boyfriends and one even got ENGAGED! It’s pretty crazy! So naturally you think about your life and what you want. A good friend of mine and I often joke around, how we’re the last ones standing, and sometimes it can be frustrating. So let’s discuss! 😉

What do girls want?…I’m going to give all the guys out there that are stuck somewhere between a boy and a man some helpful insight….but Shhhhh (you never heard it from me!)

Girls are CRAZY! Trust me I understand, we can say one thing and mean and think something totally different. And we expect you guys to just get it, when really you have NO FREAKIN’ CLUE. We analyze EVERYTHING and come up with the most ridiculous scenarios. (It’s OK I’m one of them…I can say this!) BUT the truth is… All girls really want is a guy who will care for them,

When in doubt watch The Notebook it’ll teach you everything you need to know hahahaha 😉

be there for them when things are stressful and they need a hand to hold or shoulder to cry on, someone they can laugh with, and be themselves around. Yea I mean without the makeup, or the high heels, or the perfect outfit and hair…I’m talkin’ sweats and junk food! 😉 Girls just want that chance to be a good girlfriend, to a guy who’s a good boyfriend. And to occasionally get flowers now and again wouldn’t hurt either! LOL Now that may sound like a long list, but when you actually think about it, is it really too much to ask for? Trust me…Chivalry is NOT dead, I don’t care what these rappers are saying these days (yes I’m aware I sound like I’m 40 hahaha…guess I have an old soul.) So Good Luck to you guys and gals out there looking for love! May the force be with you, friends! 😉205746

Like everything I do in life here’s some music to accompany these thoughts….These my friends are some songs of romance 😉 Enjoy!

Until we meet again cyberspace ❤

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