Who are you?


Tranquility ❤

What’s in a name?


Check out that kindergarten signature style haha 😉

Michelle: (2L’s people, 2L’s!) Means “Close to God.” Of French origin…feminine form of Michael: Who is like God…Gift from God.

Urban Dictionary: (I swear if you ever need a pick me up…look your name up on Urban Dictionary)

^^^^ Michelle: A good girl; someone who believes in doing the right thing at all cost. Believes in fate and has high morals. Dislikes lying and thinks family is important. At times can be stubborn and not think. Clumsy. Tends to be nice to people, but gets annoyed easily and doesn’t trust very well. Tends to have pretty eyes. Unique and often called odd. – Urban Dictionary

AriesAries Fact: Very friendly, intolerant to injustice and defends the weak.


Sunflowers are better …just sayin’

Birth Flower: Daffodil (although i prefer sunflowers, but watevs lol)

Symbolizes rebirth, respect, and unrequited love. hmmmm?

Aquamarine birthstones 3Birthstone: Aquamarine

Signifies peace and serenity; used to soothe and calm and alleviates fears and phobias. Releases anxiety and restlessness. I need to wear these suckers more often!!!!

So that’s me… WHO ARE YOU???

and just for the hell of it…



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