Wine is a Classy Lady ;)

So I think it’s safe to say that in another life I was living in an old cabin writing by a fireplace and sipping on some wine with some type of jazzy/bluesy record playing in the background… it’s a wonder that I’m such an old soul. I love wine…I mean I’m not into the whole big fancy brands and all, I’m pretty cheap actually. Whatever is 20 bucks and under and tastes sweet I’m in! There’s nothing like grabbing a glass of wine with the girls and talking about life and all it’s annoying mysteries 😉

It all started two years ago when I went upstate to Warwick New York, to visit family and went to a town festival; Apple Fest. It’s this amazing huge town festival where you can find booths selling anything and everything. You walk along and there are  booths


My friend Lauren picked up this adorable hand painted sunflower wine class for me, I had my eye on it during Apple Fest… how cute is it? ❤

with many types of foods, clothes, etc. My favorite booths are the jewelry booths, homemade jams, and of course wine!  It’s a long walk through town, but definitely worth it! The wine stand was Applewood Winery and they even allow taste tests of all the different flavors they offer. My favorite is Ruby’s Kiss.


This next bottle of wine is Beringer’s White Zinfandel Moscato,
My best friend Kate, actually introduced me to this and we’ve been hooked on it ever since! Many local restaurants carry it!


This last bottle of wine is a house hold favorite for me and my girl Lauren! she comes over and we break open what we like to call the “blue wine,” it’s on the sweeter side. This is Bartenura Moscato.

Moscato: Sweet Dessert Wine

Cheers <3

Cheers ❤

Get your wine on, classy ladies


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