Valentine’s Day… Yay or Nay?

       I think this day in age, a lot of pressure is put on Valentine’s Day. Girls expect their guys to plan something great and even if they do, sometimes it just never measures up to what you envisioned in your mind. If you ask me, I think if your guy doesn’t treat you like your special the rest of your days together, then what does it matter if he does on Valentine’s Day. After all when you think about it, it is just another day of the week, like Groundhog Day. I’m just trying to make sense of the fact that you don’t need to have the world handed to you on Valentine’s Day, all girls really look for is to spend time with their boyfriends or fiances or whatever type of relationship genre they may be in at the moment; jeez this whole dating thing is complicated isn’t it? LOL Girls really just want to know that you’re thinking about them. Gentlemen start your engines…


BUT…Don’t burn a hole in your pocket fellas!…

Chocolate & Flowers  ❤ #done

(then again you may have a crazy materialistic girlfriend…and for that I am sorry :P)


Happy Valentine’s Day ❤

P.S. If your single, you can have fun too…I had a “Valentine’s Day” Dinner last year that was the best Valentine’s Day Ever! I cooked, had some great desserts ready and my girls and I just talked, had champagne and really enjoyed ourselves. Valentine’s Day can be about the people you love in general, and my friends are my sanity and all deserved a great night!

Last Year she was my Valentine, but now she's upgraded ;) xoxo

Last Year we were Best Friend Valentines, but this year she’s upgraded 😉 #yougogirl xoxo

Little goodie bags for the girls <3

Little goodie bags for the girls ❤

Whatever you end up doing next week…

vday hateWhether you are one of these….


Don’t piss a girl off, who’s holding a bat!


Or one of these… Valentine-s-Day-is-Over-clay-and-quinn-32552963-1280-720 Valentine-s-Day-is-Over-clay-and-quinn-32553070-1280-720

Remember to make someone feel loved…buy your mom a flower, give your brother or sister a box of candy, tell your friends you value their opinions, hug your dad… Appreciating those around you, is  what it’s all about 😀

Happy Valentine’s Day Folks!



BTW: This song is on reply as we speak…acoustic versions are always better!!!

Enjoy and Best of Luck!

One thought on “Valentine’s Day… Yay or Nay?

  1. I have not upgraded!! Girl you’re the top! V-Day is best spent with people you know will always have your heart! Besties!

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