Laughing Chair

Haven’t given you guys a michelle leigh writes original in a while so here goes…


Laughing Chair”

You sit there, in your laughing chair

Rose colored glasses on

Judging me, judging everyone

Go on take your best shot

Let me see what you’ve got

So sit there,

in that laughing chair

With your heartless hushed tones

and whispered insults

How’s the view from up there?

Do you feel as tall as you look small

That green colored shirt looks nice

you wear it well

Maybe its time you keep your words to yourself

You weren’t asked

Nor do you care

So why the scars, why the stares

I’ll know better

One day I will

Because your prescription needs to be refilled

That chair of yours has been knocked off its pedestals

so let me ask you now

What’s the view like from down there?

Because in the end

the wicked never truly win.


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