So being that my wardrobe this week has consisted of sweats and pjs, I highly doubt that makes a fashion statement…basically the only thing that is really says is “I’m sick and don’t really care to get dressed,” and well that’s pretty boring…so I’ve decided to take a page from my inspiration…

Actress Bethany Joy Lenz, mostly known for her role as Haley on One Tree Hill has a blog favorite where she does a #WardrobeWednesday edition. She shows a few of her favorite looks from the week and shares where she purchased her pieces…

She has been the inspiration for a few of my wardrobe posts…

So I’d like to share with you some of my favorite Bethany looks! Enjoy fashionistas!


Forevermark%2BInStyle%2BGolden%2BGlobe%2BEvent%2Bs2ZPwUGvKxQl IMG_2004 photo+1 photo+2 PS_214748364721474836472147483647_202147483647 PS_214748364721474836472147483647_212147483647 PS_214748364721474836472147483647_+92147483647-2

Like her style? …visit Bethany Joy’s Blog Wish You Were Here

Happy #WardrobeWednesday!


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