The Fortune Cookie

wpid-IMG_20120928_220518.jpgIs anyone else fascinated by this concept; The Fortune Cookie?

It’s just that when  I get a fortune … I really believe in it.

I keep all of my fortunes… well at  least the ones I really like.

One time a got a blank one, and at first a very eerie feeling swept through me, but then it dawned on me…maybe it was meant for me to write my own fortune.

I have this routine. When I open my fortune cookie, I eat half of it, then I read the fortune, if I’m satisfied with it, I eat the other half, if not I don’t. For some reason I feel like it’s bad luck not to eat some of the cookie, and then by eating the other half allows me  to “accept” the fortune, while not eating it “rejects” it. I’m crazy I know…but everyone has their weird rituals, I guess this is mine…well scratch that… one of my many!

Here are some of my favorites fortunes…


wpid-IMG_20120827_215839.jpg wpid-IMG_20120911_232154.jpg wpid-IMG_20121121_134911.jpgwpid-IMG_20121230_183014.jpg

There’s one that cracks me up, it says “When the moment comes, take the last one from the left.” I’ve gotten it twice and I still I have no clue what it means. I guess I still have yet to take the last one on the left or maybe the moment has yet to still come? haha


My Fortune Cookie interest started… I’d say probably about a year ago,

I found some I really liked and so I kind of just started to tape

them to my laptop. I guess they sort of  act as little motivational notes to help draw



Some are even taped in my journal


I’ve also taken up quite the collection so, I keep them

in this little stationary keepsake box, on my desk.

What do you think of the fortune cookie concept….

powerful?…or just a bunch of bull?


Smile its almost Friday ;D


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