Things that annoy me…

things that annoy me 2

  • Know it All’s… chill son, guaranteed there is someone out there smarter than you
  • Nauseating Headaches…crippling… cold rag, fairly dark room, and 2 Tylenol or preferred “drug” of choice
  • People who text you first, then when you answer, they don’t text back…WTF??? don’t act like your phone isn’t sitting right next to you…you started this 😉
  • Small bathrooms…Really cuz I’d rather not suffocate
  • The words “Tart”, “Moist”, and “Refreshing,” don’t ask they just annoy the shit out of me, and I feel like they make people sound like assholes! haha
  • Technological gadgets….technology hates me! (especially all printers!) I also have no patience.
  • Over attentive salespeople or waiters…hop off, I’m doing my thing, if I need you, I’ll call you.
  • Building something up in your mind, and then never having it go as you planned… #lifestory

Sooooo….can you relate?



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