This just makes me happy #ifonly

justin-bieber-acoustic-guitartumblr_m7l4ojzOED1rri77io1_500   I honestly would be so overjoyed if these two were to start something… this         post  is really just for my happiness, because I’m such a fan of both of them. I think they would make such a power couple…like the new age Justin & Britney 😉 Any who if you’re a #Justemi supporter enjoy! If not, too bad 😉

*Demi Lovato & Justin Bieber*

(I do not take credit for any gifs or photoshopped photos)








tumblr_mf595iy7431ql8bzko2_250   tumblr_mf595iy7431ql8bzko1_r1_250

Seriously though….how cute would they be…that’s one good looking couple!
Plus…really cute fan vids i found!

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