Personal Picks Returns…

Michelle’s Top Choices:

Choice Album:

The Lumineers’ Self Titled:

wpid-IMG_20130220_210929.jpg I highly recommend listening to tracks; Ho Hey (obviously),

Slow it down, Stubborn Love, Big Parade, and Morning Song…

ah screw it the whole album’s amazing…if your riding this folk

music wave that’s coming around, you will love them!

Choice Movie:


I knew I wanted to see this for a reason!

My family and I just recently watched that movie ParaNorman;

honestly a little scary for a cartoon, but super cute! Kind of well

beyond your typical cartoon, there’s a deeper meaning in this one.

It explores the topic of bullying and talks about the difference between

right and wrong. It also talks about how being different is nothing to be

ashamed of.  Heavy stuff for a children’s cartoon.

Choice Meal:


Last weekend my Uncle made this amazing Seafood dish;

pasta w/ shrimp, clams and muscles in sauce….Delicious!

Choice TV show:


I’ve caught a few episodes of the hit HBO series here and there, and I have to say

it is hysterical. Lena Dunham  makes not taking yourself too seriously, a new trend!

I’m definitely looking into watching the first full season, and

getting on track with its second!

***So there you have it good music, movies, tv, and food, what else do ya need haha…

Hope you’ve enjoyed my Personal Picks! #Happy Friday!

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