Michelle Leigh Writes Welcomes its First Guest Blogger…

So  Tuesdays are usually the day I post some original work, I decided to do something a little different today. A good friend of mine recently shared with me some of her poems and other works. And I had been drawn to her style of writing because I feel it’s a lot like my style. I can definitely relate to it and I think many of you will be able to as well. This next piece of hers is beautiful and honest and it stuck with me the moment I read it.


by Lauren Nicole

Happiness, old friend

When are ya comin’ around again?

Feels like so long since I’ve seen your face

Cause lately my worlds been such a dark place

Happiness, dear, I’m waitin’ on you

Needing to believe that you will come through

I’m waiting for the day I feel whole again

And can lose myself in your embrace,

without this nagging dread

Happiness, you don’t know what I’d give for a taste-

For my heart has been breaking at an endless pace

I close my eyes hoping to feel the sun,

But open them to find another day, just the same, has only begun

Sweet happiness, I remember you well …

How could you leave me for this nightmarish hell?

Happiness, wake me when my world is new

Bring back that joy as only you can do

And if you just give me a reason to smile… well, then…

Never will I relinquish the chance to do so again

Happiness please find me…I have been so lost and alone-

This uncertainty is cruel, and I want to go home.


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