If you could play any role in a film…

Killers-Movie-PosterOk so the other day I was thinking if I could play any role in a movie what would it be and why? To tell you the truth, I couldn’t think of the ultimate role…give me a few years and I’ll get back to you on that haha. BUT I do have a role in mind, that I found pretty much hits all the right qualities I would want in a character.

The character in question is450px-Killers_deserteagle2 “Jen Kornfeldt”

played by Katherine Heigl, from 201o’s “Killers.” Heigl plays a young woman who just recently ended a relationship with a long-term boyfriend, and in turn is forced to accompany her parents on vacation. Fun huh?


While in France, she meets Ashton Kutcher’s character “Spencer Aimes.” They quickly fall for each other and the movie does a time jump to 3 years later when they are married and living the suburban life as a married couple.ashton-kutcher-spencer-aimes-and-katherine


Heigl’s character has it all; she’s beautiful, successful in her career, happy in her marriage, and has a good support system including her parents and girlfriends. Her life is the picture of perfection…or so she thinks. She soon finds out her husband is a trained killer, and is licensed to kill the “bad guys,” although now it turns out he’s the main target. In a very strategically planned comedy drama, we see Heigl’s character, get into gear as she soon enough becomes her husband’s sidekick. Stealing cars, shooting guns and kicking ass…oh and by the way all while she’s… pregnant…yea! LOL

Oh hello there abs ❤

It’s funny because the content of the movie is by no means funny, there are many deaths, but the way it is all laid out, just makes it comedic in some way. Kutcher and Heigl make the perfect team, and FYI Kutcher’s the hottest you’ve ever seen him! I’ve always said that I would love to play a bad-ass character…, and I don’t know about you, but I’d say that Heigl’s character definitely qualifies. P.S. I just love her and almost everything she’s in! (that one for the money movie…girl that was the worst jersey accent I’ve ever heard in my life! lolol)

Check out the Trailer for Killers if you haven’t seen the film! It’s definitely a fun watch!


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