The Justin Timberlake Maddness Begins

So as you may have guessed from previous posts, I happen to be over the moon about Justin Timberlake making his return to music!

So as an avid fan, I feel it is only my duty to spread the details of the MAJOR WEEK(s) Justin has ahead of him!


Photo: Yup.
THEN MONDAY MARCH 11th starts the PRE-sale for his New York Ticket Sales
followed by TUESDAY MARCH 12th, Tickets available to the general public at 10 AM!!!
ALSO THE WHOLE WEEK of MARCH 11-15th, he will be on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
Who knows maybe we’ll even get another installment for “The History of Rap”… Here’s hopin’!
AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST TUESDAY MARCH 19th!!!!….. The New Album is being RELEASED!!!!
I’m so freakin’ excited, can’t you tell? 😉
So I leave you with a lot to think about and A SONG! Enjoy!
Happy Weekend Bunnies! -<3-

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