The 20/20 Experience Review Continues with Tracks 5-8

So clearly I am just a little off my game this week. Between writing for this AND trying to keep up with my Music Blog for a class, I’m all over the place. And all my posts have been getting done later than expected. :/ My brain is still in spring break mode, and basically I’m just done with college, I’m so over this.


Let’s Review!

5. Tunnel Vision

6. Spaceship Coupe

7. That Girl

8. Let the Groove Get In

5. “Tunnel Vision”


“A crowded room anywhere, a million people around, all I see is you
And that everything just disappears, disappears, disappears, disappears
Yeah a million people in a crowded room
But my camera lenses only been set to zoom
And it all becomes so clear, becomes so clear, becomes so clear

I got that tunnel vision for you”

To me this song resembles his Justified sound, but it’s definitely on a more  advanced level. Tunnel Vision is loosely defined as a “loss of peripheral vision; a narrow point of view.” From the lyrics shown above, one may feel it is safe to claim J.T.’s picked up quite the handy inspiration from his acting experiences. He uses the term Tunnel Vision, to play off of this idea that he’s only got eyes for one woman. He plays around saying his camera is set to zoom and the only thing he sees is that one girl. Hey sometimes that just happens…you could be in a room full of people but only paying attention to one.  Justin himself has said that he was inspired by the film-making process while working on this album. To me I think he was also inspired by his marriage, whether he admits it publicly or not, I think it’s pretty evident in a lot of his lyrics.

6. “Spaceship Coupe”


“Hop into my spaceship coupe
There’s only room for two (Me and you)
And with the top down
We’ll cruise around
Land and make love on the moon
Would you like that?

Hop into my spaceship coupe
There’s only room for two (Me and you)
And with the top of you wrapped up
In my space lover cocoon.

And I love it when I hear you say
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh”

Right off the bat, I think Prince! J.T.’s voice is way up there and it’s A-MAZING! (this is the ONLY song I can also understand the faint Robin Thicke comparison, but it’s lax, Justin’s just better, way better…to put it bluntly) Basically to me this song is about well…sex lol But it can also be about that  joy ride in your favorite car with a person,  that just randomly happens…and it’s carefree and everything you’ve been hoping for. It kind of makes me think of a guy falling for a girl who he thinks is possibly out of his league hence the lyric;

“Now everybody knows that you’re from outer space (outer space)
But Honey, I just want to turn out this space with you (you, you, you, you)
So drive me to your galaxy where I could play, yeah (that milky way)”


7. “That Girl”


“Cause I’m in love with that girl
So don’t be mad at me
Cause I’m in love with that girl
So don’t be mad at me
So what if I’m from the other side of the tracks, so what if the world don’t think we match
I’ll put it down like my love’s on wax, guess what
I’m in love with that girl
And she told me, she’s in love with me”

First of all the mock Jazz Club Introduction for J.T. & The Tennessee Kids…Adorable! Puts you right in the audience! I think this song is beautiful. Justin has said that this song is an ode to The Temptations. Since he mentioned that, I can definitely see, in a way it resembles songs like My Girl or Just my imagination. I have to say I was pretty excited to here this, since I happen to be a bit of a Motown Kid and grew up listening to The Temptations. Basically I think this song revolves around that relationship that outsiders/ people often criticize. Like that whole “OMG why’s he with her!” bit. Come on we’ve all said it at some point, or vice versa.

This song shows that it doesn’t matter who says what, and they can say whatever they want, it won’t change how he feels. I guess he might have some experience with peeps hatin’ on J. Biel. lol! What… it’s true!  Honestly I’m not her biggest fan, I would have pegged him with someone more like Cameron Diaz, because she’s a goofball just like him…(although ideally I really am still just hoping for a Justin & Britney reunion!) #hardcore90skid lol. And I have to confess when he married Jess, it was a sad sad day for me, BUT I’ve made my peace, because she is beautiful and seems sweet, and you can tell he really loves her…BUT even more so, you can tell she REALLY loves him. And honestly that’s all I want for him! They’re babies are gonna be gorgeous…yes I’m talking like Justin’s my ex-boyfriend or something haha…notice how I call him by his first name 😉

8. “Let the Groove In”


“Are you comfortable, right there right there
Let The Groove Get In, feel it right there

Cause when the groove gets on, ooh it’s on
And if you need some lead, take mine
Cause when the groove gets on, ooh it’s on
So let’s have the night of our lives”

Ok so I’ve definitely mentioned my love for this track numerous times. I think it’s becoming one of my favorite J.T. tracks ever…which says A LOT, because I have some other hardcore favorites, like Cry me a river. When I first heard this song, it was on Late Night w/ Jimmy Fallon, and I honestly was in a trance, I couldn’t even handle it’s greatness. Justin explained how this song added a little Latin flavor to the album and it was his choice to do a song that felt like  he put “The Jackson 5 in Brazil” HAHAHA which I thought was hysterical and perfect! It’s a dance party…and just makes you feel good about life! The lyrics are mostly repetitive but I think that’s what makes it so fun,you don’t have to think too much, and then toward the end…with the interlude it’s very Stevie Wonder inspired.

I know it seems like I’m comparing this album to a lot of other songs, meanwhile I keep harping on how it’s totally original and unpredictable, and in a way I may seem like I’m contradicting myself. But the truth is that he drew inspiration from many legendary musicians that came before him. But he still took that and made it his own, blending in his own personal signature sounds. It’s now his turn to be that legend to future musicians. Cuz let’s face it….People are going to be praising Justin Timberlake’s work for many many generations to come… Michael Jackson Status 😉 (although he’ll always be the King of Pop…ain’t nobody taking that title away from him!)


Read all the rest of Justin’s Lyrics HERE

And stay tuned for tomorrow’s Album Review Wrap Up when I review tracks 9-12!

Smile it’s almost Friday!



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