New Arrival

“New Arrival”

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Tiny Fingers

Tiny Toes

Watched you blossom

Watched you grow

Little Baby

You’ve brightened up their day

and placed a smile on her face

The glow is clear

It won’t wash away

Never will

Not even comes “May”

You shall be here one day soon

A few short weeks

What a surprise,

what a treat!

Can’t wait to meet you

Little Baby

Don’t you see

Boy or Girl

They are happy as can be

Blessed Baby

Sweetie Pie

Your family is waiting

so don’t be shy

Cousins to play with

Abby awaits you too

Grandparents so thrilled

Happiness will always surround you

Little Baby

Come say hi

We all can’t wait to meet you

Don’t even ask why

Liam or Sophia

Boy or Girl

Little Baby

Either way you’re a

Little Miracle



New Arrival… Coming Soon! ❤

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