Black, White & RED Love


See the world through ❤ shaped shades




Lack of color



Ashamed of feeling

Isn’t it all the same though

No one really knows what they’re doing anyway

You try and you fail

You stumble and fall

But somehow the getting back up isn’t as hard as you thought

once the red seeps in

Somewhere along the way

Between all the vacant shapes

and faceless names

That color creeps in

washing over you

Bright and Red

Full of life and confusion

the color of true blood

leading to a heart

A heart beating for you

in that bright bright red

A lover’s red

Can you see it?

can you feel it?

To want that

 Black, White,  and Red Love

is to know there’s more for you out there

The kind of thing worth seeing

worth feeling

The kind of love you can’t get enough of

the kind that makes you weak in the knees

A whisper love…not too soft…not too loud

but just enough to make you see Red

Black and White is the norm

The typical side of it all

The red is the essence

the love meets the lust

the laughs in the tears

 the smiles in the frowns

the good in the bad

the spontaneity in the routine

the push meets the pull in a lover’s eyes

The red can take you far away

to a land where love is free

Free to explore all of it’s possibilities

The shelter from the storm surrounding you

Hold on tightly

They say love is blind

But even so, if it’s true love

You will see that Red

Isn’t it unfortunate

How we’re conditioned to speak in code

To say your  fine when you’re not

Hiding what you want to say

hiding your truth

When all’s that adds up to is wasted time

Time that could have been better spent seeing Red

You’re like an old vinyl record playing through the air

To want that Black, White and RED Love

You’ll have to wait patiently




Thank you to Taylor Swift’s inspiration…

Listen to her song RED

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