Fight to Fall

So a lot of the times my family will read something I’ve written and they’ll ask me “where did you come up with that?” And honestly often times I can’t really give an answer, it’s difficult to pin point why you write something at a given moment. As a writer (and I use that term veryyyy loosely…because I know I have a long way to go) you tend to have a lot of thoughts floating around in your head and some just stick around longer than others. Something usually just triggers a thought. For instance this next poem was inspired by a few lines of a song that I fell in love with a long time ago. There was this show on tv a while back called Instant Star (only the really cool people will know what I’m talking about) lol and I was kind of obsessed with it.  The girl on it has an incredible voice, she’s seriously under-appreciated she deserves to be like up there with the likes of Christina and Mariah.  I’m just sayin’. 😉 Anyhow her name is

Alexz Johnson and she’s amazing.

The song is called “Where Does it Hurt,” and

the lyrics are:

Where does it hurt.
When you open your heart there’s always so much to lose.
So far to fall and no where to go when it’s true.

Read the rest of her lyrics HERE

For the longest time I had thought she was singing so “Fight to Fall” and I thought that was beautiful so I kind of just rolled with it. Regardless the song is beautiful on its own even though I had a lyrical mess up for a few years lol. Hey that happens!

“Fight to Fall”

Put your heart on the line

There’s always so much to lose

Still, fight to fall

Fall… like you don’t have a choice

Even though he’s the only choice you’d choose

Fall…like it’s your job

like it’s the air you breathe

or the scent of your favorite flower

Fall…like it’s your favorite food

like it’s a rare opportunity

You don’t need gravity

to fall faster

It’s already happening

With one look

When your eyes meet by accident

But it’s the possibility of a beautiful disaster

that’s so frightening


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